Trash in the Apocalypse
111 Black Haven“s Town
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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111 Black Haven“s Town

"So you're saying that you're working for Jun to produce this kind of fruit and he told you to come find me? I understand what he means and I don't think you're lying. You're giving me this unknown fruit and I know that this can increase max energy from its description alone. To be honest with you, I don't know what to do. I can give you a credit points card and, for the moment, pay the estimated price for this fruit."

Bernard placed a black card with two red stripe patterns on the desk, then pushed it towards the man called Gilbert on the other side of the table. He was a bit skeptical when they first talked since the man was claiming that he was sent here by Jun, who was known by everyone to be extremely "friendly".

His feelings changed from skeptical to worried and anxious after the man handed over a green fruit and told him that Jun said to display this at the Special items booth. The man then introduced himself as Gilbert and though introductions were a bit late, he also introduced himself. Gilbert then introduced the fruit and made Bernard gasping for air.

A fruit that could permanently increase max energy by a large amount was being presented to him with no caution! At that time, he finally believed the old man since no one would risk being robbed of something precious nor joke about giving it away for free.

In the end, he gave Gilbert a two-striped Black Haven card, which offers discounts on various Black Haven products.

Bernard stood up and said: "I need to go back to my post now. I think you know that this information should be confidential, right? You could shop at the market place here or on the plaza square. If you need any help, don't hesitate to look for me."

"Okay, thank you." said Gilbert as he bowed slightly.

His wife that sat beside her took the black card brimming with curiosity. "Does everyone have car scanners around here? Why shop using cards? Isn't cash better?"

The couple stood up and followed after Bernard. They were currently on the second floor of the mall, the makeshift living room, near the furniture area and the kitchen area.

"Mom! The food here is so tasty! Kuya Mike said he was a real chef! Look, try this one!" hollered a kid as he excitedly shoved another spoonful of spaghetti onto his mouth.

"Those brats! What are they doing!" Helena groaned internally as she watched her two kids battle it out on the table on who could shove more food into their mouths. Atleast her other son wasn't talking as he drowned himself with sauce.

Helena quickly ran towards the table and met Mike who was still serving a new batch of sweet cakes to her sons.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry... They quite a rude bunch, right? I hope that you'll ignore it and just let it go, please?" said Helena.

"No, its okay. I heard that you're working for Boss. Is that rue?" said Mike.

"Boss? Do you mean Mr. Reyes? Yeah, we're working for him." said Helena.

"Hahaha, then its okay. Just let the kids eat for now. I'm sure its hard and you'll always be busy, but you can come for me if you ever needed help." said Mike.

"Okay." replied Helena in a low voice. Though it was weird that people treated them like this after just saying that they are working for Jun, she decided to accept it and go with the flow.

Mike left after serving the cakes. He tried serving her food but she refused saying that they were heading out to buy some after the kids finished their food. Gilbert found his fellowmen loitering around the Department Store. When Bernard saw the scene, he told them that they each of them could take one set of clothing. Though bashful, the old fishermen didn't reject the offer. They mostly took padded clothes and leather jackets since it was quite cold at night.

When everyone is finally finished; choosing clothes and eating, they left as a group and shopped around the Black Haven market. There, they finally learned how to use the black card. They bought various stuffs like heater, extra gloves, comforters and other things mostly to fight cold.

Mike stood beside Bernard. "Is it true? Were they really working for Boss?"

Bernard gazed at Gilbert's group on the door of the first floor. "I tried contacting Jun, but he's not answering. I already sent someone to ask him, so we'll just have to wait."

Mike scoffed. "It better be true. I served those two gluttons my last cake. I was reserving it as a congratulatory cake when I finally lose some weight, but I had to serve it! I'm a good chef indeed."

Mike sighed then left.

"Yeah, they better be." replied Bernard.


"Okay Bear. You need to stop complaining about how hot it is if you want to earn some points! You're not making things better by complaining about it!" said Chanchan.

"But its really hot! Can't we lessen our clothing a bit? A leather jacket surely gives more protection than some shirt, but... Agh! I'm taking it off!" said Bear.

"And who told you to wear that!" said Monkey.

"Ofcourse I'll wear it! I bought it from Black Haven directly! DIRECTLY! It has more value than the others. Besides its expensive, so I have to use it everyday." replied Bear.

The three of them were currently climbing a small uphill road that was the supposed route which Jun's group have taken. The three of them were hired by a female staff of Black Haven to go and ask Jun, who was headed towards the local elementary school, whether he sent someone to Bernard. It was a simple task to confirm something verbally and they were paid full in advance just for accepting the request.

Chanchan immediately accepted the request since it was basically fee money and massive advertisement for them. Black Haven looked for them when they wanted something done! They could use that as an introduction for every potential clients they meet! They also gained something to brag about this night to those drunkards at Veronica's PUB.

After reaching the top, they dragged the wheezing Chanchan to a nearby car to lean him into.

"Chanchan, you should diet! We're already old and having this much fat isn't healthy!" said Monkey.

"Hahh... You're just.. getting... envious again. Urgh!" Chanchan almost puked but nothing came out of his mouth. He then took some water bottle from his dimensional storage and uncapped it. He rinsed his mouth of the sweet sticky feeling before drinking several mouthfuls.

After a few seconds of rest, the three of them moved on and jogged onward. Monkey who was on the lead since he was the lightest and fastest of them, suddenly stopped. His halt caused the two behind him to pause and readied their weapons. Though they weren't physically fit, their bodies knew how to react on its own when they feel danger.

"What's wrong? Are there enemies?" said Bear.

"Much more than that." Monkey pointed in front of him.

The two people who finally caught up to him followed where he was pointing and saw the pile of rubber that used to be the bridge.

Chanchan stared at the wreckage in front filled with helplessness.


"How long have you lived here?! Hey! Answer me! Who are you! Are you deaf? Wait a second... come out first..." said Jun as he backed off, so that the girl would feel less intimidated.

"So, I'm a bit hot-headed earlier, I apologize for that. But you see, I'm looking for something and it's not here. I know you're scared and doesn't want to talk to me, but I promise you, this Kuya won't hurt you, okay?"

The girl nooded her head.

"Good. Now, to explain things. My family used to live here and we own this house. Okay, calm down. I don't mind that you lived here and I don't care. What I want to know is where is the box on this drawer?" said Jun as he patted the table beside his bed.
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The girl fearfully looked at him, but remained quiet.

Jun could feel his patience running out, so he calmed himself down and asked once again.

"Listen, I know I look like some bad guy, but to be honest with you, I am really good. I just want to know where that box is? Please? Answer me! Help yourself!" Jun tried to be calm, but he failed at the end.

The girl started crying and her voice sounded off. The sound she produced was like a hoarse animal stuck somewhere. She lowered her head to hide her tears, then raised her hand and started doing sign language.

At first, Jun wasn't understanding what's going on, but when he realized that the teenage girl was a mute, he struck his forehead with his palm.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》