Trash in the Apocalypse
112 The Cemetery
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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112 The Cemetery

"Okay, so you can't speak. You should have told me earlier."

Jun scratched his head as he felt a bit awkward after yelling at the girl. Could this be considered pity? No matter the case, he acted more mildly and he hopes that it would make the girl view her differently.

All of a sudden, the girl turned her head towards the door, then returned to face Jun. This should have been a normal situation of evading his gaze, but Jun felt her action weird.

The door opened like he expected since he knew that one of his death slave was coming up. That's what's bugging him! This girl turned her head at the same moment his death slave rushed up the stairs. He knew because he could see names above a person's head, but what about her? Or was it just a coincidence.

Nik was now in a difficult spot. He was patrolling on the front gate when he heard loud shouting from the inside. He hurriedly went to look for Jun and heard noises from upstairs. Now, it seems like Jun just finished making a teenager cry and was not making her shut up. Did she something embarrassing? Some secrets that weren't meant to be known?

Nik brought out a short sword from his dimensional storage and stanced himself aggressively.

Upon seeing the situation worsen, Jun faced Nik and said, "One, stand down. It's fine here. Go back to your post."

Nik glanced at Jun and the girl before nodding his head. The girl seemed harmless and besides, he believes that there is no one else in this town stronger than Jun.

Nik retreated a few steps before finally committing on going out.

Jun sighed, then faced the girl. "You have a name? My name's Jun. Jun Reyes. Yours?"

The girl slowly raised her head as she wiped her tears. Afterwards, she started using sign language to say her name. Her hands formed various shapes and Jun's face squirmed about in irritation.

"I don't understand what your trying to say." said Jun as the anxiety he currently feels become mixed with impatience. He then said, in a slow and by word manner, "Do you know where the jewelry box inside that drawer is?"

The girl nodded her head. She tried saying something through sign language and Jun felt more irritated as their conversation went on. Jun brought out a piece of paper and his only pen from his dimensional storage for the girl to be able to write.

"You atleast know how to write, right? You seem highly educated since your quite fast with your sign language. Listen, I don't need anything else. I just want to know where that box is and we'll call everything as quits." said Jun acting like the girl have actually done something bad to him.

The girl took the pen and paper, then strode towards the table. She wrote something on the piece of paper before handing it back to Jun.

Jun took the paper and read what it says: "I'm Jennie Victoriano. If you're talking about that red jewelry box, then its probably on the Batingan Camp. I'm sorry! I traded it for food."

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Jun frowned as he quickly raised his head after reading the letter. He was able to reason with himself that she probably thought that the owner probably died since the house was empty. Well, it was his own fault for not bringing it with him in the first place.

Inside that jewelry box was a necklace she wanted to gift Marianne with, but couldn't do so. Simply because her father forbid him from doing so. That's right. He already met Marianne's father without her knowledge. Rather, her father actually went and looked for him, telling him to stay away from her daughter. He explained that her daughter only wants to play around because she's lonely and Jun just happened to be there.

Marianne's father wasn't rude and yet he was intimidating. Every move he made was precise, even when he sat on a chair or drink some water. He trusts people and is very open with his feelings. And what does that mean? He clearly doesn't like Jun for his daughter, someone who doesn't work for society and lives a good life.

Jun wasn't scared of anyone before he met Marianne's father, who wore a military uniform that has a lot of various badges and insignia's; special forces tab, special forces badge, red shoulder sleeve insignia and a striking airforce badge. Jun knew that it was a blatant show of power and understood that he was being told off rather nicely.

At that time. Jun haven't said that she likes Marianne, either to her or her father, so their talk proceeded smoothly. For the first time, he felt pressured, scared, so he accepted defeat and distanced himself from Marianne.

The already bought necklace at that time was rotting inside his drawer for years now and when he actually remembers it, it was already gone.

"Hmm. You're saying you traded it for food? Okay, where?" said Jun.

He handed back the paper and the girl started writing again. On the paper: "BES. Henry."

"Oh, that local elementary school? They're probably already there, I should go over to." Jun muttered to himself. "By the way, is Henry the name of the person you traded it to?"

The girl nodded her head.

"Okay, that's all. Thanks... uhm, Jennie. Did I say that right? Never mind, enjoy the house. I'm leaving it in your care." said Jun as he left the room.

Jun walked out the front door and saw his death slaves having a meeting with each other. When he got out of the gate, Nik quickly approached him.

"Reporting. We found something unusual in the area." said Nik.

"What is it?" replied Jun.

"While we were patrolling, we noticed that the local cemetery had carries trapped inside it." said Nik.

"Trapped? What do you mean trapped?" said Jun.

"At first, we only saw a few carriers wandering on the main entrance. So we entered through the pathway and before we could reach the entrance, carriers spawned out of nowhere, covered in bright lights. We assessed the situation as dangerous, so we were discussing whether to quickly tell you or not."

"So, you're saying they magically appeared from thin air when you got near towards the entrance? How many of them there were? You didn't try to kill one?" said Jun.

"Yes, sir." Nik gulped, then explained the following events. "There were about ten carriers when we decided to investigate and when we got nearer, five carriers spawned covered with bright lights. We immediately retreated since we were outnumbered and we don't know if more would spawn. They stopped around the entrance and never stepped a foot out. We thought it was weird and refrained from aggravating the matter, so we decided to go back."

Jun wasn't surprised about the spawning carriers since he had some bit of knowledge regarding it, but it doesn't mean that he wasn't curious. He was curious about this spawning carriers and what loot could they give!

"Okay, let's investigate. Other matters can wait." said Jun towards his five death slaves.

"Then, what are we gonna do about her?" said Nik.

"About whom?" Jun furrowed his brows, then noticed that everyone was looking behind him. He quickly turned his head, only to see Jennie standing one meter behind him.

"Oh, hello there. You could stay in the house, just don't burn it to the ground and that would make me happy since I have some place to return to." said Jun. Afterwards, he started walking and led his group towards the local cemetery.

The group arrived on the main pathway that leads towards the cemetery. Besides it was the local construction supply shop where Jun met Edward. The pathway that leads to the cemetery was like an alleyway that has walls on both sides of it, making the path a one straight line with no places to hide nor turn.

Jun saw the carriers gathering at the distance and calmly formulated the perfect plan. On the distance, he only saw regular carriers and so he said, "Alright, here's the plan. We rush inside, kill anything that moves, then leaves. Understood?"

"Yes, sir!"

"Auu, auu!"

Jun quickly turned around after hearing a weird sound in between his death slaves answers. Nik and his squad members also turned around after hearing the weird sound.

Jennie was still raising her hand when they turned and saw how she enthusiastically smiled. Noticing the men's gazes, she slowly lowered her hand while keeping a wry smile.

"You're not coming." said Jun. "If you follow us, we won't protect you and you'll fend for your own."

Jennie nodded her head which Jun thought as her accepting not to follow them which wasn't.

Jun led the front and brought his bone hammer out. A few meters before they could reach the entrance, seven lights shone brightly and seven regular carriers appeared.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》