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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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113 BES

Jun charged forward towards the wall of carriers that were also ferociously dashing towards him. As soon as he passed the entrance, he felt something inside him being sealed. He ignored it for now and focused on the enemies in front of him.

Jun swung the bone hammer from his right and made sure that he hit every vanguard carrier. Afterwards, he channeled energy into the fire crystal on the hammerhead to create a burning effect. They managed to claim the entrance as their small territory after Nik's aquad dealt with every carrier on the sides.

Jun assessed the situation again. He was sure that they were greatly outnumbered before even they went and charged in, but he didn't know that the initial number of enemies was this much! There were no gaps to see the back line at all!

"Let's retreat for now!" Jun shouted as he stalled for more time.

Jennie who was closest towards the exit hurriedly ran, but hit something from nothing. She then started banging the air and every time she did, a transparent barrier would show itself before quicly disappearing once again.

Nik who saw the events quickly reported to Jun. "We're trapped! There's something preventing us from going out!"

Jun swirled his bone hammer around him, keeping all the carriers that got close enough to fall back.

"Figures! So, there's a reason why they can't come out." said Jun as he retreated backwards after swinging his bone hammer. He looked around and saw a set of stairs that leads up to a sermon podium where a priest usually conducts masses. Behind the podium was a small altar with an antique bell at the side.

"Stay together! Backs onto each other! We're heading towards that altar!" said Jun.

He heard affirmations from behind him, so he charged once more. This time, he made sure that he could kill anything that he hits and that's what happened. The first carrier he hit disintegrated into sparkling dust and dropped a nugget of gold the size of an acorn. He doesn't have time to investigate what happened nor the time to think or loot, Jun quickly stepped to the side and dodge various grabbing attempts before advancing forward for a kill.

The same thing happened for the next kills that he got, he would receive experience while a piece of gold nugget would drop from the vanishing body.

"Did the rules change? Or is it only applicable here? What happened here?" thought Jun.

After they killed atleast ten carriers, the back line finally became visible. It wasn't that there were too many carriers that they weren't able to see. They couldn't see the back line simply because the carriers were gathered at one point. Now that the group is moving while thinning the enemies, they finally noticed that there wasn't that many enemies in the first place.

"Okay, we're doing it! Just keep on killing them! Use your guns if you have to!" said Jun.

Since the bodies disappear when they were killed, Jun doesn't have to worry about them reanimating and could focus on what's ahead of them. They would sometimes retreat to not get surrounded and would sometimes charge forward to pierce through when outnumbered.

The unexpected thing about here is that Jennie actually knows how to fight. She uses some martial arts technique to stall for time and get out of combat scot-free.

There were less than fifteen carriers left before they could reach the elevated podium and so, Jun abandoned the idea of heading there. Each death slave could take on two regular carrier on their own which leaves five carriers for himself.

Jun smashed the head of an old man like hitting a baseball, then crushed a woman's head with an overhead bash. The bone hammer was lightweight in Jun's hand and its large size didn't affect how Jun fought his battles. He swung and pulled the bone hammer like he was just holding a massive stick. He charge towards the three remaining infected in front of him and used a powerful swing that traveled from behind him to his right, to cleave the three carriers on their mid-sections.

Just as he was recovering his posture, he noticed his death slaves looking somewhere else. He turned his head and saw three people walking towards them. It was the sole mercenary group in town, the Caged Animals.

Instead of welcoming the newcomers, Jun spitefully said, "Were you watching the whole time?"

The three who were accused immediately refuted his claim as they flailed their hands wildly.

The fattest among them stepped up and slightly lowered his head, unable to gaze at Jun's fiery eyes.

"We are the Caged Animals. I'm Chanchan, the leader of the group. We were hired by Ms. Marianne to confirm whether you sent someone to meet up with Mr. Bernard. Because there's an old man claiming that you sent him to meet with Mr. Bernard." said Chanchan.

"Yes, I did. Why did something happen?" said Jun.

"No, sir. We're just sent here to confirm. Thank you, sir. We'll take our leave now." said Chanchan.

It was easy to know that the man was too nervous with the way he speaks. He probably wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, but Jun wasn't exactly thinking like him.

"Stop! You didn't answer my question." said Jun, then asked one more time. "Were you watching the whole time?"

This time, the three mercenaries gulped. Chanchan hurriedly replied, "Y-yes, we were indeed watching but only half way. We noticed the scramble when we were passing by. We heard shouts in the cemetery and we rushed as soon as we heard it."

"You saw us and yet you didn't help?" asked Jun.

"We couldn't! Something was preventing us from entering. The weird thing is after you killed the last carrier, we were able to come in. Promise! Cross my heart, hope to die." said Chanchan.

"What are you, a kid?" rebuked Jun.

"I believe him." said Nik.

"Okay, I know your still a kid, but alliances aren't formed like this!" said Jun.

"No... I'm not doing any of that. I saw them earlier when they arrived. They really tried but couldn't come in." said Nik.

"Oh, okay." said Jun. He then turned to Chanchan and said, "Now that you've got what you're here for, what are you gonna do next?"

Chanchan hurriedly replied. "We really want to stay and join you here, but since this information seems to be urgent, we're going to head back. We hope that you understand and invite us next time too."

When Jun nodded, Chanchan went back to his group and immediately ran away.

"Is confirming that even important?" Jun thought as he watched them ran at light speed.

The three people running at top speed chatted as they run.

"Did you see that? I thought he would kill me! Its not our fault we couldn't enter, right!?" said Chanchan.

"Right!" answered Bear and Monkey ahead of him.

"Let's finish this request, then forget about this."



In the cemetery...

Jun was looking at the Area B of the cemetery. The local cemetery has three island-like areas separated by narrow creeks. The Area A is the place where they're currently at, this is where the priest holds sermons every morning and afternoon. Tombstones were lines up in rows and columns everywhere. There's also apartment-type tombs that served as walls for the cemetery.

On the bridge where Area A and Area B meets where carriers standing idly. They could only stare at Jun's group as if something was stopping them from advancing forward.

"It seems like the same thing is happening over there." said Nik. "Are we going to continue?"
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"Nah, let's go back. They're probably waiting for us. We'll come back later with everyone." said Jun.

"Wouldn't having more people be bad?"

"Why? Because more carriers will spawn?"

Nik nodded his head.

"Its fine, our group isn't made up of normal people."

Jun started walking towards the exit, followed by the rest. Nik gave last one look on the carriers at the bridge before following behind Jun.

After they got out of the cemetery, they turned right and quickly headed towards the local school. They passed by the local bakery shop and an electronic shop. A few meters later, they passed by a motor shop. The group ignored most of the possible loots since they don't even know if they would ever need them.

After crossing a small bridge, they finally arrived at the local elementary school.

There were numerous mango trees along side the wall while guards could be seen on makeshift watch towers. Jun led the group and walked towards the gate.

The man on guard duty already saw them before they could even cross the bridge. The man was already in his early thirties, a bit overweight, skinhead and has a beard. He waited on his chair and only stood up when they were a few meters in front of the gate.

"'Ey~ It's a good day." said the man after standing. "More people, more people. That's good. You have arrived at BES. My name is Jordan. Now, can anyone kindly tell me who am I supposed to talk to?"

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》