Trash in the Apocalypse
134 Back to the Calvary Hill
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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134 Back to the Calvary Hill

Several minutes later, Jun's slaves slowly gathered by the side.

Jun felt something was off since he ordered them to rush here after eating, but he could see a few people lazily walk towards him. He sneakily opened his dimensional storage and acted normally as he examined his inventory.

After a few seconds, he finally found what was making him feel uncomfortable.

The blood contracts stashed in his dimensional storages were now gone. With the contract missing, he has no control over his slaves and they could they do what they want.

Jun casually looked around as he observed everyone.

Did someone stole it from me? Impossible! Adrian can't even steal from me, even when I'm unaware! Calm down... Let's think this through.

As various things kept on popping on his head, Nik reported that everyone has arrived.

Jun turned to the late arrivals and remembered that some of his slaves were good at stealth. Before he could even think whether they're the one who did it, he already rejected the idea. It was impossible for them to have higher stats than Adrian, since the man started fighting at the very start.

He then turned to Adrian, who was chatting with Sheila. When he felt someone looking at him, he looked around and found Jun staring at him. He raised his eyebrows as if asking what he wants.

Seeing Adrian's innocent expression, Jun doubted that it was him. But with him elimated on the list, there was no one else that could possibly steal it.

Jun felt that something weird was happening and looked around the surrounding.

Wherever he looked, he could only see unknown faces doing their own things. Kids playing around, teens hanging out at the plaza and several groups standing at the advertisement bus.

Adrian thought that Jun was acting weird, so he asked him, \"Is there something wrong?\" 

Jun tried to calm down and replied, \"Nothing. Everyone's here, right? Listen up. The police got in contact with a new survivor group earlier this morning. The group got trapped on a camp site at the northern mountains and is in need of help. We're going to help them.  Is there anyone who knows the area? None? Then we're going in blind, so we'll do it slowly and quietly. Is there anyone who needs to restock on items? Swords, spears? None? We're moving out.\"

When Jun started walking towards the east, Sheila suddenly called to him to remind him of where is north. \"I thought we're going to the Northern Mountains?\"

Jun replied, \"We're going somewhere first.\"

Jun looked at the time on his wrist watch.

It's already past noon. it shouldn't ring, right?


At the intersection of the fast food restaurant and town plaza, Jun stood alone as he scouted the area. He looked at the distant church street and could only see sparse carriers roaming about.

At the next turn, he found what he was looking for and tightly grasped the bonespear as he aimed using Enhanced Sight.

He threw the bonespear and struck the head of an H1. The bonespear broke in half; one-half lodged in the H1's head while the other circled in the air. The dead body fell to the ground and caused the remaining H-series to be alerted. He readied another bonespear and took aim, but before he could throw it, the six H-series carriers were already dashing madly towards him. They didn't run in a straight line and would move from side to side as they shortened the distance.

Jun was forced to slow the time for a bit, and aimed in advance on where the H1 would be. He then resumed the flow of time and the wind whistled as he threw another one. He didn't have time to see the result as he quickly turned around, but the death wail from behind was enough for him to knew that it was a hit.

Jun used Sprint and quickly ran towards the intersection flooded with abandoned cars. As he ran past several cars, he passed by numerous people. Everyone was waiting for the right time to attack.

Jun stopped and turned around after reaching the center of the intersection. The leading carrier was an H2, ferociously charging at him. Its sharp claws created sparks as it scratched the road while it ran.

As if doing a athletic long jump, before it could even reached the pedestrian line, it was already up in the air. The distance between the H2 and Jun was still 10meters and if it weren't for Jun, being calm, he wouldn't be able to react.

The remaining H-series were all ranked 1, and would be dealt with by Adrian and the others.

Jun focused on the monster in front of him. He waited until it was close enough before dodging to the side.

The moment the H2's feet step on the ground, a bonehammer hit its back. The H2 lay sprawled on the asphalt road like a squashed frog. It tried getting up, but it was struck again on the same spot.

When the spinal cord broke, it finally lost control of its body and lay listlessly on the ground. It made awkward snarls as it tried to turn around.

Jun finished it off by severing its head. Speed type agility carriers are a bit hard to find in the area, so he wanted to harvest its body for resources. He cut its limbs and stored them in his dimensional storage.

The battle ended with a landslide victory for Jun's group. All of the H-series carriers were killed and there's only few regular carriers that got attracted to them as the result of the battle.

They easily dealt with the remaining carriers, then Jun led everyone forward. They carefully scouted the area before deciding to continue. Most of the masked men who had stealth in their kits were the scouts.

They arrived at the parking lot of the church and cleared the surroundings.

Adrian and Sheila were chatting as they battled side by side while Edward stuck to Jun like glue.

Edward jokingly said. \"Hey, want to go inside? Maybe we can cleanse ourselves of our sins if we go.\"

Jun replied. \"We're in a hurry, but you can go alone if you want. With all the strange things happening, it won't be strange if you suddenly burn after entering the church.\"

Edward gave him a disbelieving look, as he said, \"I'm not that great of a sinner you know.\"

\"Be my guest. I'm not coming though.\"

Edward stoped and pondered whether that could be true or not, then turned to the church's door. The others passed by him as he dazedly stared at the huge wooden doors.

\"Hey, we're leaving you if you want to stay.\" Sheila said as she passed by.

Edward was startled a bit, then slowly jogged forward. He took one last glance at the church's door before running to the back of the group. Surely, I wouldn't burn, right?


Inside the church, a priest was kneeling infront of the altar...

\"O Lord forgive your servants and appease your anger. Guide this servant on what to do. I, your Servant, accepts your punishment, but please help us too. Bless this water with your holyness, O Lord, I plead you!\"

The priest stood up and sprinkled water onto a bound nun on the middle of the isle. Her hands and feet were both tied on the chair she was sitting on.

\"Please stop. We both know that this won't work!\" said the nun.

\"Believe in the Almighty! You can do it! Just believe!\"

Tears started to fall from the nun's eyes and the priest couldn't help but show his dismay.

On the nun's left arm was a dark web-like cracks, slowly spreading upwards.

Being secluded from other people and not having Jun's ability to see extra information about things, they didn't know that people doesn't die from bites. Both of them believe that the \"holy water\" was stopping the spread. The only reason why the cracks continued spreading was because the injury wasn't treated.


Jun led everyone into the back alleys and arrived at the foot of the Calvary Hill. He brought everyone up, but before they climbed, he told everyone to channel energy on the soles of their foot when things get hard.

This time, everyone easily climbed to the first resting area.

And just like the first time they came here, the berry bush at the side gave enough berries for each one of them. 

The second part of the climb divided the group once again, with only one other person besides Jun being able to climb up. Adrian and Sheila tried their best even with Reinforce but still got stuck at the 170th step, together with Nik and some single digit rankers.

Edward bragged to his two friends as he looked down from the second resting area. After taking their rewards, Jun hurriedly ran up the stairs while Edward couldn't even take a single step forward.

After reaching the top, Jun quickly looked around. To his disappointment, there was no one else in the area. He walked towards the back of gray monolith to see if someone was hiding there, but there was none.

Jun snorted and looked up at the sky.

That's right. You wouldn't be that good to me, right?

After recollecting himself, he looked around for any treasure, but couldn't find any. He searched everywhere and even channeled energy into the grass.

With nowhere else to look for, he channeled energy into the monolith.

[You've activated the 'Holy Land' effect.]

[The surrounding area temporarily becomes a Holy Land. Everyone nearby will receive experience by staying in the area. 100m Radius. Lasts for an hour.]

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》