Trash in the Apocalypse
136 Ambush 1
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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136 Ambush 1

He stood up and assessed the situation.

The enemy's back line was being decimated with the reinforcement of the survivors. Adrian and Nik were already on dire straits since they were barely dodging the D2's onslaught. The wind pressure from its attack together with stone fragments when it slams the ground caused injuries to slowly accumulate.

Jun quickly ran and helped the two to deal with the D2.

The two were able to do some damage on the D2 while Jun was away. Its chest and legs had several long cut wounds after several clashes. The problem was it didn't really do anything besides angering the D2 further. 

Jun joined the fray and shouted, \"Go for the joints! It's always the joints!\"

Jun had first hand experience with fighting with a D-series carrier. They have tough skins and resilient muscles. If your weapon was not sharp enough, it probably won't do any damage. Thankfully it was Adrian and Nik, who was dealing with the D2, since they both have the latest armaments in town.

The D2's hands were about to grab Nik but was pushed to the sky. Jun's bonehammer struck its elbow from below.

The D2 roared in pain and focused on Jun. It raised its hands over head and slammed it downwards causing the asphalt road to send small stone fragments around.

At the same time, Adrian sneakily went behind it and made several cuts on the back of its knees. Unlike Jun's attack, it wasn't that effective, but still dealt damage.

The difference between their attacks was that Jun applied energy on his attack while Adrian only used his physical strength.

Though the wound wasn't that deep, the D2 started bleeding from the back of its knees since it was exerting effort to move around. However, it shows no signs of exhaustion or weakening as it continued its rampage.

The three of them were having a hard time since they couldn't land a killing blow and had to fight a battle of attrition until the D2's knee cut wound opened and enlarged itself from the movements pressure. The muscles tore and the legs weren't able to continue supporting the upper body's weight which caused it to plummet down to the ground. It balanced its body and managed to kneel down in a praying position.

The three didn't let this chance passed by and lunged at the same time to deal the final blow. It tried defending, but Jun kept it busy on the front while the two attack its head and back simultaneously.

The battle ended right after, when Nik lodged his short sword through the nape on the back of its head. The body finally fell on the ground with numerous injuries all over its body.

\"I really miss guns... Can't we raid another police station?\" said Adrian as he turn to assess the over all situation Most of the enemies were already dealt with and everyone's just cleaning the remnants. His body finally gave in as he was forced to sit right where he was standing.

For Adrian, it was the first time fighting a Ranked 2 Evolved carrier and it was exhilirating and frightening experience. He was on edge the whole time and he couldn't afford to lose focus.

Jun could have easily fought the D2 but the H2 prevented him from doing so. When he returned to help, he wanted to solo the D2, but saw the eager expressions of the two and decided to let them have some taste of how it felt like. The rush. The adrenaline.

\"Me too... I don't know if I'm still good with the rifle.\" said Jun.

\"Were you good at the rifle? I thought most of your shots were lucky ones.\" replied Adrian jokingly.

Jun ignored him as he stood straight and examined the surrounding area.

Everything is proceeding unexpectedly well.

Almost no one died, despite numerous survivors getting injured.

Just then, he noticed a woman crying beside someone. The man was bitten on his arm and was clutching his head in despair. Dark webbing cracks surrounded the wound.

The man was cooly saying his farewell to the woman when Sheila came in and healed him. The man felt dumbfounded when she explained that bites don't kill, but the side effects do. The woman joyously thanked her and watched her go around healing injured people.

With the people already being educated as they were healed, the atmosphere felt better as everyone became reassured. A few offered some prayers to those who died in the first few days

After everything was set and done, the survivor groups gathered in front of Jun. No one ordered them to do so, but it was instinctual. Because they saw Jun from afar, fighting numerous evolved creatures on his own and was now surrounded by numerous masked men. It wasn't that difficult to see that he was the one in-charge of the group.

One man step forward and stared at Jun, after a brief examination, he introduced himself. 

\"Hello, my name is Jervis. The group behind me are some of the surviving residents of this district.\"

Seeing that the man already took the initiative to introduce himself, Jun replied positively and greeted them. \"I'm Jun. Is there anything that I could help you with? Because I need to ask some questions and I really hope that you can answer them.\"

Jervis somehow felt threatened by the way Jun spoke and couldn't help but tense up. He calmed himself and managed to not stutter as he replied back.

\"How can I help you?\" Jervis said. He pushed his questions back for a later time when he knew that this man was truly good. He watched Jun's mouth slowly open, and inside his head, an orchestra was playing a suspenseful and thrilling piece that raises the notes higher and higher. Just at the time that the notes reached the ceiling, Jervis felt shocked at Jun's question.

\"Do you know how to go to the old mines? Or is there a camping station near here?\"


Jun's group was separated into two.

He sent back his men that were slightly and moderately injured to escort back the survivor group back to the town center. The rest of the crew knew that he was just being compassionate about the injured but some felt like he was over reacting. The survivors thought differently and felt that Jun was a kind and warm-hearted person even if he looked cold on the outside.  His action placed him at a higher place in the survivor's hearts.

Well, the true reason was kind of selfish and practical.

Since most of the threat in the district was probably dealt with, it was much better to have less competitors with experience. There's not enough enemies for everyone and more kills would make him level up faster than everyone else.

Jun was also pondering over a lot of issues recently. The ways to become stronger faster and the mysterious disappearance of the blood contracts.

Leveling up takes too much time and barely gives enough stat points. While killing someone gives more than enough stat points for three to four levels. It was as if this world was encouraging people to kill each other. He felt frightened when he thought of massacres that could occur when this become public knowledge. People would doubt each other and would have trust issues since you're ally or friend can turn against you at any time.

As he was thinking of this, something dawned upon him. When a person kills another person for their stats, it could mean that humanity was losing against the undead. Because a person's full strength compared to a quarter of that person's strength isn't the same and having one stronger person isn't better than having two strong person. Killing doesn't help everyone in the long run and would only benefit the undead since they have fewer strong people to deal with.

If people continued killing each other, there would be less people while the enemies increase in numbers. They would grow stronger while humanity would be left behind, when there's not enough people to kill.

Why was he thinking of these all of a sudden?

Its because in the building ahead, there's a dozen of people with red question marks above their heads. Normally, he wouldn't associate killing intent with red names, but this one felt weird to him. He just helped the whole district and there's no reason for the remaining survivor to feel anger or hate towards him. Thus, he could only think that they were waiting for him to pass by the building and kill him.

From Jervis directions earlier, there was two ways to go to the local camping station. Through the dirt roads, ahead of them, or through the woods, which was further and more tedious to travel with since there were wild animals and such.

With no hesitation, Jun picked the forest path and skipped unnecessary troubles.

The group was confused with his decision but still followed after him.


\"The target change its route to Point B. Over...\" reported a man as he speak on his communications radio.

\"Copy that.\"

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》