Trash in the Apocalypse
147 Sudden Goodbye
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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147 Sudden Goodbye

Jun stood straight showing a calm demeanor even though he was perplexed deep inside. He chose to ignore the email and focus on the current events. But his subconscious failed him as he suggested for everyone to settle their things so they could leave.

Adrian looked at him and noticed his expression. "Is there something wrong? Did something happen?"

Jun didn't know how to answer his question. Though the email came from Evo, the information wasn't verified but still poses intriguing contents for him. Everyone appeared uninterested with their conversation as they kept themselves busy but literally everyone was eavesdropping. Any news from outside is kind of interesting during this times.

Jun took a deep breath before finally deciding to speak. "Marianne's missing."

"How? It's impossible for her to get lost in town..." said Adrian.

"Did she got abducted?" Sheila chimed in filled with worry. Then, pushed for more information, "What happened?"

"I don't really know the details nor the truth, Evo just said that Marianne was missing and the last time someone saw her, she was talking with a stranger." said Jun.

"So she really got abducted!" exclaimed Sheila. Her eyes widened in shock, then her eyebrows furrows as she thought of possible things that could happen.

Jun shook his head in denial of Sheila's claim. "Personally, I don't think that's the case. Marianne has a lot of things that could protect her. I can't think of a reason why  she would get abducted. I'm more worried that she's trapped somewhere or in danger. Can you guys take over here? I think were done here, right? I'll go ahead and look for her."

As Jun activated the recall process and runes enlarged itself from his body, Adrian called for him to stop. He canceled the portal recall and looked at Adrian inquiringly. "What is it?"

Adrian stared at him stoicly and said, "What about them? Are we going to leave them here? Unlike us who can teleport back to town, they haven't set their home portal and have to travel back by walking or transport."

"Why are you so sure that they're going with us? They might have other plans in mind, you know? Don't forget that they don't live here and is just on a vacation. They have a place to go back to. Besides, we never helped people. We just gave them options. Its entirely up to them to decide and we shouldn't interfere with that."

Jun chuckled before staring straight at Adrian's eyes. He seemed like an irritated beast that would jump on anyone who provokes him. He said, "So you're deciding things on your own now?

Adrian felt goose bumps as he saw Jun's slightly frenzied eyes. He retreated a step and lowered his gaze. "It's not that... I just felt bad for them..."

Angelica already finished giving first-aid to her father. She was listening on their conversation and knew herself that her father wanted to back home as soon as they can. Though they spent a brief time together, it could only be called taking advantage of each other. Her father was unconscious but she knew that there's no chance that they would stay here for long.

"The best that we could do is escort them above." said Jun.

Angelica stood up at that moment and bowed towards him. "Thank you! That would be enough."

With that, the men took initiative on carrying Angelica's father and started walking the way they came from.

Jun scanned the unexplored corridor and has mixed feelings about not venturing into it. Angelica saw his gaze and explained the next area. Her father said that it leads to another cavern. Before the miners could mine deeper they were forced to shut down the mines. They never got the chance to explore there, but the area was a bit submerge by water and has a stone island on the middle.

Jun lost interest and followed the group.

Once they got outside, Sheila bade her farewell with Angelica. Though the two didn't spend that much time together, fighting side-by-side can really boost someone's intimacy with people. It helps people nurture their trust and communication skills with other people.

A good thing happened just as they were about to leave. Angelica's father gained conscious and thanked everyone for saving them.

Seeing the father and daughter being genuinely thankful, Jun decided to leave some tips for them. "Look for a vehicle. Choose one that has strong bumpers and could take some damage. Mobility and flexible too. You'll need that. You can also visit the town if you're in trouble."

Everything that Jun came from experience after ramming a lot of things recently. Dominic appreciated his advise and nodded his head. "We will, thank you for the reminder. If things ever returned to normal, I hope we could meet each other again so I could properly thank you."

Jun nodded his head and started the teleportation process, followed by everyone from his group. Several seconds later, their bodies became enveloped with runes and with a bright flash, they disappeared.

"That's cool." said Dominic not surprised at the massive disappearance that happened in front of him. "Okay, now, if I remember correctly, there should be another military truck on the parking lot, right? That totally fits his advise, so let's go get that."

"I kinda like our old car though."

Angelica pouted as her father ignored her and started walking.

The sun just set and the sky is slowly turning dark. A man could be seen walking calmly towards a black sedan. It was a man in his early twenties and wore luxurious clothing all over his body.

"What took you so long?" said the driver in casual wear. He had a tanned skin and wore a black cap that hid his eyes. He started the car after the person he was talking to have taken a seat.

"Sorry about that. I just can't help myself but leave some gifts to a friend." said the man as he looked outside. Some barrels were being lit up and refueled by wood and he watched the flickering distant lights. 

"What is this? Now I look like I'm a butler." the man said then clicked his tongue.

On the passenger seat of the black sedan, a man and a woman were sitting on both ends without looking at each other. Both people were looking outside their respective windows without care.

It was Henry and Marianne.

Henry took a glance at Marianne, then continued looking outside. After a while, he suddenly said, "Nice to see you again. It's been a long time, right?"

Marianne ignored him and continued looking outside. Though there were no carriers on the vicinity, some dogs and cats could be seen loitering around. Most of them have abnormal sizes while others retained their normal sizes.

When Marianne ignored him, Henry didn't took it to heart and kept to his side of the car. He didn't try to get close and maintained the distance between them. In between them was enough space for another person to take a seat.

The sedan finally drove out followed by another car driven by Henry's bodyguard.

The plaza quickly brigthened up with Jun's groups arrival. Everyone was already taught on how to use the portal, they just have to repair it every time they use it. There were even some volunteers since they don't really go out and could recover their energy in peace.

Every time they come back after a trip, the people would always warmly welcome them back. But this time something was different.

When the people saw that it was Jun's group, they looked at him as if he was a criminal. The people gathered and a few people who seemed to be public figures stepped forward.

A woman gazed straight at him and said, "Did you order for the assasination of the mayor?" Her tone was amiable but her question already hinted that she's not here to have some friendly chats.

Jun stared back and didn't look away until she couldn't take the invisible pressure Jun was giving up, and looked away. Then, Jun took this chance to look around and analyze the situation. Based solely on everyone's expression something has really gone wrong while he was missing.

Jun stared at the woman and waited for her to look at him before he answered. He said, "I didn't." Having already answered her question, Jun walked forward but was blocked by the woman's guards.

"I think I haven't introduced myself." said the woman slightly arrogant. "My name's Marichu Hill, Frontier's secretary. We're here today because we want to clarify some things. Things that are a bit... difficult to accept."

"I can't do this now, I have to do something." replied Jun as he pushed his way through.

Just as he stepped forward, several of Marichu's guard readied their weapons. Most of them held short swords while the ones on the back held bonespears.

Jun glared at them frenziedly and these people couldn't help but gasped at the pressure they were receiving. They managed to stay still but if Jun showed any signs of resistance, they would be forced to take action.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》