Trash in the Apocalypse
162 Cloaked Woman
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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162 Cloaked Woman

When the columns of light appeared simultaneously, everyone brcame horrified at what the event could entail. Just imagining being attacked from all sides made people stricken with fear. The people who thought that there wasn't enough enemies for everyone were already thinking of ways to survive.

At this time of turmoil, Jun remained clear headed and started barking orders. There were three large powers residing in town. Black Haven, The Frontier and the National Police. Black Haven will head west, while The Frontier and PNP will go north and east respectively. Before the two factions left, Jun gave them signal flares each, only to be used when in immediate need of help.

Though a bit disgusted about how Jun seemed to be publicly downsizing their abilities, they took the flares ignoring the powerplay. Both Alday Ruan and Paolo Canlas have the same thought in mind. To save more people. Even though they took it, they would only use it as a last resort.

Jun searched for his sister and assigned her as the leader of the Black Haven's crossbow unit. No one really questioned him since everyone saw how skillful Anna was with the bow.

When he was about to leave with Adrian, Nik and the others. He noticed the leftover people staring at him. Then he realized that they were waiting for him to assign them their spots. He felt awkward since unlike The Frontier and the PNP, whom he was acquainted with, these were small groups unwilling to be affiliated with local powers. 

He had no qualms about there decision to stay free but having to command them somehow felt weird for him.

Jun doesn't like power. It just happens that it follows him. And he uses it to have fun.

With his quick thinking, he thought of a place where they could be safe and wouldn't affect his zone distribution.

"Join the south defense team. You should be safe there. Unless you want to risk fighting evolved carriers, you can go wherever you want."

With that said Jun led the group towards the west.

The battlefield from the south and west has the least number of casualties. The south had the same number of underwater carriers while only having one water-element carrier. With the Lakeside Marina's help, the south was defended with ease.

On Jun's side, a fire-element carrier spat out fire when it first saw Jun's group. It was still a distance away and everyone dodged the fire ball easily. The fire-element carrier had dozens of regular carriers as bodyguards. But uy when the fight started, the fire-element carrier burned most of them with its conical flame coming out from its mouth.

If you thought that they got lucky, they weren't. Although the regular carriers became wild and randomly attacked, it still took some time and effort to dodge them. Being hugged by a burning person wouldn't feel good, especially when they are trying to bite you. The battle ended rather lacklusterly when Jun threw a fire extinguisher at the right timing when the fire-element carrier spat out another fireball. The fire extinguisher exploded right in front of its face. Its body became filled with materials that prevent combustion. Jun easily managed slaughter it when he got close. He felt like he was bullying a baby since the fight felt like he was fighting a regular carrier. Well, they have to think of another way to fight it next time since it was the last fire extinguisher from Black Haven.

When the south and west finished, they remained on standby at the municipal square. Working jeepneys, trikes and vans were on standby as they waited whether people would need help.

To their dismay, The Frontier and the PNP came back with a few minutes of difference. 

The Frontier had the most number of injured personnel with one death. They fought the earth-element carrier together with one hundred regular carriers. The disturbing fact about the battle was that the regular carriers skin were as tough as stones. It seems like that the unique carriers empowers nearby regular carriers according to its element. If it was only that, they would have easily won. But to kill the earth-element carrier, they had to get close with it. That didn't end well for everyone.

Unlike Black Haven who had ranged weapons and the PNP who buys ranged weapons from Black Haven, The Frontier was a new rising power made by the people, for the people. 

Although having numerous members, they literally lack funds to bolster their members strength at the moment. They're just like a start-up company still needing adequate funds to buy essential things. Most of the equipment the members own were bought using their own money. The only thing that The Frontier gave them was knowledge and moral support. Some of the members that had bonespears regretted throwing it out. Now they either lose the expensive item or risk their lives retrieving it.

The only good news that happened was when they cleared most of its bodyguards. Using a kiting strategy of throwing bonespears, kiting it towards one side, picking up the dropped bonespears, then rinse and repeat. 

They were able to kill the earth-element carrier after its chest's muscles were thinned out due to repeated attacks. The Frontier learned a harsh lesson from this fight. Do not skimp on supplies.

The PNP fought four H1, one H2, two D1, one D2 and hundreds of regular carriers. With less than twenty armed officers; Tier 2 Short Swords, Tier 2 BoneSpears, Tier 2 Daggers. Together with under equipped civilian volunteers, who only had basic Tier 0 and Tier 1 gears, brimming with justice and righteousness. What do you think could have happened? Ofcourse they were forced back to the other side of the broken bridge. 

Even though Paolo Canlas felt aggrieved asking for help, he had to save his people. Just as he was about to fire the signal flare, a two meter mutated dog ran out from the alleyway of the apartment building and started mutilating the evolved carriers. Everything happened unexpectedly fast and no one had the chance to react.

The mutated dog went wild as it chewed of the H2's upper body then trampled on the H1's. The H-series carriers were wiped out in an instant.

Afterwards, the mutated dog lunged on the nearest D1. It pinned it to the ground and started ripping its flesh off from its body. The mutated dog felt a jolt from its back. The remaining D1 slapped him.

It growled for a second before swatting the D1's head with its paw. The D1's head shrunk like a turtle hiding its head in its shell. Blood spurted out from the neck wounds as the body fell down.

If you were wondering where was the D2, it was busy being mesmerized by a cloaked woman on top of the wall. The woman wore a sexy half mask revealing her luscious lips and fair skin. Her arms stretched outwards as if inviting the D2 to come closer. The arm  hidden behind her, held a short sword with glinting sharpness on its tip.

Just as the D2 were two meters away, the mutated dog suddenly bit the D2's upper body. The cloaked woman became shocked as her mouth formed the shape of an O.

A melodious charming voice came out when she angrily stomped her feet atop the wall. "That was mine!" She sighed seeing the dog lower its head. "Its fine, its fine. But don't eat them. Bring that, and that one." she said pointing to the D2 and H2.

The mutated dog used its tail and grabbed the H2, then followed the woman back to the alley.

Was it surprising? Yes. Was the problem solved? Partly. They still have regular carriers to deal with.

With the evolved carrier out of the picture, the clearing operation easily ended. The only casualty they had was someone who received trauma after getting chased by the Hunters.

When the cloaked woman and her mutated dog passed several alleys, they arrived at a garage of an abandoned motel. She stabbed the D2's eyesockets with a bonedagger and ordered it to spat the body out.

"Come on, Junjun! Spit it out! I can't give you everything. You already ate most of our kills. Give me some benefits too."

As if the mutated dog understood her, it spat the D2's body to the ground, then stuck its tongue out playfully.

"Good boy. No, don't lick my hand!"

As the people gathered back at the municipal square, tension rose when Black Haven's group got surrounded by The Frontier and the PNP.

Jun didn't feel threatened as he got stared by groups of people. He smiled at them and said, "I was waiting for the flares but none actually came. That's disappointing."

"Someone died." said Alday Ruan.

"People always die." replied Jun.

"You knew something, but you kept it to yourself. You killed people."

"What, how did that even came to that?"

Paolo Canlas mediated between them before things could get out of hand. He looked at Jun and said, "Let's talk." 

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》