Trash in the Apocalypse
165 Black Haven“s Research
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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165 Black Haven“s Research

After their long wait, the three faction leaders received their respective copies of Black Haven's research personally handed over by Evo.

They chatted for a bit before going on their own ways. Each faction gathered in their own meeting rooms and dissected everything that they could from the research papers. The Frontier and PNP recognized some of the basic information but became overwhelmed with the advanced and shocking informations. On the other hand, the Alliance of Small Parties, ASP, were shocked even with the basic informations. These small parties only cared about surviving and had no time to do simple research. The only good trait they had was ambition which motivates them to go forward.



People who died at the initial outbreak turned into zombies, codename Hosts. They infect people with unknown disease making those bitten carriers of the disease. Recently, a new type of of carriers appeared with elemental abilities. I assume they are Hosts that somehow evolved. Reason unknown. NotConfirmed, lacks further information.

Being bitten doesn't result in death. You receive negative statuses once you get bitten.

First bite causes infection debuff. When you die after being infected, you would reanimate as one of them, a disease carrier.

Second bite would cause sickness debuff. After several seconds of getting bit, depending on stats, the individual would become dizzy. Perspiration would occur and has a chance of blacking out. Adjust patients body temperature as soon as possible or the person might be at risk of dying.

Third bite causes weakened debuff. This will reduce an individuals over-all stat greatly reducing fighting ability. Coupled with the previous debuffs, a weakened person has a high chance of dying if fighting alone.

Fourth bite causes immuno-defeciency. Further decreased resistances to disease and [SPECULATION] elements. No futher research. Lacks test subjects.

Debuffs can be removed. Infected debuff currently has no known cure but speculated to be cured when MEDICAL SKILLS are high enough(or maxed). Sickness debuff can be cured by drinking medicine. Weakened debuff can be cured by getting adequate rest. Immuno-defeciency can be cured by taking vitamins or wait for it to naturally disappear after getting some rest. It is also advised to circulate energy within your body. Significant health boost could be attained when doing so. For further details on how to control energy, refer to study of energy control. Can be found on later parts.

—Types of Carriers—

Carriers can be animals or humans turned into disease-carrying bodies. Whether they have memories is debatable but it is proven that they have intelligence. They evolve. [TRUE] By what? By absorbing energies. [SPECULATION]

Carriers are active at daytime since they have sunlight to rely on. At night time, they were docile and choosss to preserve their energies. In full moons, they can become active. On other times, they just continue absorbing energy from the moonlight. BEWARE. Even if its night time, they attack once they see you. Killing humans seem to be of priority for them. Or humans just have high density energy in their bodies that carriers were willing to risk it.

Once killed, carriers can reanimate by using the stored energy in their bodies. Confirmed through visual confirmation. A carrier becomes thinner as it uses its stored energy. It is advised to severe the head. They can regenerate injuries after devouring flesh. [TRUE] They can't regenerate severed body parts or they might but only slowly.[SPECULATION] A carrier that has gathered enough energy, through hunting or passively absorbing energies, could evolved into a new type of carrier.

NOTE: Carrier types were named by Edward, so please understand.

Destroyer - A muscular giant carrier. Two meters tall after evolving from a carrier. Edward named it Rank 1 Destroyer when he saw it. Ask Edward for his reasoning. Based on further investigation, every increase in evolution makes them another meter taller, increased strength and tougher defense. The bigger they get, the more heavier and slower they become. They have metal-like muscles. Their weakpoints are their strengths. Since they are slow, you could easily get behind them and injure the back of their knees. When it received enough damage, the Destroyer wouldn't be able to keep standing and fall down. Ranged weapons are best used to deal with it. Shoot through the eyes for instant kills. BEWARE: Don't get too close at this point. You'll die when you get grabbed.

Hunter - An athletic carrier. After the carrier evolved into a Hunter, it remains average in size. Edward named it Rank 1 Hunter when he saw it. Ask Edward for his reasoning. Based on further investigation, every increase in evolution makes the limbs longer, claws sharper and harder. The longer their limbs get. the more faster their movements become. They have soft muscles to accomodate their quick reaction speed. Their weakpoints is their stomach and the spinal cord protruding on their backs. If you managed to break their spinal cord, they would lose their ability to move around, becoming easy to deal with. Ranged weapons are best used to deal with it. Shoot through the eyes for instant kills. BEWARE: Don't get too close to their arms, they can still swing it around.

Elemental Carriers - [SPECULATION] Mutation of carriers that evolved after gathering enough energy. Currently known elemental carriers: fire, earth and water. They have great strengths but also have extreme weaknesses.

The fire-element carrier can throw fire balls and breathe out fire in the shape of a cone. Its body also emits hot air making the surrounding area feel dry. Weakness: Once you get its body to cooldown, it won't be able to produce fire and can be fought like a regular carrier. Time of recovery: Unknown.

The earth-element carrier can use its surrounding to produce earthen spikes. It has slow movement speed in exchange for an almost invulnerable body. Blade weapons would just bounce of its body. Blunt weapons is advised. Weakness: Its blind, so you can kite it around. It uses vibration to locate people. It can't distinguished between enemies and allies. Don't get to close even if its blind. It can still feel your presence.

The water-element carrier can control water. They are weakened on land but powerful underwater. Its advised to hunt this carrier in a group . When underwater, it can glide with ease and throw bubbles around. Above ground, they can manipulate the surrounding water and use it to attack you. Best not to fight underwater, but if forced to, make sure that you catch it as quickly as possible. Water Stride skill is recommended.

—Dungeon— (Named by Edward)

Dungeons are places that has respawning carriers. When killed, these carriers give out experience but their bodies disappear leaving nuggets of gold in their place. This are good spots for leveling up.

Cemetery Dungeon - Respawns humanoid carriers. The dungeon has three stages divided by bridges. It is recommended to have experienced parties if you ever want to venture there. There's an undead priest on the last stage that could repeatedly summon carriers. It also had weird ghouls that can use illusion magic as lackeys.

Northern Mine - Respawns large rats as mobs. There are three layers. The first and second were already explored while the third was unexplored. When their population is not regulated or if they started eating each other, a situation where a mutation could occur. The Giant Rat is an evolve version of the Large Rat. After a successful evolution, a one meter tall Giant Rat would be born. The hairs on its back are extremely tough. Whether you fight a Large Rat or a Giant Rat, it is advised to target its stomachs or sides. 

—Types of Death—

When an infected person dies when fighting, either by a carrier or another person, the body would be able to reanimate. 

When a person suddenly dies, either by carelessness or sneak attack, the person's dimensional storage would appear above its body. Anyone can access the dimensional storage. 

When a person who isn't infected gets killed in battle, the body would be left behind for carriers to feast on or for people to retrieve. The persons dimensional storage will not appear.


Not much is known aside from the basic information. Anyone who has discoveries would be welcomed by Black Haven. 


Skills are system generated and entirely based on your occupation. You can raise your expertise by repeatedly using the skills. Higher level skills had better effect compared to its lower leveled ones. Skills can be generated even after the procedural generation. You can come visit Black Haven Guild for more information.


Its an age old source of power for everyone but we recently were abled to use it. We advise to practice energy control for gaining denser energies. First, you have to feel the energy in your stomach. Use a skill and repeat until you can control a thin dot of energy.


Nothing has been proven. Black Haven welcomes any discoveries you might have found. Here's our thoughts, power increases power. Internal power, muscle power and even energy power. Endurance increases the individuals resistance to everything. One of our elite member who had high endurance even claimed that a carrier couldn't bite his skin. But the nibling feeling isn't a good sensation, so he said. Based on observations, the speed stat would increase overall speed. Movement speed, reaction speed, swapping speed and even the time required to take out items from dimensional storage. Wits seemed to make someone think clearer. Cunning makes people sense whether people were lying. Charm increases others favorability towards you. Black Haven also thinks that to learn skills, there was a minimum stat requirement for certain stats.

We hope that you learned a lot.

Black Haven Research Department.

As most of the people finished analyzing the sheets of paper, a question lingered in their minds.

"Who is Edward?" 

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》