Trash in the Apocalypse
171 Surviving the Hunter Siege
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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171 Surviving the Hunter Siege

Jun quickly turned around after seeing the second Hunter came out of the door. He made a mad dash towards the fire stairs while the two H1's chased after him. 

Before he reached the stairs, a set of claws climbed up on the edge of the building. Another H1 was climbing the walls using their claws to pierce the walls and lift them up.

He skidded when he tried stopping, giving opportunity for the two H1's behind him to pounce at him.

When he heard the Hunter's shriek from behind, Jun quickly rolled to the side. The H1's missed him but they still clawed at him while in mid-air. Their extra two inches of sharpened nails only missing a hairs breadth away of Jun's back.

The rooftop is pretty much empty and mostly have airvents to see around. There's also a clothes line made of wires but there were no bed sheets or blankets to be found.

The H1's shook their head as they got up after tumbling forward for missing Jun.

When Jun stood up, he saw four H1's dashing towards him. He was backed towards the edge of the building and the street could be seen behind him.

At this time, the ground vibrated at timely intervals accompanied b a shrill voice that started echoing in the area. A D2 was bringing a little screaming carrier as it ran around the streets. It continued looking left and right as if losing an important target.

The H1's surrounded Jun as he 'summoned' his bonehammer and positioned himself behind an airvent. They prowled towards him like a beast hunting its prey.

Jun slowly retreated to one side, so he would be expose to two H1's instead of four at the same time.


Snarled the H1 as it lunged towards Jun.

Jun ducked and shoved the H1 to the side. Its partner, who was following behind it, accelarated and chose to ran instead of lunging forward. 

Jun decisively chose to attack head on and receive some damage, to kill one of the H1's.

He used Reinforce to strengthen his body then readied himself for the impact as he swung the bonehammer with one hand backwards, his other hand positioned in front—used to block the H1's attack.

He became surprised as the notification that he generated the 'Reinforce' skill came up. He had known and used the skill for a long time, but why is it that only now that it chose to register itself?

The H1's claw swiped down at Jun's but instead of his flesh getting cut, the claws bounced back and only tore through his clothes—leaving red marks on his skin.

Although Jun felt that the claws only scratched him, he still focused on the task at hand. He took a step forward as he swung the bonehammer. Due to the additional force from his step forward with the addition of Empowered attack, the H1's head instantly shrunk and was bashed in, causing lots of blood to scatter. Brain matters together with flesh and blood sprinkled on the area.

Jun's skin, flesh and bones have received a transformation after successfully passing the tribulation. The lightning tribulations didn't cause him paralysis because it just wanted to. It was tempering his whole body while the energy that he used to remove it, healed his insides. Due to repeated process of breaking and healing, his whole body has become strengthened after the tribulation.

Like how carriers are essential and beneficial to humans, the carriers also benefit from eating humans. The energy contained from a single living human could be compare to ten carriers if they chose to devour their kin.

And that was of the same rank and type. It was better for them to chose to evolved by killing and absorbing energies from humans, since if they fought their same ranked and type kins, there's a huge chance that they would both die.

As Jun pulled back his hand, the the three carriers decided to gang up on him. One of the carriers that climbed the wall, jumped on the airvent then towards Jun.

Jun took a gravel piece from his dimensional storage, then used Time Perse to stop time. The stopped time helped him aim as he slowly raised his hand in front of him. He charged the consumable one-time use stone, then resumed time. He flicked the gravel forward, shooting towards the H1's mouth.

Jun quickly stepped to the side and used the bonehammer to block the two H1's attack from the side. Since he lost momentum, he couldn't ran anymore due to being outpaced by the H1's at close range. Their long arms and legs could reach further and helped them outpositioned him.

A loud explosive sound came from the side. The H1 who ate the gravel lost its head when the stone expanded to 1m in size. 

After several trades of attacks, Jun was once again backed against the edge of the building. He kept retreating as he blocked until he bumped over the edge.

The D2 was still around still holding onto the little screamer, when it heard the noises coming from the rooftop. It saw Jun on the edge and quickly ran towards him. The D2 directly charged into the building, destroying its walls.

After continously failing to attack Jun, the H1's decided to split to both sides and prowled towards Jun.

The H1's were prowling towards him when the building suddenly shook. As if having an earthquake, the building continued shaking until the H1's decided to ignore it and lunged at Jun.

Jun swatted the H1 from his left since it was closer to him. He then slid down from the edge behind him and kicked the lunging H1 off the building. The H1 plummeted towards the ground head first and died. Jun managed to defend the attack on his right side.

However, the shoved H1 from earlier jumped on him. He wasn't able to roll in time and was only able to raise his hands. Instead of clawing his arm, it chose to bite it with its sharpened enhanced teeths.

Even with Reinforce activated, the teeths chewed through his defense and his arm started bleeding. The H1 looked like a starved dog as it hugged Jun's arms never wanting to let go.

Jun let go of his bonehammer and took out a dagger from his dimensional storage. He chuckled as he felt the saw-like teeth nibbling past his skin. 

"Are you liking what your chewing?" he said as he swiftly stabbed the dagger through its eyes. "Yeah, that's right. I'm yummy!"

He pushed its body away and pain coursed through him as he felt the teeth scrape some of his flesh.

He currently has three debuffs on him, and he quickly drunk medicine to remedy the burning feeling inside him. The infected and weakened state couldn't be helped right now since there was nothing he could do.

He started looting the body and was fortunate to find two energy stones and three Essence of Speed.

The building quaked continously even when he was looting the bodies. The D2 have found the stairs to the second floor but kept on falling back down to the first floor because the floor couldn't take its weight on. When there was no more floors near the stairs, it jumped towards the edge of the floor only to bring it down with him. It started rampaging on the stairs side of the building after failing to climb up. It hammered the walls and crashed through the columns. The little screamer on its hand has been quiet a long time ago after being gripped to tightly.

The D2 was already used to the little screamer being tired of shouting from time to time. It usually comes back to being energized after staying outside and getting some sunshine.

After looting the bodies, the building suddenly tilted to one side. Jun quickly ran towards the fire stairs and saw several regular carriers running to his direction. Those carriers were probably attracted to the commotion here.

Jun surveyed the area and found out that he was surrounded. He couldn't go down to ground-level but he couldn't stay here!

With no other choice, Jun eyed the next building probably 5 meters away from here. He stepped back a couple of steps to get some speed, before going for the jump.

It was the two-storied building he saw from earlier. His feet walked in the air but didn't do him any help. Fortunately enough, the building he was on was elevated allowing him to land without mishaps.

The building he was on finally tilted to the side and he heard several wails from regular carriers. The ones pitifully shrieking were those trapped by concrete rubbles nearby. The carriers underneat were instantly killed by the fall.

Jun quickly wore back his camouflage cloak and chatted Evo on his smartwatch.

He chatted, "How do I do first aid on Hunter bites."

As he was waiting for the reply, he invested his two newly gained stat points into his endurance. Afterwards, he then reviewed his character panel.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》