Trash in the Apocalypse
172 A Survivor Group of Teenagers
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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172 A Survivor Group of Teenagers

Jun Reyes][Profession - Thug][Level - 10]

[Health - 820][Energy - 210]

[Title - Thug Life]

[Power - 41][Endurance - 39][Speed - 26][Wits - 25][Cunning - 25][Charm - 27]

[Stat Points - 0]



-[Iron Guts]



-[Threaten - Lv.5]

-[Rob - Lv.3]

-[Execute - Lv.4]

-[Melee Weapon Mastery - Lv.4]

-[Blueprint - Lv.Max]

-[Howling Rage Lv.4]

-[Sprint - Lv.Max]

-[Time Perse - Lv.Max]

-[Water Stride - Lv.Max]

-[Enhanced Sight - Lv.Max]

-[Reinforce Lv. Max]

[Description] Receive reinforced defense after circulating the energy inside your body. The amount of damage taken would be deducted to the users energy pool. Cooldown: None.

-[Empower Lv. Max]

[Description] After activation, the next attack would receive an additional boost depending on how long the energy was charged. Cooldown: None.

After reviewing his character panel, Jun had a hunch that there was limited skill capacity per level. Excluding the initial generation of his skills, the rest were learned one at a time.

A newbie level 1 would generate one or two skills depending on the way they leveled up.

It was weird that he had four at the start but it could be contributed to being the first in his profession to level up.

If that was the case, things make more sense!

Every level can add an additional slot to learn a new skill! That means even though you have two skills at level one, you could only learn a new skill at level 3.

Jun took a deep breathe. It looks like he needs to report his findings to Evo tonight. He heard some of the changes happening back at his home town, but couldn't really put his head to think about it.

He decided to look for his mother and wouldn't worry about other things for now.

Jun looked around, searching for a gap, so he could leave the area.

As the carriers on the street gathered at the crumbling building, Jun jumped towards a lamp post on the sidewalk, then jumped down to the street.

Before he even jumped, he already activated the camouflage cloak since it has a 5-second delay. He even directly suppied his energy to make sure that there would be enough energy for the cloak to use.

The cloak was filled with small burn holes after getting hit by the lightnings.

Jun felt like an idiot for not taking it off when the tribulation started but he couldn't really blame himself. Things happened abruptly and he couldn't change anything now even if he wanted too.

Though he had doubts whether the cloak was working, he could only know it after he crossed the street.

There were carriers still coming towards the area from all over the place.

The ealier horde that Jun met together with the capped woman were attracted to the area due to the loud gunshots.

Seeing that he could easily become surrounded, he started walking with a lowered head. His steps weren't fast nor were they slow, it was like he was just casually walking on the streets in the middle of the day.

Normally, the cloak would work its wonders five seconds after activation, allowing him to walk side-by-side together with the carriers.

As long as there was no Hunter and his face wasn't seen, there should be no problems.

With his head lowered and could only see ahead of him, he saw numerous carriers ran past him.

After reaching the middle of the road, Jun heard a loud crash from the damaged building.

The D2 that got buried underneat the pile of rubbles was clawing its way out and throwing large fragments of cement around the area. Fortunately, he was far enough to not get hit.

When he turned to look at the crashing sound, Jun forgot that he needed to hide his face.

A few carriers saw him, and when Jun noticed that the carriers were acting weirdly, by taking glances at him, he hastened his pace.

The carriers were confused since Jun felt like he was one of them, yet at the same time, he smelled like a delicious meal that should be eaten.

If the carriers weren't scared of fighting someone of the same rank and type, there would probably cannibalism happening right now.

Jun safely reached the convenience store and continued heading in the opposite direction.

After making sure that he wasn't followed, Jun stopped by a nearby gasoline station.

The convenience store beside it was already looted and had all of its glass panels destroyed. Glass pieces could be found all over the ground. Inside the store, there were several dried up pools of blood.

Jun checked the pump and found that it was still working. He refilled four of his jerrycans before deciding to continue forward.

He wanted to take the highway so he could save time, but with regular and evolved carriers all around, he could only choose to go deeper into the town.

He passed by a private hospital with people hiding inside. There was only one entrance with a ramp instead of stairs and a small parking lot on the front.

Jun ignored the people hiding inside even though they were taking glimpses at him. 

As time went on, Jun noticed something strange in the area.

There were no carriers roaming around!

Was it because most of the carriers got attracted towards that rampaging D2?

He also noticed that most of the houses near the road were destroyed. There was a high chance that the D2 caused this

Jun opened his hologram map and saw several red triangles moving from the destroyed houses. He moved closer and examined the remains of the walls.

Three sets of question marks appeared. The color were a mix of black and red, which means these people were really angry with him. Jun relates red as anger instead of killing intent. He experimented with people he met on the road and came to this conclussion.

As he was staring at their unknown ID's, one of them stood up and showed a slightly rugged faced teenager. There were dark eyebags below his eyes that was a symbol of not getting enough sleep.

When their gazes met, the teenager became surprised and pointed an improvised pipe gun on Jun.

Jun quickly evaded to the side before the brat could press the trigger. When the sound echoed in the area, Jun was already vaulting over the damaged wall.

Two more dirty-looking teenagers stared at him in shock as he landed after the jump. With a single punch on their faces, Jun easily apprehended the teenager and his friends.

"What are you doing? Wanna die?"

"I hope you die a painful death!" said the teenager who fired on him. His two friends who only had an icepick and a kitchen knife, charged towards Jun.

Jun casually slapped them to the side.

"What are your problems? Are you really that tired of living?"

"You killed our friends!"

Jun pondered what the kid was saying, then realized that he killed two teenagers earlier.

"They attacked me, why shouldn't I kill them? You're making it sound like it was my fault."

The two teenagers that was slapped earlier didn't even try getting up, as they spread their limbs around. "Kill us."

"Uno, what are you saying!"

"Dos, I'm tired. Everyone's tired. Let's just die, so we can end our sufferings."

Jun chuckled at their actings. He moved to the side then grabbed the arm that appeared on his side. The hands tried to hit his hands with the broken bottle it held.

Jun then kicked another person that dashed towards him wielding a sharpened stick.

He tossed the person he caught trying to stab him and watched another one started retching on the floor.

The one sprawled on the ground and wanting to die since earlier suddenly laughed. "You're so strong. You must be from the Brotherhood right? Please kill us quickly. We tried our best to survive, but this is probably the end of it."

Instead of giving an answer, Jun asked the man a simple question. "Do you live here in this town?"

The teenager laughed. "It doesn't matter whether I live here or not. People who come in, aren't allowed to go out."

Jun furrowed his brows. He became slightly intrigued as he stepped closer to the teen and said, "Let's talk for a bit. I need some questions answered"

All five of the teenagers felt that Jun was acting weird, when snarls and growls came from the other side of the wall.

"They're here!" said one teenager in a muffled voice as he panicked.

Jun opened his map and saw movements from the outside. There were atleast a dozen carriers wandering outside. The carriers probably heard the gunshot from earlier and ran to investigate.

"Wait here." Jun said.

He vaulted over the wall with no hesitation and came back in less than a minute. The teenagers became shocked when it became quiet outside.

Once he learned that he had strenthened skin, Jun became carefree around regular carriers. He severed their heads with ease not minding the negligible damage he takes from their bashing. They tried biting him only to fail.

"Okay, let's start by what you said earlier..."

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》