Trash in the Apocalypse
177 A Human Destroyer
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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177 A Human Destroyer

Jun shared his discovery about the Level 10 Tribulation. As much as possible, anyone who wants to try to reach a higher rank must have minimum 20 points in strength and 5 points in endurance.

With those stats, anyone could safely pass the tribulation.

He also gave some feedback about the camouflage cloak. The cloak works on Rank 0 Carriers while Rank 1 Evolved Carriers can easily find him when they see him.

As long as he wasn't seen, there would be no problems.

Jun narrated his experience when he took off the damaged cloak.

Evo pondered on what happened and gave Jun a reasonable answer. The function Evo added to the cloak was to stop releasing scent when the cloak was supplied with energy. The camouflage cloak adhered to the rules he set, which resulted on Jun's set piling up inside the cloak. Once he took off the cloak, the scent gathered for a long time was released causing an exlosive scent to surround the area.

In the end, Jun kept the cloak even though it have some flaws. The function to hide from R0 Carriers was too good to pass up. With Jun's feedback, Evo could make an improved version of the camouflage cloak.

They discussed about the two other items and both received positive feedback from Jun. He even have some suggestions to improve their functions.

The 3D Hologram Map was useless on open areas, but extremely useful when inside a building. The 20m detection radius was enough warning for Jun, to know whether someone was in the area. By the time he get to the 10m mark, he could accurately pinpoint wherever the person is by using his IDSearch passive skill.

The only problem Jun encountered when using the device was that he doesn't know which floor the movement was coming from! It was a helpful feature that if added to the 3D Hologram Map, could help anyone severly.

The tracking earring also worked well. The only problem was that he had to be always looking on the 3D Hologram Map for him to locate the tracker.

Everything would be easier if an alarm or warning system could be added when the tracked target has entered the smart watch's detectino radius.

After the two finished discussing the important things, they chatted for some time before bading farewells.

Evo then reminded Jun to practice his ranged weapon skills.

A short bow and a quiver with dozens of arrows were already placed at the Guild Storage, waiting for Jun to collect.

'Well... it sucks, but I should practice.'

Unless they found someone who knows how to make bullets, it was guaranteed that bows would become the universal ranged weapon for everyone.

Jun withdrew the short bow and the quiver from the Guild Storage and transferred them into his Dimensional Storage.

The short bow was made from narra wood. It has a pleasant scent with a body that was rosy-red in color. The narra was a sturdy and extremely durable wood.

The arrow's shaft were also made from the narra wood. The arrow head, which is the most part of the arrow, was made from Hunter teeth. The teeth has taken several process under Old John's exquisite hands. He polished the already sharp teeths into something more deadly while retaining its durability.

By having almost unlimited ammunition, he could finally raise his range proficiency.

The girls gave him one of the VIP rooms to stay for the night, together with the unconscious man. Jun accepted it with no grudges since it was normal to be in separate rooms because they haven't really known each other for that long.

Time is necessary to build trust. Gender issues isn't really a problem when you could lose your life by trusting the wrong people.

The VIP room was partly lit by a rechargeable lamp that Jun placed on the table.

Jun wasn't sleepy and so he tried chatting with Yetu, only to get ignored. He could feel that Yetu could hear him like they were of one mind and soul, but the other wasn't interested chatting with him.

A few minutes later, the unconscious man started groaning and woke up.

The first thing that the man did after he woke up was to roll on the couch and clutch his stomach.

WIth a loud thud, he fell from the couch. The man saw Jun relaxing on the comforable bed, staring at him as if he was an idiot. He looked around warily, trying to find out where he is.

Jun saw his cautiousness and explained the situation. "You're inside one of the VIP rooms at Pag-asa Private Hospital. I brought you here after you passed out. By the way, if you still remember, I'm the one who you tried robbing."

The man scoffed and muttered, "That can't even be called robbing... at most, it's begging for food."

Jun ignored the side comments and said, "You've got a name?"

The man looked at Jun quizzically before answering. "Marvin. Marvin Medina."

"Okay Marvin, here's the deal. The only reason I brought you here is because I'm curious of your skills. I want to know how many skills you have and what they can do. If you do that, I'll let you go, but if you don't, I'll have to kill you."

Marvin weighed Jun's words whether they're the truth or not. He felt conflicted to be in this situation since he wasn't really proud of his skills. But with no other choice, he forced himself to comply.

"I have to skills, Addiction and Fury. I know, not the greatest sounding skills but I'm stuck with them. Addiction doubles the effect of anything that I eat. For example, when I eat a piece of bread, instead of feeling like I've eaten one piece, I would feel like I've eaten two pieces of bread. It also has a chain effect. If I continue eating the same food continously, the primary doubles once again. This skill helped me survive all this time. I could survive for one week by relying on a whole loave of bread."

"That's broken..." Jun muttered unconsciously.

Marvin heard him and chuckled dreary, he said, "Not really. It has a bad side despite the overpowered effects." As he finished speaking, Marvin clutched his stomach once more.

Jun noticed his action and frowned, "Are you okay?"

Marvin bashfully lowered his head as he said, "I-I'm hungry..."

"Ohh," Jun raised his eyebrows after hearing Marvin's reply. "I thought you can survive with that skill. I already checked and you still have lots of food in your storage. Are you lying to me?"

All this time, the name color was still neutral-white, so Jun was still speaking amicably.

Marvin rebutted, "Once I changed my diet to something new, I would feel disgusted by what I'm eating. I would vomit anything that I eat today and could only eat normally the next day."

Jun nodded his head. "And your other skill?"

"My other skill is Fury. When I reach max fury after receiving attaks or mental stimulation, I can transform and convert all my energy to become a giant brute. Like those Brutes rampaging on the highways. Currently, I'm still one meter tall but I expect to grow taller and stronger the more proficient I became with the skill."

'So he passed out because of energy backlash when he ran out of energy?'

"Also, after I wake up, I become extremely hungry... uhmm... Do you have any canned seafood? Tuna would be best since it was the last one I ate..."

Jun gave the man some canned tuna before digesting what the man revealed to him. If what the man was saying was true, then this person would become a strong power in the future.

Keyword, in the future. 

What should he do? Should he try to recruit the guy? From experience alone, a D1 could easily mow down any unexperienced survivor. It was also the top dog on the Rank 1 Carriers and below. It has strong defense and strong attack.

If he could nurture this man, then he could have his own Destroyer. The problem was energy... but wait.



As Jun was in deep thought, several gunfires resounded in the serene night. The two men in the room looked at each other then stood up at the same time.

Jun ran towards the window and searched where the sound was coming from. Marvin didn't forget to carefully held his canned tuna. He ate as he walked towards the window.

With a single glance, Marvin instantenously knew what was happening. He muttered, "They're attacking again."

Jun turned to Marvin puzzled.

Marvin realized that he spoke vaguely and explained to Jun.

In front of the municipal building, the 2m red vortex that stands tall at the center of the plaza square, continously glowed in red light. Carriers of all levels were streaming out of the red vortex and dashing towards the survivors.

The people who were setting up the event for Marcus' birthday were caught unaware. Though they were surprised, they quickly calmed down as this wasn't the first time this happened.

The red vortex that was once the Teleport Portal would randomly spat out carriers on a random time of the day. There were also times like yesterday that it didn't even spat out carriers.

All kinds of carriers would come out and their types were also random. It could be a horde of R0 Carriers or a mixed of R0 Carriers and R1 Evolved Carriers.

Whatever the combination was, the people weren't frightened and orderly fought the enemy. The battle ended ten minutes later when the enemies stopped streaming from the vortex.

Just to be safe, a part of the people fixing the gymnasium were left to guard the vortex.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》