Trash in the Apocalypse
184 “Cursed“ Crates
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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184 “Cursed“ Crates

[Congratulations! Hidden Quest Completed, 'The One True Boss!']

[You received x1 Random Crate. The maximum Faction follower limit increased to 20.]

[Quest has been reinstated! Good luck!]

Jun received the rewards, then reread the quest description for the repeatable Hidden Quest. Nothing has changed, and it still had the same requirements and rewards.

Kill or subordinate a lord to receive a random crate, increased follower count, and if he subdued another Lord, access to subordinate's territory control.

Since he killed Marcus instead of subduing him, he didn't get to experiment with the third reward, but it was okay. There's a lot of opportunities in the future.

Jun didn't feel guilty for killing Marcus. It just happened that Jun has a quest related to Lords, and Marcus happened to be there. He didn't care about Marcus' bad reputation and just went for the kill.

The people in the room left quietly one at a time, in fear of being targeted.

Jun became surprised when a dimensional storage hovered above Marcus' body. This is a new event encounter for Jun since he has some knowledge of death circumstances.

Marcus didn't get bitten after one month in the apocalypse. Jun readily accepted that fact, considering the variety of escape tools that Marcus had on his arsenal.

But weren't they in battle earlier? The dimensional storage shouldn't appear according to his understanding.

He pondered for a moment, and could only conclude that there's an out-of-battle system in place.

After the two of them stopped fighting and Marcus got away, the system deemed Marcus as in peaceful mode, which triggered one of the three types of death.

Jun nodded his head in realization. His dimensional storage appeared beside Marcus', and then he started transferring everything that he could use.

Marcus had a vast arsenal of firearms stashed in his dimensional storage. He must've confiscated these guns from a lot of people to amass this amount. The most numerous firearms were the pistols, followed by shotguns, then assault rifles and sniper rifles. Though there's a lot of weapons, the bullets were almost running out.

Most of the bullets he found were for pistols and sniper rifles. They must have used the shotguns and assault rifles in the early days.

After nearly emptying Marcus' dimensional storage—leaving mostly clothes and ornaments—Jun saw his inventory screen and found out that he hasn't opened the Lvl.10 Weapon Crate that he received a long time ago!

He forgot about the weapon crate after reaching level 10 since numerous things happened yesterday. He brought out his Lvl.10 Weapon Crate and the Random Crate he received earlier.

He scanned his dimensional storage for more things that he might have forgotten, and voila—there is one item that got buried on the corner of his dimensional storage. A black USB stick that Evo gave him when they first met since the apocalypse.

The USB contains the list of individuals involved with his father's downfall, and Evo took one month to gather this information. There were lots of things that kept him occupied at the time, and surviving was on top that list.

'I need a laptop.'

Jun chatted Evo to place a working laptop on the Faction Storage, then opened his crates.

The Lvl.10 Weapon Crate shuffled around melee weapons and ranged weapons. The prize pool has cold weapons and hot weapons mixed together.

[You received 'Bumuth's Warhammer!']

[Bumuth's Warhammer]

[Description] Bumuth's final work. Bumuth gave his all when crafting his last masterpiece. Additional skill attached—Destruction Bash.

'This weapon is good! That's why it's a trap!'

Instead of being happy, Jun immediately doubted the weapon. He already got duped by the Ogre's club, and he won't be fooled this time.

Jun used his energy to examine the Warhammer.

The 1-meter long Warhammer became enveloped with light. It started from the handle where Jun was holding it, then crawled upward into the tip. The tip had two hammerheads on both sides that measure squarely at one foot each.

[Item description updated!]

[Enchanted Bumuth's Warhammer]

[Description] Bumuth's final work. Bumuth Greyshoulder is a hardworking dwarf who had no talent in forging. To negate his lack of talent, he used every precious iron that he has to create his only masterpiece. He hammered day and night until his hands couldn't feel numb anymore. His heart and soul were imbued into the weapon creating the additional effect Destruction Bash.

He tried auctioning his masterpiece on a nearby Human Stronghold and met a wandering Elven Enchantress who willingly enchanted the weapon.

Enchantment: The wielder's weight would be added to the weapon when held. To wield the weapon, the user must be at least 1-meter tall.

'Wait, it's not cursed? Well, that's fine, I guess.'

Jun opened the Random Crate and received a simple jade ring.

[Ring of Vigor]

[Description] Increase Health and Energy regeneration by 10%

Jun didn't trust what he just read and examined the ring further. His energy quickly enveloped the jade ring, and the description remained the same.

'So, not everything's a troll crate.' Jun thought to himself.

In the middle of doubting the fairness of the system, Jun heard Yetu's snicker.

Jun said, "Can we talk now? Not grumpy anymore?"

'Who said I was grumpy!? I'm busy with something else!'

"Okay, okay. Let's chat later."

Jun wanted to have some idle chat with Yetu, but a 3-meter tall Destroyer came out of the 2-meter tall red vortex. The D2 came out crawling from the red vortex so it could fit its enormous body with ease.

The plaza immediately turned into disarray as the survivors that just finished an exhausting battle against the horde gazed at the D2.

Jun wore the jade ring and immediately felt the ring's effect as his energy regeneration increased. He swung the Warhammer left and right feeling out its weight.

Usually, Jun would feel unsatisfied with any weapon that he used due to their lightness. It's because he has too much power for his current level after absorbing legacies and essence of powers.

But with the Warhammer in his hand, he could finally feel the sensation of weight that he forgot a long time ago, thanks to the enchantment effect.

Jun absorbed Marcus' legacy and received +3 on Cunning. Then, he quickly jumped out of the window and safely landed on the ground. The bones and muscles on his feet were already strengthened by overcoming the tribulation, and a casual jump from the second floor was nothing to him.

Although the Brotherhood of Verdicts has numerous people, not everyone has the courage to stand in front and fight the D2. They were able to loot some power and speed essence in the early days, but there's not enough to go around. The stat essence mostly gets absorbed by the elite members. 

Cain clashed with the D2 to allow everyone some time to run away. Every time their group fights a D2, there would always be a considerable number of casualties. This is why they chose to run away in these kinds of situations.

Cain barely reached the head by extending his arms to thrust the spear. The spearhead almost pierced the D2's eyes when it chose to pull its head back and grab the spear's shaft.

Cain tried tugging the spear back, but it barely moved. He was about to let go when a silhouette jumped high in the air from the side.

Jun swung the Warhammer in full force and managed to hit the D2's shoulder, leaving a square indent on the shoulder. A soft cracking noise echoed when the Warhammer hit, and the D2's left arm became limp.

The D2 staggered and distanced itself from Jun, then it grabbed a nearby dead body and started feasting on it. The D2's skin glowed yellow, and it was able to use its left arm.

When the D2 turned its head back, something appeared on its vision and inched closer to its face.

Jun successfully killed the D2 in two strikes. The D2's head received a massive hole after the Warhammer cleaved its right face off.

There were a few factors that helped him achieve the feat. First, because he managed to perform a surprise attack, and the second, his new weapon suits him best. The extra weight from the Warhammer also helped in cleaving the head off, which made everything a lot easier.

Jun used the Warhammer's attached skill earlier—Destruction Bash—which caused the D2 to stagger. He felt satisfied with the result, and before the D2 could finish recovering, he quickly dashed and cleaved its head off. His aim was actually off, which resulted in only cleaving half of the face.

Jun stepped on the D2's body as if announcing his property. The escaping survivors noticed that the tremors on the ground stopped and looked back, only to see someone looting the dead D2.

Jun looted a Mid-Tier Energy stone and a Mid-Tier Essence of Power. He immediately used the energy stone, which increased his max energy by 30, while he stashed the essence of power into his dimensional storage.

He placed the red crystal beside the USB stick. Being reminded to check the USB's contents, he opened the Faction Storage, but there was no laptop to be found.

'Was he busy? Nevermind then, I can wait. Or should I just go to the nearby mall?'

Jun was pondering on what to do when the wind behind him 'swooshed.' He turned his head and saw a man pointing a spear on his face.

Cain stared at Jun and said, "Did you kill Marcus?"

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》