Trash in the Apocalypse
185 The Dictator
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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185 The Dictator

Jun grabbed the tip of the spear and broke the spearhead. He tossed it to the side casually, then walked forward, causing Cain to gulp.

"Yeah, so what? Aren't you happy? Your town has one less assh*le now?" said Jun.

Cain stared at Jun before saying, "Let me work for you. You killed my employer, so I don't have any work. I've angered a lot of people, and they'll kill me. Besides, I don't think you understand what you just did."

"It was true that Marcus isn't good, I know that ever since I started working for him, but him being a dictator prevented people from fighting with each other. It made us work together to survive. What are you going to do now that you killed the person the people feared?"

Jun smiled and said, "That's easy then, I'll be the new dictator."

Cain's other group members joined under Jun's leadership after he explained the situation. These people didn't care who they worked for, what they were worried about was that they wouldn't have a job. With the number of people, they stepped on after working for Marcus, no one would work with them, and there's a chance that they would get killed.

Jun ordered Cain to gather the elite families hiding in the Municipal Hall into the plaza square. Afterward, he asked every one of the elite families what they specialized in, and if they were willing to work under him.

The elite families had different views on the matter. Those who were in the bottom agreed immediately while those in the top rejected the notion.

Jun found out that the top families were useless garbages that was only put on the position because they were Marcus' relatives, while the bottom families were the useful ones.

Jun stripped the top families' rights then announced the new top families.

He took the two families from the bottom, the Castro family that owns a poultry farm and the Montano family who owns a metalworking shop. The Castro family was the meat provider for the top family, while the Montano family was in charge of creating weapons.

The two families upon receiving Jun's care felt good and worried at the same time. Both families just convinced themselves that they're just working for a new leader.

Jun led everyone on foot to the SN Angono Mall. The former elite families suggested to use the vehicles they rode here, but Jun rejected them. He strictly ordered Cain to make sure that everyone travels on foot.

The journey was both thrilling and worrisome for everyone since they were able to see Jun's capability.

Jun took care of everything that appeared in front of them. The only time he needed help was when evolved carriers appeared while dealing with other carriers. Even though unexpected things happened, he was able to keep everyone safe as they walked in the middle of the highway.

People who sided with him felt blissful because unlike Marcus, who cowers at the back and only orders for his soldiers to fight, Jun was capable of fighting on his own. The people who weren't given a chance to work for him became worried that their lives would become harder from now on.

Jun didn't know what the people behind him were thinking. He walked in front because he was used to be on the front lines.

He wanted to take as much experience as everyone else so he could continue being on the lead. Also, it's faster if he's the one battling since he doesn't care about minor bites, and could fight more recklessly.

If they ride those cars, they will miss a ton of experience, and others would be able to take it!

The former top families who only knew the extravagance of life suffered once again!

The first time they suffered was the start of the apocalypse, and they feel like the apocalypse has started all over again.

The survivors who were out scavenging noticed the parade of people. They ignored them at first, but when they saw the influential families walking in tow, they become intrigued.

As the group traveled closer to their destination, more and more survivors noticed them. A few survivors were enjoying the night camping outside, surrounding a bonfire at a nearby gas station.

Meanwhile, the entrance to the underground parking had people coming to and fro. The small onlookers from before have become a large crowd.

Jun stopped at the entrance and shouted, "I killed Marcus. If anyone wants to challenge me, I'll be waiting at that empty lot. If no one comes out to challenge, I'll take my position as the leader of this town." He looked around, then left.

The crowd became bustling after learning about Marcus' death. The news immediately spread to the whole mall. A few courageous pro-Marcus went out and challenged him, only to get beaten up. Some ambitious fellows tried their luck but got taught their lessons harshly.

Most of the people at the mall stood outside, watching the event. Though they were already used to getting mistreated, some keen-eyed individuals noticed that Jun didn't deal severe injuries to people who gave up while those who ambitious and persistent ones who tried their best to kill him got crippled.

Jun surveyed the surrounding and eyed the windows of the nearby buildings. The strict confiscation of firearms backfired against Marcus. If someone has some hidden guns, they could quickly assassinate Jun from a distance.

When no more challengers came, Jun stood up and looked at everyone's eyes. Some stared back while others couldn't take the pressure and looked away. In the crowd, he saw Marvin together with Lolita. Reena, Lourdes, and Mellissa were missing.

He looked at Cain and his group members, which surrounded the influential families, stopping them from running away.

"Is there no one else? No one? Then, I, Jun Reyes, Lord of Binangonan, claim ownership of this town! I would keep the town safe and would kill anyone, or group, that endangers it. I expect everyone to follow my orders from now on."

"As my first project, I would call it Oplan Warmth. I would clear all carriers on the town, and anyone who wants to join the expedition is welcomed. We meet here at this empty lot and would start the operation tomorrow at dawn. Dismissed!"

Jun didn't wait for the crowd to react and immediately walked away.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》