Trash in the Apocalypse
186 Plans Should Be Followed
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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186 Plans Should Be Followed

A particular group of people followed after Jun. It was Cain's group, Marvin, and Lolita.

Cain's subordinates blocked some people who were interested and wanted to talk with Jun.

Lolita and Marvin approached Jun with solemn expressions.

"Did something happen?" Jun worriedly asked Lolita as they walked away from the crowd.

Lolita replied, "Reena got bit."

"How did she get bit? Lighting firecrackers doesn't involve fighting the carriers," said Jun.

Lolita lowered her head and muttered, "We made some small changes to the plan..."

Jun stared at Lolita while frowning, "What changes?"

"To make sure that we can lead the rotters to the plaza, we used ourselves as baits. Reena wasn't athletic in the first place and got caught when passing the baton to me." Lolita explained then stuck out her tongue.

She noticed that Jun wasn't looking good, so she added, "Reena's at the hospital. She's safe and got already treated by Mellissa. The only problem we have is medicine. Most of the hospitals were already looted, and we have to go to another town if we want to find them."

Jun felt guilty when he learned that Reena got bitten. Even though they never really see eye to eye, they still know each other.

"This is why you need to follow plans strictly. I made it like that in consideration of your physiques," said Jun.

 "But a safe plan can fail... we can't let Sis Lourdes' hardships be in vain. She waited for a long time to get revenge, and it can't fail."

Jun clicked his tongue and asked Lolita what medicine they need. When he received the list, he opened his dimensional storage and gave the listed medicine to Lolita. 

The medicine wasn't from his private stash but looted from Marcus.

Marcus had a monopoly on everything that could be deemed valuable. Medicine and firearms were his aces upon the sleeve in controlling the populace. 

Even if a few individuals manage to find medicine, it wouldn't last for a long time and would shift the power back to him, strengthening his position further. If people assassinated him, they would lose all the items in his dimensional storage. 

Cain, who followed Jun because he had something to say, became flabbergasted when he overheard their conversation. He became frightened when he realized that not only Jun killed Marcus, he also planned for the horde to attack them. He shivered at the meticulousness of his new boss.

Jun felt someone coming towards them and saw Cain standing dazed. Cain wanted to say something, but Jun spoke ahead of him, "Don't worry about my safety and focus on observing the people tonight. Don't do anything and just watch them. Also, you have a fortune teller and a detective, right? Bring them to me. I'll be at Pagasa Private Hospital."

Cain nodded his head as he watched the group of people walk away. He then noticed the glistening profile of a woman beside Jun.

He scratched the corner of his eyes and exclaimed, "Was that the Dream Fairy?! Am I dreaming? Wait a minute, who's that bastard who sticks to her like glue! Is it her boyfriend? That dogface?! No, no, no, no, no. No!"

Jun entered the room, followed by Lolita and Marvin.

Reena was lying on the hospital bed with Mellissa and Lourdes at the side.

Mellissa was reading the same book about bacteria while Lourdes gazed affectionately at Reena. Her eyes were still red, a sign that she just finished crying.

When Jun entered the room, he gathered everyone's attention.

Reena was the first to react, she said, "Lolita! Ask Lourdes to stop crying! I already said I'm fine, but she won't stop." She then turned to face Lourdes only to see her spilling tears quietly. "See?!"

"Glad to see your still lively," Jun commented.

"What is this? You're creeping me out." Reena said, then hid under the blanket.

Jun shrugged then left after seeing that everything was okay. He left an apple for the patient to it, then went out of the room with Marvin in tow.

Just as they got out of the room, someone called for them to stop. Jun turned his head.

"Thank you for the apple." Reena shyly said, then added, "...but don't you think that dinner is better?"

Lourdes, who was quietly weeping, somehow got choked and glanced at Jun in anticipation.

Seeing their expressions, Jun couldn't help but smile wryly. He brought out another cooked Giant Rat, and the group feasted on them. The initial disgust on the rat meat disappeared after the second serving. You just have to close your eyes and imagine that you're eating steaks.

After satiating their hunger, the group chatted idly until the topic changed to what happens in the future. Jun became honest with them and told them his plan.

Jun doesn't intend to stay here, and he didn't give any specific reason why he needs to go. He plans to make this place as an outpost since the red portal regularly spits out carriers. Even though he considered migrating some of the survivors to Binangonan, he can't leave the town empty because there are still threats of evolved carriers coming out of the portal.

For the people going to be assigned to the outpost, he needs to clear the town of enemies for them to live in a safer environment.

If the town becomes safer, people would be willing to get assigned here even if they migrated to Binangonan.

The girls didn't ask anymore nor inquired about Jun's reasons for living. They knew since the beginning that Jun was just passing by and just happened to have the same interest as them.

On the other hand, Marvin was feeling uneasy after learning that the person he looked up to was living. There wasn't even mention whether he would be taken along or left behind.

As if he was able to read Marvin's mind, Jun assigned him the role of Outpost Commander, and Cain's group would be his subordinate. He could recruit volunteers to guard the red portal.

Though a bit underwhelmed, Marvin accepted the position and promised Jun that he would work his hardest.

Jun went to the hospital's rooftop so that he could chat with Yetu.

Marvin was busy studying Black Haven's Research that he found in the Faction storage in their room.

In the distance, he could see a swarm of bats flying around the town.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》