Trash in the Apocalypse
187 The Gardener
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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187 The Gardener

Jun took out a foldable table and chair from his dimensional storage, then stretched for a bit, before placing the laptop that Evo sent him on top of the table.

The swarm of bats disappeared after passing behind a building.

'They're probably sleeping now? No, wait. Bats should be active at night, right? Nevermind'

After pressing the power button, Jun inserted the USB stick into the laptop.

A popup showed up, and he clicked the open folder option. It brought him to the window, and he opened the only file inside named [ONLY FOR LITTLE JUN'S EYES].

Jun didn't forget to curse Evo a few times in his head before proceeding to read the file. The file contains a list of pictures with information beside them.

In the first part of the file was Mayor Yobet's innocently smiling face, which immediately irked Jun. He read the corresponding information and learned that the mayor was a Drug Protector.

The following pictures, names, and information were supplementary ones that lead to his father's misfortune.

A screenshot of a conversation goes:

His father reported the town mayor for corruption and illegal activities, which were intercepted by a subordinate of a Drug Protector on the higher part of the government system.

When Mayor Yobet learned about the news, he wanted to kill the man as soon as possible but got stopped by the higher Protector.

The man suggested that since excellent and honest people are scarce, so they should break him slowly. They threatened the man to kill his family if he ever does things unexpectedly. Since he believes in fairness, they would leave his family alone of he plays a game with them. If he ever wins ten million from gambling, they would leave his family alone.

With no other choice, Jun's father accepted.

On another screenshot, the other Protector was scolding Mayor Yobet for doing a poor job at handling the people in his town. The other person then suggested making sure to take pictures so that they could blackmail the person further. If the photos get released to the public, the man will lose credibility, and the mayor could easily dismiss anything he says.

Jun bit his lips until blood appeared. He scrolled down slowly as he etched everyone's face and name into his mind.

The stare he had while browsing the file was already declaring these people's deaths. These people better pray that he never sees them!

On the cemetery, a R0 Carrier that was eagerly absorbing the moonlight got bitten by a 1-foot black bat. The fangs that sank deep into the neck started absorbing the energy from the carrier.

At first, the carrier only felt something sticking to the back of its head, so it ignored it.

When the carrier noticed that something was stealing its energy, it became angry and used its hand to slap it away as if it was killing a mosquito.

The carrier's hand was a bit slow, and the bat was able to react. It stopped eating the energy of the carrier and flew backward.

As the bat continued to flap its wings and retreated backward, a rotting hand caught it and shoved the bat into a metallic watering can.

The insides of the watering-can emitted screeching noises followed by the thrashing cries of the bat inside. Several seconds later, the bat stopped thrashing around.

The carrier holding the watering can wearing a blue coverall gardener's outfit, walked towards the bitten carrier. It raised the watering can as if pouring water to the carrier's body.

Trickles of yellow droplets of energy came out from the watering cans mouth. The carrier's expression became blissful as it tilted its head unintentionally while opening its mouth widely.

When the watering can run out of energy, the carrier appeared dazed as if losing its purpose to live.

The gardener carrier was an old man that has been in service of the cemetery as a grave gardener for more than ten years. He died from a heart attack after experiencing the excruciating pain when the apocalypse started.

The gardener examined the R0 Carrier's eyes, then nodded his head.

"Around two more? Let me catch some source; I'll be back. These bats don't know how to respect their benefactor. They receive some of my blessings, and they're sucking up your energy. You both came from me! You should be allies!" the gardener carrier said in disdain. 

After catching another bat, it went back to sprinkle some 'water' into the same carrier earlier.

"Okay, I need one more," the gardener said cheerfully, then turned around to look for more bats. His expression turned sour suddenly, and he said, "Why are these people so chatty? This one is especially annoying. Does he have nothing to do? You keep teasing me then wants to talk to me? Even if you beg me, I'll never talk to you again!"

 The gardener caught another bat after several attempts. It was sneakily flying away after stealing energy from a carrier. He shoved the bat to the watering-can and came back to the same odd-looking carrier.

He watered the carrier, and when the watering can stopped sprinkling energy, the R0 Carrier started squirming and fell to the ground.

The R0 Carrier rolled in the ground in agony for several seconds, before heaving a sigh. It slowly stood up, and in the process of standing up, its shirt got destroyed as its chests expanded with chiseled muscles while its pants became shorts after the leg muscles exploded in size.

The D1 stared at the gardener like a duckling fawning over its mother.

The gardener nodded in satisfaction, then said, "Catch some bats and bring them back to me."

The D1 happily jogged away, creating tremors every step it took. The bats that were sneakily stealing energies from the carriers became startled and flew away.

The gardener carrier anxiously shouted, "S-stop, stop! You're scaring them away. Come back here and sit down on the ground!"

The D1 came back dejectedly and sat down on the ground.

"Stay there!" the gardener shouted as he went into the prowl.

He jumped around all night, trying to catch escaping bats.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》