Trash in the Apocalypse
190 Oplan Warmth 1
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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190 Oplan Warmth 1

Jun opened his eyes after the whole night of meditation. He felt refreshed even without sleep and has glossier skin. Apparently, energy circulation is also beneficial with blood circulation, which is related to skin health.

He got up from the bed and couldn't see Marvin. When he noticed that the couch's cushion was missing, he had an idea of where Marvin could be.

Jun went outside and saw Marvin sleeping on the bench. He pondered whether Marvin is a masochist who likes sleeping in the cold.

He didn't realize that it was because of his aura while meditating that caused Marvin to sleep outside.

Jun set up a small dining room on the floor's lobby. Plates were arranged on the table while a cooked Giant Rat was being heated on a wok. As the meat started to juice up, the inviting smell spread all over the corridor.

Marvin's nose itched from the scent, and he slowly opened his eyes. He greeted Jun while still lying down, then groggily sat up.

The two started to chat when a creaking sound echoed the hallway. A head popped out from the girl's room while sniffing the air. Lolita still had both eyes closed, but she suddenly turned to Jun's direction with widened eyes.

In the empty lot...

"Is this everyone?" Jun asked Cain as he watched the dozen of people packed in the empty lot. It's safe to assume that there are about seventy people who joined the operation.

The sun hasn't risen, and the darkness still covers the sky. Marvin stood next to Lolita and the rest of the crew while they stand behind him.

Cain hastily replied, "Actually, there are more people earlier, but they aren't feeling well after eating bat soup. Some groups got attacked by bats, but they were able to repel the creatures and catch a few of them. The people have long forgotten what meat tastes like, and they even bragged about their feat to everyone. They were selling the broths for food stamps while eating the meat on their own. Thankfully, I didn't eat those dishes. But I'm still envious that they gained max energy points."

Jun wasn't paying attention but became interested when he heard his last words. A broth that could increase max energy is something that he wants! He needs to dig deeper into this.

But before everything else, he needs to start this operation so that he could move on.

Usually, he could fight up to twenty R0 Carriers on his own. Even if some additional evolved carriers joined the fray, he wouldn't have a problem of dealing with them.

The problem comes in when the horde he was fighting takes too much time to clear, and another horde would pass by. He had enough power and endurance to kill them one by one, but his energy isn't high enough for a battle of attrition.

At most, he could deal with five to eight evolved carriers before having to run away. In that scenario, he needs to focus on killing the Hunters since they were the trackers. Unless he could kill them, the horde would always latch on his back.

At the same time, he can't use all of his energy since he would pass out. Dying due to energy backlash would be tragic after surviving this long.

With these dozens of people, they could sweep the town with ease. He only needs to focus on evolved carriers, which also gives higher experience, while he let them clear the weak ones. The town becomes safer, and everyone gets what they wanted.

'Around seventy people, so seven Giant Rats should suffice, right? I'm sorry Mike, I know you like them but...'

Jun shouted, "Group yourselves into tens, that will be your temporary group for this trip. Nominate a leader and have them come here."

After a small commotion of groupings and nominations, seven people stood in front of Jun filled with expectations.

A reddish-brown Giant Rat appeared on Jun's hand. 

"Take this to your group and have some breakfast."

With Jun's voice not being too quiet, the people at the back hollered in satisfaction. The leaders smiled widely as they received the Giant Rat and moved back to their groups.

The groups sat down on the ground and started eating without reserve. This isn't the time to act reserved. They have been waiting for this moment since last night.

News about Cain's group having a meaty meal spread around the mall. A few courageous ones tried asking for a bite and were rejected. They then learned that only people in Cain's group could eat the meat.

People started applying to join Cain's group to get a taste of the meat. Then, they regretted only asking for a bite because it was so delicious that some tried causing trouble to steal the Giant Rat's meat.

In the end, they were told that there might be a chance if they come for tomorrow's operation. And so they did.

Jun watched everyone as they ate, not because he enjoyed watching them eat, but because he was looking for potential threats hidden among them. His worries were for nothing as everyone had green question marks above their heads.

Reena muttered while gazing at Jun's back. "Sometimes I hate you, sometimes I—"

Reena stopped talking because she noticed someone smirking on her side.

Lolita was playfully winking at her and even gave her a thumbs up.

At first, she was confused, and then she realized that her friend got the wrong idea in mind!

"I meant I don't understand him! Your brain is filled with mud!" Reena pinched Lolita's cheeks and stretched it side-to-side.

 When everyone finished their breakfast, the group finally started the operation.

Jun briefed everyone on the plan and his rules.

The plan was simple; they would clear the whole town by moving in a spiral pattern. Their current position would be the center, and they would travel in a spiral around the town. This would help with faster navigation since they could attract the carriers to them instead of clearing subdivisions one by one.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》