Trash in the Apocalypse
193 Hidden Groups Power
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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193 Hidden Groups Power

As the clearing team traveled north, they encountered a terrifying scene.

A small group of teenagers was being chased by dozens of carriers. Further down the road, another group got surrounded by a crowd of carriers and were being picked off one by one.

They tried their best to fight their way out but with D1's and H1's in the crowd, they couldn't go far and were slaughtered.

"Form a line! Bone spears, ready!" Jun ordered, then beckoned for the familiar teenagers to run diagonally.

The teenagers grew confident when they saw Jun. With this strong person deciding to help them, their lives have finally been saved.

"Fire at will!"

A volley of bone spears flew in the air causing the air to create noises. Though they have practiced since morning, some still had difficulties in adjusting their aims. However, that didn't affect the outcome when there are numerous targets clustered together.

The bone spears struck the carriers in the head, chests, and shoulders. Targets that got pierced in their chests and head were immediately incapacitated. They fell and died, then their wounds emitted yellow lights starting the reanimation process, which is likely to fail since a wound that still had an object attached wold never regenerate and would only eat their energies away.

With Jun's power, the bone spear he threw didn't travel in a parabola but flew in a straight line. It left a trail of light after getting Empowered and it pierced a carrier's chest while also piercing the others behind it.

The clearing group slaughtered numerous carriers that dash towards them. With the death wails of the encircled people slowly disappearing, the horde finally turned their attention to them.

Usually, Jun would stay back on these kinds of situations and let the people handle small matters. Even with the D1 and H1 in the crowd, the elite members of the group could join forces and kill them.

But this time he chose to intervene. He didn't charge towards the horde of carriers but instead ran towards the cemetery entrance.

Carriers continued streaming out from the entrance of the cemetery. He found the event interesting and wanted to investigate.

Like clockwork, his mind quickly thought of numerous possibilities why carriers could get out of the cemetery. Before he could even reach the entrance of the cemetery, he already has an answer in mind.

The only experience he had with Dungeon mobs that got out of their dungeons was in the town defense. With that as the base, he simply made an assumption: Marcus'death has an effect on the nearby dungeons.

Lolita used her unique skill, Dream Come True, to distract the carriers that intended to chase after Jun. Though it has a short-casting distance with a small area of effect, the number of targets that it could affect wasn't limited.

The eye symbol on the ground glowed and an invisible shockwave spread around the five-meter radius. Carriers started pouncing on an empty space on the road creating a small mountain.

Reena and Marvin fought side by side armed with bone short swords. Reena used her abilities to fight their way through while Marvin fought with reservation. He just acted as support but didn't shy away from the role of a tank.

Mellissa and Lourdes, who have only utility skils on their build, followed behind them with bone spears at hand.

Jun's group became a detached elite group that went straight to the entrance while the clearing group clashed with the already roaming horde.

Cain led the clearing team as they advanced forward. He took a Molotov cocktail from his dimensional storage and lit it before throwing it on the pile of tangled carriers. It was a simple throwable made from a gasoline-filled bottle with a piece of cloth at the top.

The Molotov broke after hitting the mid-section of the pile causing flames to spread on the whole pile. Carriers started shrieking and the ones on top quickly woke up from their dreams. The ones who were underneath the pile had no chance to react as they began to burn. 

Molotovs is a common throwable that survivors made in the first week of the apocalypse. With numerous gas stations in town, molotovs were the number one item for crowd control. It can kill a medium-sized horde as long as they burn their bodies in the fire. Carriers can feel pain, evident on their painful shrieks as they burned while they ran.

Burning up was the quickest way to kill R0 Carriers since their skin and muscles get damaged which requires recovery that uses their stored energy. When the carriers finally used up all of their energy, they would mindlessly stand in place trying to conserve the last bit of life essence they had. Then, they would try to absorb the surrounding energy to survive, which would fail because the rate of destruction would be faster than how much energy they can absorb.

As the burning carriers stood daze on their place, Cain and Ralph started their havoc in the middle of the horde. The two mowed any carrier that tried getting close to them while going straight for the D1's and H1's. They were not alone and were being followed by the elites of the clearing team and even reinforced by the hidden powers that Marcus couldn't kill.

Benjie gave his all as he Mesmerized multiple targets at once. The R0 Carriers were affected for five seconds while the Evolved Carriers only stared for two seconds. Fortunately, before the carriers could even react, their heads were already chopped off by the nearby survivors. With their enhanced coordination from clearing the western, southern, and eastern parts of the town, they were able to perform higher than their usual skills.

A group of hidden power took charge of several H1's that charged towards the regular survivors. A tanned robust guy wearing a tank top stood in front of the charging Hunters. His muscles exuded great power as he placed his arms in front of him in a defensive position. When the H1's jumped on him, he timed their attacks and a white layer of outline enveloped his body.

The H1's sharpened nails cracked before breaking when they touched the man's skin. After 2-seconds, the white outline disappeared and he quickly retreated. His group reacted immediately and dealt the final blow. Their teamwork was completely different from the clearing team since they have been together since the start and know each other better.

On the D1's side, another hidden power group was battling the titan with ease. Their leader uses a strange skill to control the D1's movements. The who appears to be around his early twenties and has vast life experiences commands a plastic twine on his side to tie-up the D1's legs and arms. The plastic twine would tighten and loosen itself in random times but in the perfect time to cause a disturbance in the D1's movements.

The plastic twine was tied up like a woman in a heart-pulsating Japanese bondage film. Its muscles were clearly defined by the way the twine bound its body. When the D1 chose to punch someone, the twine would tighten around the arms and its back, then loosen after a second when the twine was about to break. When it wanted to chase someone, the twine on its legs would tighten causing it to step over its feet and fall on the ground.

Obviously, the plastic twine beside the man was a special item received from the system. If it was a common twine, it wouldn't even hinder the D1 and would immediately break at a slight movement of the body.

Meanwhile, Jun finally cleared the entrance by throwing minute-stones around, which shocked a few people that were observing his actions. He felt greatly disappointed after clearing the onrushing carriers. Apart from the Evolved Carriers already outside, there was nothing of interest that followed. He gazed at the already 'claimed' loots and pondered whether to stick to his motto.

In the end, he chose not to kill steal since having people view him in better light would make controlling the town easier.

The fight was already half done, and the people were just being careful to not die by taking care of the rest of the carriers.

After retrieving the minute-stones, Jun noticed that there was no boss monster to be seen and gleefully entered the cemetery. Marvin followed after him, which made the girls subconsciously follow.

Jun killed any remaining carriers they met and the people behind him only needed to be cautious and follow him.

When they arrived at the supposed last zone of the cemetery, a scenic graveyard welcomed them. Beautiful mausoleums stood at the center creating symmetrical arrangements with numerous gravestones on the left and the right side filled with excellently maintained grass.

In the distance, two D1's encircled a D2 and a strange carrier that has glowing eyes wearing overalls. It looked like a farmer but considering the place where he is, the carrier must be the gardener of the cemetery.

The gardener carrier's hand glowed before stabbing through the D1's chest. When it pulled its hand out, it brought with it the D1's beating heart.

The heartless D1 as if losing its battery, remained in place while looking towards the sky. A few seconds later, its body shattered and turned into lights.

The gardener carrier put the beating heart inside a watering-can, then started sprinkling into the D2.

"What are they doing?" Marvin asked as he narrowed his eyes while using Enhanced Sight.

Jun felt chills as he stared at the D2's eyes glaring at him. He felt frightened when he felt a familiar aura from the strange carrier that has glowing eyes but for the D2 to lock on him as its target without them even clashing on, he felt weird and somehow suspicious.

A bizarre feeling rose in him and he said:

"Whatever it is, we need to stop it!"

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》