Trash in the Apocalypse
195 Team Work
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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195 Team Work

Jun ate an energy fruit to recover his energy. He couldn't eat an energy fruit earlier when he was charging his Empower skill since he could pass out immediately due to the multiple-fold consumption of the skill.

The tree of life produces ten energy fruits and two life fruits daily.

Evo receives the daily harvest from Gilbert, then sends three energy and two life fruits to Jun while distributing five energy fruits to the group in rotation. One of the last two energy fruits was being used as a Top Agent Reward for the person who accomplished the most number of missions for the day, while the other fruit gets auctioned by the Black Haven Market with a price hovering around 10,000 CP to 15,000CP.

After the first day when two lucky people got their hands on the energy fruit, the survivors learned that the fruit has less effect the more you ate it. The optimal times that an individual should eat an energy fruit would be three to four times. Afterward, it is better to keep or sell the item depending on preferences.

Jun's energy recovered in full before he ate a life fruit. The life fruit didn't immediately make his arms better, but the itching sensations he felt after the warm energy from the life fruit traveled his body, made him focus. The itchy feeling he was experiencing was the wounds and torn muscles recovering from the recent clash.

'What to do?!'

Jun watched as the D3 excitedly ran towards him. The gleeful expression it wore frightened everyone watching.

"Run for now! I'll think of something! Marvin, take that thing!"

The D3's right arm rose up in the air, before striking down.

Jun's feet glowed red after activating Sprint. He then used Time Perse after taking a sniper rifle from his dimensional storage.

To his surprise, he noticed the D3's eyes darting around while it stood in place. It even turned its head slightly which costed some energy points. As if it didn't mind using energy inside the slowed perception of time, the D3 slowly raised its hand to crush Jun.

For a D3 with 100,000 points of energy, a mere two-digit energy consumption was like a drop in the ocean. It could easily recover energy from humans, its kins, and other sources.

As carriers evolved, the more intelligent they become. When it learned about Jun's strength, it tagged Jun as his number one priority and planned to kill him immediately.

Before Jun could even raise the sniper rifle, he already noticed that something was wrong when the D3 looked around while Time Perse was still activated. He quickly jumped back as he canceled the skill.

The D3's hand slapped the empty ground and caused the area to tremor. A palm print the size of two A4 papers appeared on the ground.

Jun quickly fired a shot towards its head, wanting to test his luck, but it wasn't his lucky day. The D3 was able to tilt its head to the side, causing Jun's shot to miss.

After missing the shot, Jun quickly ran towards the nearby mausoleums for cover. There were clear differences between the two of them. Jun had a small body with faster movement speed while the D3 had an enormous four-meter body which is extremely heavy. Even though the D3 wasn't burdened by its weight, the surrounding wasn't.

Jun managed to get some leeway after using the buildings as cover, then examined the area before plotting a plan.

A bridge with a pond was on the left while a three-meter administration building was on the right side. Without hesitation, Jun quickly ran for the bridge.

What can a three-meter tall building do against a four-meter giant? It was like a grown adult staring down at a low-budget camping tent, contemplating whether to go inside or not, but in the end, packs up because it was more comfortable to sleep at home.

Also, the bridge was only about two meters in width and the D3 would have to slow down if it wants to cross it.

The D3 found Jun after its hips nudged a building to destruction. Its anger calmed down after it got reminded that Jun still have something to injure it. The sniper fire at close-ranged made the D3 more cautious towards Jun.

It followed Jun and arrived a few meters behind him after taking large strides forward. With its long and powerful legs, every step helped it go forward, running in a straight line was always the best way to gain speed.

Jun heard the tremors behind him and felt joy as he arrived at the bridge. Without stopping to look back, he threw several stones high above into the air.

Marvin's group followed from a distance when they heard Jun giving instructions to them. They hurriedly ran towards the eastern part of the cemetery after hearing a loud crash, only to find the D3 stuck in the pond with rubbles surrounding it.

Jun had a sniper rifle in hand trying his best to find an angle, so he could land a kill shot.

Jun threw the stones earlier, so he could get some space if the bridge crumbles. It was his luck that the D3 chased extremely fast and arrived in time when the stones finished expanding in mid-air; then they fell on the bridge and the D3, which destroyed the quarter of the bridge, plunging the heavyweight titan into the pond.

Every step it took caused its other leg to sink deeper into the mud. With the D3 trapped, Jun took advantage of the fortune and started targeting the eardrums. He doesn't know if eyelids could still block a sniper rifle but he wouldn't waste the chance to find out.

Time slowed down as he used Time Perse once again. The D3 still kept walking and ignored the energy consumption it gets.

Jun fired and hit the earlobe. This is the day when he continuously missed shots even when under Time Perse, Enhanced Sight, and the zoom-in feature of Time Perse. He realized how terrible his aim was when targeting a moving target.

The D3 became frightened when it heard the loud sound from the side. It even felt scared when it felt a stinging sensation coming from its ears. It used its muscular arm to cover the side of its face that Jun was facing.

Jun inwardly cursed after failing three times. He was forced to eat another energy fruit since he only had a quarter of his max energy after the bullet's movements were counted as his consumption. 

With the sides being blockaded, he quickly ran off to the shore on the other side. He met up with the group and they immediately formulated a plan.

He handed Reena a Tier 2 Short Sword made from Hunter's bone. Her task was to try and cut the D3's muscles on the ankle and shoulders. Even though there was no certainty whether it would work, this is the only plan he could think of right now.

They don't have a weapon that could deal with the D3 on head-on combat. They have to use this underhanded tactic to survive.

Marvin transformed into a red-skinned D1, then started throwing bone spears like he was throwing paper planes. With the stronger physique of a D1, he was able to irritate the D3 with meager damage coming from the immediately shattered bone spears that he throws.

As the D3 got closer to the shore, the team fully encircled on all sides.

Lolita placed an eye symbol in front of the D3's path, and the symbol immediately came to life. The D3 became dazed for a second when the eye symbol shattered causing Lolita to cough out some blood.

When Jun saw Reena and Marvin slowly trudge forward as they entered the waters, he regretted not including Water Striding on the list of the skills they could learn.

Marvin was supposed to act as bait while Reena accomplishes her task. But the D3 didn't pay attention to them as it continued walking towards Jun. After its feet got freed from the mud, it quickly pounced towards Jun, creating a tide of water as it jumped out of the pond.

Marvin jumped forward and grabbed one of its arms, and yet the four-meter Destroyer dragged him like a father carrying his naughty son. Afterward, Marvin got caught on his legs and was smashed left and right, leaving dents on the ground.

Mellissa and Lourdes kept throwing bone spears but the D3 didn't pay them any attention. Reena finally caught up and started slashing its ankles. The Tier 2 Bone Short Sword created sparks as it clashed with the steel-like skin of the D3.

The D3 kicked backward, sending Reena flying into the pond. Fortunately, the water cushioned her fall, and the only pain she felt was from the kick she received.

After the D3 tossed Marvin to the side, it immediately sent a punch towards Jun.

Just as the punch was about to reach Jun, a tanned robust man appeared. His body became enveloped with a white outline. The tank top he was wearing got shredded and his body flew backward towards Jun.

The tanned man coughed out blood but his defense was a success after seeing the trembling bloodied hand of the D3.

Lolita was able to sneak behind the D3 and used Relaxation, then Stimuli Control. She wanted to make the carrier sleep by making it relax and at the same time making it feel tired.

Though the attack wasn't a total success, it helped set up a certain someone's ability.

Benjie stared at the D3, then started chanting his skill, Mesmerize.

With the relaxed and tired D3, the skill that should have only lasted for a second persisted for several seconds.

Jun, who knew beforehand what kind of skill Benjie had, immediately put his eye into the scope of the sniper rifle. He even used Time Perse and Enhanced Sight, together with additional zoom-in and Empower, before pressing on the trigger.


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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》