Trash in the Apocalypse
196 Currency Change
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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196 Currency Change


The muzzle at the end of the sniper rifle emitted smoke after the shot. The bullet came out of the barrel and flew at high speed directly to its target.

Before the bullet entered the D3's eye, its irises regained focus and stared at the projectile in front of its eyes. It was already too late to dodge, so it tried closing its eyelids, but failed. The bullet entered through its eyes and pierced until the back of its head. Instead of piercing out of the head, the bullet hit the skull and failed to come out. It bounced around the brain creating a mushed white and red brain matter.

From the empty eye socket, the mushed brain flowed out like sticky liquid as the D3's body fell down into the ground.

Jun hurriedly took a Bone Dagger from his dimensional storage and stabbed the other eye. He didn't pull the dagger to make sure that the D3 wouldn't regenerate.

After making sure that the D3 won't be able to reanimate, he went back to the tanned naked man.

"Are you okay?"

Jun became surprised when he saw the man already standing on his feet. He pulled a blue shirt from his dimensional storage, then gave it to the man.

The tanned man waved his hand in rejection and took a gray tank top from his dimensional storage. He spat the blood that accumulated in his mouth before asking for a handshake.

Jun went for the handshake and became shocked when he felt the other person suddenly pulled him closer. He reacted quickly and tugged forcefully, causing the man to become bewildered.

"Whoa, whoa, calm down brother. I'm not here to hurt you," he said as he raised his free hand. "I just wanted to greet you. You know, the shoulder bump thing. Can I?"

Jun stared and observed the man before deciding to agree. The floating name above his head was green which prompted Jun to trust him for now. Besides, the man saved his life earlier, and the best he could do was to greet him.

"I'm Jun. Jun Reyes. Thanks for saving me earlier, I really appreciate it."

"No problem man. My name's Kylle Clark and you can call me Kylle. I just did what I have to do. I'm good at defense, so I jumped in to help. Besides, if you died earlier, there was no one to stop that monster's rampage. With no damager, we would all have died before we could pick that sniper off the ground."

The man then narrated their journey to the cemetery and even glorified Jun in his story. It sounded like Jun was an almighty hero who mowed enemies wherever he went.

When Jun realized that the man was trying to suck up to him, he innocently asked about the skill he used to block the attack earlier. Jun saw the troubled look of the man and apologized for his rudeness.

It's true that the man was trying to establish a positive connection with Jun since he learned that he was the new Lord in town. From the information he gathered, aside from kill stealing and buying high-level carcasses at above market price, the new Lord was quite reasonable compared to Marcus. This was also the reason why the powerful small groups hiding around town decided to come out and live outside the shadows.

Kylle wanted to gain favors after seeing the numerous things that Jun could offer. With his chance slipping away after his awkward pause to the question, he quickly stepped forward and whispered to Jun: "Its a skill called Reflect and like most of the skills, it mainly does what it's named off. Any damage I receive after activating the skill will be reflected back to the attacker."

"Ohh, that's quite a life-saver. It must have helped you a lot. We'll distribute loot a bit later, just let me check on my team." Jun said as he started walking back to his group.

Kylle got disappointed with Jun's response and watched him walk away. He became pissed because, after everything that he said, he got pushed to the side his efforts in vain.

Marvin was lying on the ground with his eyes closed. His body already returned to a human's while his chest heaved up and down in a relaxed manner. Jun knelt next to Marvin and slapped his cheeks to wake him up.

"Boss, you know that I'm awake, right?" Marvin said as his eyes opened and stared at Jun with displeasure.

"I know, but I can't talk to you if your feigning sleep. Are you okay? Do you need any help?"

"It's alright. Aside from my whole body aching after getting smashed around the place, I just have low energy and I'm currently trying to circulate it on my whole body while getting depressed for being useless."

"You're not useless. If you say it like that, then everyone is pretty much useless."

"No, they were able to help to weaken it while I acted as a rag used to wipe the ground."

Jun pondered, then smiled. "Quite true. You really got thrashed around but it also helped us gain time. Come on stand up, what do you want? You can choose one. The red one is quite rare, so I'm not able to supply that daily."

On Jun's palms was a red fruit and a green fruit of the same size.

Upon hearing the vague descriptions of the fruits, Marvin unhesitatingly took the green fruit. Although the red fruit emitted strong energy, what he really wanted to do now was recover his energy and satiate his hunger. After eating the energy fruit, his max energy increased by a mere 1 point. It was already the second time, and it seems like it can't get any lower than that even after he ate more. 

He grumbled to Jun about the limit which confused him when he saw the confusion, then elation from Jun.

He shook his head internally thinking that his boss has gone crazy.

The loot distribution was divided by eight people with Jun's group having six people while Kylle and Benjie were individuals that helped on killing the D3.

After getting pushed aside, Kylle wanted to cause trouble to Jun and voted for taking the body instead of looting it. The others frowned at him. It was obvious that the decision would lay on Jun's hand for outnumbering the two outsiders but this guy confidently voted against looting the body.

Even Kylle knew that there's no way he would win, but on his mind, it was enough for Jun to learn of his displeasure.

To everyone's surprise, Jun actually followed after him and said the same thing. In Jun's head, his decision was the correct way to do things. Not because he was always right but because this was the first D3 they encountered and killed!

It was an important resource! If someone voted for loot, he would be the first to vote for salvage! Just looking at the two-feet black shoulder bones made Jun ecstatic. He wanted everything that he could salvage from this body.

With Jun casting his vote, the decision was quickly made. Jun asked which part the Kylle liked or would he prefer food stamps, which caused Kylle to seethe in anger since he felt like he was getting mocked by Jun.

He ground his teeth as he forced the words to come out of his mouth. "Right arm."

Jun ignored the laser beams coming out of Kylle's eyes, and became slightly surprised at his decision. The D3 mostly used its right arm which is probably its main arm. There's a high chance that the right arm bone had better durability compared to the other remaining bones.

He turned to Benjie whose answer also shocked him. Benjie asked for discounts on items that he was selling.

And so, he gave him a blue-striped black card—which had a name input option— while also taking this chance to introduce Black Haven card and Credit Points to everyone. He even transferred 1000 CP to Benjie.

The whole process was for everyone to watch and be amazed. Although everyone has a system, so they weren't that shocked upon seeing the trade that happened in front of them, the futuristic holograms made them excited. Furthermore when they learned that the card was made by a person's skill.

Jun isn't scared of anyone trying to copy his economy model or try to overturn it. The first thing for something to be considered a currency was if everyone accepts it and everyone uses it. If the currency only circulates on a small group of people, at best, it could be treated as club points or the like.

The best example of this was food stamps and stat essences. Food stamps are generally accepted currency since Marcus controlled food distribution, and even after he died, people were already accustomed to it which made everyone continue using it. On the other hand, stat essences were hard currency since everyone needs it.

Kylle became dumbfounded at the scene, thinking of why he didn't thought of that? He doesn't realize that Jun was only doing this because he was trying to pull Benjie to his side while at the same time, trying to change the currency of the town.

Jun can't hurry the process of introducing his currency since the people still had a stash of food stamps in their dimensional storages. He could only whittle down its influence by making them rely on his enchanting weapons and other services.

He gave a brief description of what Binangonan has to offer, then continued with the D3's distribution.

After five minutes of continuous chopping(the energy inside the body was healing the wounds), they finally chopped off the D3's right arm. Jun handed it to Kylle, then continued chopping of the body. It took them five minutes to cut the remaining limbs since Jun remembered that he could envelop the bone sword with energy. He even used basic Empower to hasten the process.

All this time, the clearing group didn't stand idly since the cemetery was respawning carriers every minute. With their numbers, it was quite a scramble for experience when weak R0 Carriers appear on the surrounding.

Jun exhaled happily after stashing all of the D3's body parts. Marvin and the girls also chose to sell their shares to him and opted for a Black Haven card. He generously gifted them the same blue-striped cards with the name input option.

After everyone became happy, he looked around and made sure that no one was nearby before asking Marvin, "Do you have it?"

Marvin nodded his head as he opened his dimensional storage in front of him. Jun walked closer and also opened his dimensional storage, so he could quickly hide the item after Marvin hands it over.

Lolita became suspicious of their actions and crept up behind Marvin's back. She then playfully peeked under his arm while saying: "What are you two doing?"

Jun saw her so he had no reaction, but Marvin who has a slight crush over Lolita had his heart in shock. He also stepped forward causing his dimensional storage to collide with Jun.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》