Trash in the Apocalypse
198 Clearing the Town
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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198 Clearing the Town

The flock of crows swooped down and started eating the worms on the ground.

Due to shock, the two started killing any crows that get too close to them. Their actions angered the flock which dived down only to bite them. Some would peck their faces while others clawed at the arms and body.

The damage dealt by a crow was negligible but considering that there were dozens of them, it slowly piled up and eventually caused their deaths.

The survivors nearby became dumbfounded at the scene. They couldn't believe that people could die from getting pecked by dozens of crows. Usually, even if you get attacked by crows, you would only be sent to a hospital to make sure that you're okay. Now, the crows that attacked them were the ones who survived a month in this world. It meant that at one point, it fed on something lying on dead on the street. Thus, causing them to mutate.

These mutated crows were much aggressive than their former counterpart. It also has a stronger beak while having sharper claws. Except for the overall size increase around three inches, there was nothing else that changed.

Unfortunately, the natural laws of the world changed. Your life, your weaknesses, your strengths, they're out in the open. People could gauge how strong you are or see how weak you are. 

The two died not because of blood loss or open wounds. They died because they ran out of health after getting attacked nonstop, wave after wave.

Several people came to help, but the two's bodies were already mangled by the time they finally sent the crows away. They can't even have an intact body after the crows ate their eyeballs. A few sneaky worms even slowly find their ways to get inside the dead bodies.

The sticky liquid from the rotter's stomach was like goo. Aside from the adhesive component, there was nothing else of value.

The body was looted because they would reanimate if not attended to.

After this event, the people became more cautious about the surrounding, even more of those watching them from above.

Before dusk, the clearing team finally cleared the last subdivision, Aurora. Nothing eventful happened since everyone focused on their every step greatly slowing them down. It also helped decrease unnecessary casualties since they have no medical personnel with them. They also sent back numerous individuals that can't fight anymore due to serious injuries from Destroyers and Hunters.

Jun gained another level which gave him a skill slot for his aura skill. He learned it before he accidentally activates the wrong miscellaneous skill.

The group took the whole day for them to clear the whole town and most of the time they used was from moving around from places to places.

There were working vehicles around but what would be the point of doing a sweep if people just look around and never entered the houses?

After getting back to the national highway, Jun bade his farewell with the group. Aurora is close to the boundary of Angono and Taytay which is convenient for Jun to split up with everyone. He was inclined to leave immediately until Lolita pestered him to stay for the night claiming that there's no difference when leaving now or tomorrow. Besides, he needed to solidify his authority before leaving. Marvin also chimed in saying that he doesn't know how to handle the town if he ever leaves.

Jun agreed with what they're saying. He almost forgot to cement his rule just because he was in a rush to search for his mother. Marvin also doesn't have enough strength or authority to control the town.

Even if he can instill fear to everyone, it just a temporary measure and wouldn't last for weeks. After some time, people would start to cause trouble and probably even try to revolt when given a chance.

He agreed to spend the night in town which elated his little group. Jun found their clingy nature a bit funny, but deep inside he was feeling the warmth of their concern.

On the return trip, Jun saw a branching road that they never entered before. Its because they entered the Aurora subdivision from the other side of Baytown. He thought that they cleared everything but it seems like they missed one.

Jun turned to Marvin and asked: "Where does this road go?"

Marvin searched for the street sign before he replied, he said, "It goes into another subdivision. I think its called Heraldville Subdivision? It's still under construction, so not a lot of people live there. Don't worry boss, we'll go there tomorrow to make sure that the place is cleared."

Jun stared at the distance but still couldn't see the end of the road. He glanced at the trees by the roadside before nodding his head.

The mall changed from full-on lighting to only using emergency lights. If people want to continue having electricity, they have to be frugal about consuming the remaining gas.

When they got back after the Operation Plan Warmth, he asked for Marvin to look for a cook. Even if Lourdes knew how to cook, he rejected her offer to help since all of them were tired after a hard day of work.

To his surprise, Marvin came back with someone he recognizes. The person walking behind Marvin was a man who appears to be around his thirties and has an elegant air around him, not regal but classy. He was the man beaten up by Marcus in the gymnasium's storage room.

"Good evening Lord Jun. I heard that you're looking for a cook? I have more than ten years of experience and I own a catering business. It's a thriving business that can guarantee that people loved my cooking. What would you like for your dinner?"

"You are?"

The man hit his forehead softly then exclaimed, "I'm an idiot! I'm so sorry about that. It's just that, I'm a bit nervous in front of you. Can I shake your hand?"

"Sure... your name?" replied Jun after shaking his hand.

"Oh my gosh! What am I doing!? I'm embarrassing myself in front of you."

"It's okay, calm down, calm down. Take some deep breaths and relax. I don't eat people, so you don't have anything to worry."

The man followed Jun's advice and after a few deep breaths, he was able to calm down. He stared at Jun emotionally and was even about to cry. In the end, he managed to control his emotions and introduced himself.

"My name is Mia Logro. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving me that day. Ever since that night, my life became exciting after learning that energy circulation you taught me."

Marvin eyed Jun when he learned that he taught someone else. This is also the first time he heard about him saving someone.

Marvin warily glanced at the glib-tongued person beside him. He needs to praise the boss more, so he could stay in favor!

Jun played like a rich guy and hosted a meat porridge party. Though a bit troubled whether Mike would haunt him after taking the remaining Giant Rat meat, he just prayed that Adrian wouldn't tattle on him.

Mia Logro performed his duties perfectly. Although there were minimal decorations, there were enough chairs for everyone. The bad thing was they only have monoblock chairs with no tables to place their meat porridges.

Even then, people still flock in droves and went straight to the porridge line. A young teen was even chanting excitedly with his hands. "Meat Porridge! Meat Porridge!"

He didn't spend this much just because he wanted to celebrate the successful clearing of the town. The event was to gather everyone in one place and gain some good guy points. If people think that he's just another tyrant who doesn't care about the people, it would be hard to control them. By doing this, the people who ate the food would at least be conscientious enough to not cause trouble.

Later on the feeding program itinerary, he would introduce Marvin as the town manager together with his duties.

The first half of the event was quite successful since people just need to come over for a meal, but some who finished eating quickly left and went to scavenge.

Jun didn't think bad of them since he did not announce that he would say something later.

When Jun noticed that people were getting full and tired of waiting, he walked in front and attracted everyone's eyes.

People are instinctively smart.

Even if Jun doesn't say that he's feeding everyone because there's something he wants, everyone already assumed it. Who would be crazy to feed people you don't know? Even those people who already left knew that Jun was up to something.

"Hello everyone. As per our agreement yesterday, I am the new leader of the town. This event was in celebration of successfully taking back the town. We could finally work as a community and bring back the old—"

"We don't want that."

Jun turned to the person standing in the crowd.

Kylle arrogantly stared at Jun and even smiled at him mockingly. He then continued, "We actually like how things work right now. Survival of the fittest! You can't strut around here anymore, boy. You're just a lucky bastard who has lots of guns. And by the way, I wasn't here yesterday, so I want to challenge you!"

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》