Trash in the Apocalypse
199 Friendly Duel
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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199 Friendly Duel

Though everyone knew that Kylle was causing trouble, the people didn't stop him and waited in anticipation. A few of them were even excited at the thought of being able to see a proper challenge after the survivor's poor display last time.

Most of the strong individuals under Marcus were dead. The gatekeepers at both northwest and southeast National Highway were already killed by Jun. Even the elites he had turned coats at the first chance since they were only following him to survive. Then, his avid supporters already fought Jun last night and lost miserably. 

The survivors liked Jun as a leader but they don't know what his limit was. The only thing they knew is he got excellent reflexes(TIme Perse) and superstrong. 

Jun stared at Kylle, then to the people. He noticed their excitement which prompted him to smile wickedly. Some thought that he was scared but Marvin and the girls watching from the scene felt uneasy after seeing his smile. Ever since they met Jun, this was the first time they saw him make that expression.

"Sure, let's fight outside. Is there anyone else who wants to do a challenge?"

Jun swept his gaze over the crowd. He especially paid some attention on the hidden groups that recently came back to the community, so giving them a fair chance to challenge would be suitable.

Kylle shrugged after seeing that Jun was still amicable like he wasn't irritated. The people who were enjoying the scene became disappointed that Jun didn't lash out. They were the ones at the back secretly wanting to see the world burn but won't come forward in making that happen.

"Can I try too? Well, mine is not really a challenge. Its closer to being called a friendly duel? More like a session? I just want to know the gap with our skills. Oh, I'm Zeke by the way."

Jun turned to the person who was raising his hand. The man looked like a gigolo due to the sparkling and loose clothing he wore. His dyed blonde hair didn't help with the first impression.

He was the twine controller who had a small group of three. His members were two slim females who kept latching at him attracting the eyes of the nearby men.

Upon seeing the man's respectful and somehow weird attitude, the anger inside Jun decreased a bit and he somehow became playful after watching a harem play in front of him.

He glanced around one more time and after seeing that no one would try their luck, he invited everyone outside.

A crowd gathered at the empty lot outside the mall. The empty lot was used as parking space by public tricycles. On the side was the TODA's [1]lounge where drivers could stay and chill as they wait for passengers. It was four pillars with a roof, walled by metal fences with radio and television.

There were two women and two men surrounding Kylle. From the way the conversation works, they were probably his group members. Based on today's observation, none of Kylle's members were strong since no one left an impression to him. The only thing they were good at was showering Kylle with praises.

Zeke arrived with the two slim women in tow. His hands were on their waists as they swaggered into the empty lot.

"Who wants to go first?"

Jun skipped any formalities and went directly to the point. Before Kylle could step forward, Zeke already started walking towards the center.

"It'll be me. I don't like to be second. Is that okay, Brother Kylle?"

Kylle could only agree since he knew he knew that he couldn't win against Zeke. He wasn't weaker in terms of stats but Zeke had an advantage over him in terms of skills.

Kylle had defensive skills while Zeke had control skills. He couldn't even move properly when bound and could be killed easily if the man wanted to do so.

Jun and Zeke stood five meters apart.

"So this is a duel, right? This is my first official duel, so do you have any rules in mind? Zeke said.

Jun shook his head.

"Great, what a strong man you are. Well as for me, I want a fight with no guns? Is this possible? We can't just start shooting each other, right? That wouldn't be fair."

"For the record, if you lose, you will recognize me as the new leader in town."

"Sweet! That's good! Bets should be alright. If I win, you'll teach me everything you know. And to be honest, I don't really care who lords over the town as long as they don't disturb me. Can we start now? Here I go!"

Zeke retreated as he took a black plastic twine from his dimensional storage, then wore it in his wrist like a bracer. The end of the twine floated into the air and started unrolling itself from the bundle. It looked like a snake as it repeatedly unwinded itself from the bundle. 

Jun dashed forward while equipping himself with a Tier 2 Bone Short Sword. He dodged nimbly as the twine poked him from a distance like a spear. 

The two played a game of tag as Jun charged in swiftly while Zeke defended himself via the twine.

Jun became surprised when he learned that Zeke could also control the toughness of the twine. There were times that the twine bent and allowed the sword to push itself and moments were it became tough like metal which blocked Jun's attacks.

Then he started adding basic Empower to his attacks, which finally shredded the twines.

When the twines defense got broken through, Jun was able to cut some of it after it missed an attack. All lengths of twines littered the empty lot they were on.

After the long chase, Jun was able to send Zeke to the ground when he ran out of twines. He only had a one-meter twine on his hand which stood straight and acts as a sword. Due to getting cut, the tip of the remaining twine was hard like an actual sword.

"We're done, right?"

Jun pointed his sword to Zeke who was lying on the ground.

"Nope~ we're just about to start the real game."

The severed twines on the ground trembled before quickly flying towards Jun.

[1] Tricycle Operator Driving Association = TODA

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》