Trash in the Apocalypse
200 Control & Drain
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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200 Control & Drain

The dozens of severed twines scattered around the area flew towards Jun at high speed. The ones nearby quickly bound his foot while the distant ones formed the commonly seen tortoiseshell bounding style from erotic movies.

Like an advance technological robot suit, the strips of twines bound Jun piece by piece.

Jun fought back successfully and was able to move his arms, so he tried removing the twines that bounded him. Even with his power and endurance, he still felt that his movements slowed down for at least thirty percent.

The annoying thing about the twines was they would reattach themselves after getting removed by Jun. In the end, he had to stash them into his dimensional storage, so they couldn't pester him anymore.

Everyone watched in bated breaths. Was the new leader in town really weak? It hasn't been a day and someone would already defeat him. Will the town go on another change? The people prayed that it won't happen since the man seemed like a lunatic.

Some people passed out after watching the scene. The nearby onlookers frowned at them for acting in exaggeration. Although Jun treated them nicely, they shouldn't be that attached to him! Heck, it hasn't been twenty-four hours since he became the new town leader.

Kylle watched the scene in contempt. See now? The person you guys thought was strong couldn't do anything now. Bastard's not as strong as he thinks he is! Better behave yourself from now on.

He already lost interest fighting Jun but stayed to see him get humiliated.

No one noticed the small strips of twines flying away from the people who fainted.

Jun tried chasing Zeke but the additional weight on him kept him from speeding up. He opened his dimensional storage to take a bone spear, but before its tip could even come out, his body became weak as something inside him was getting drained.

A moment later, he realized that his energy was constantly decreasing!

In front of him, he saw Zeke with a disappointed look on his face. It seems like he got high expectations for him.

Jun pondered how to get out this situation as his energy gradually decreased finally reaching fifty percent. Then realization struck him.

How can this man continue using his skills even after all this time?! Something feels wrong about it! And does he control this strips of twine via levitation or psych? 

When Jun learned the answer to these questions, he became disappointed with himself. Something simple actually took this long for him to discern?!

"Why are you smiling? I thought you were strong, so I fought you, but this is getting depressing. Stand still, okay?"

Several strips of twine—sizing around one foot—detached themselves from Jun and floated away. As they hovered in the air, they suddenly straightened themselves with their sharpened ends pointed at Jun.

Jun shook his head and sighed deeply. People's true nature always shows itself in the end. The strips of twine charged at him, but they started swaying like falling leaves when they were about to hit him.

Everyone bore witness to this strange scene. From the flow of the scenario, Jun should have been pierced gaining a few holes for himself, but the strips of twines harmlessly fell on the floor.

In the middle of everyone's confusion, the two involved parties knew exactly what happened. The energy used to control the strips of twine vanished after Jun used the skill he just recently learned.

[Aura (Death) Lv. Max]

[Description] After achieving sufficient control energy with energy, the user successfully created a manifestation of his energy. When activated, a field of invisible energy would spread around the two-meter radius of the user. Due to numerous killings under the process of learning the skill, the aura evolved into Death energy.

[Cooldown - None]

[Cost - 5 Energy per second]

Jun walked forward casually and quickly closed their gap after the twines that shackled him disappear.

He sent a hard punch towards Zeke's stomach and due to the frustration that built inside him, the blow was a bit stronger than he initially intended.

Zeke vomited his guts out but nothing came out except for saliva. He felt his stomach churn continuously even after the punch. With a twine sword in hand, he tried to fight back and only realized that the energized twine he was holding was already limp.

He looked up and saw Jun staring down at him. 

Jun said, "Stay still, okay?"

As he was about to kick Zeke, the man quickly compressed himself as small as he could and started begging.

Jun stopped his feet mid-air, then stared at Zeke. "Get up."

Zeke stood up and got punched in the stomach. He retreated a few steps before glaring at Jun. He tried using his control skill but it wasn't working. The fear inside him grew as he felt like he became 'normal' once more and was getting bullied by superman.

"Come back here," he called to Zeke, which the man reluctantly complied with. Jun then continued, "As per our agreement, you are now working for me and you will listen to my orders. Do you accept the results?"

Zeke tried one last time but he still couldn't control the twines. In the end, he grudgingly nodded his head. He could just run away.

"Go and wait at the side," Jun stated after hearing Zeke's confirmation. He eyed Marvin and signaled to watch over the man.

Marvin understood his meaning and followed behind Zeke, making sure that the man wouldn't escape.

Zeke ignored whatever was happening behind him as he waited for the next show. Two slim girls welcomed him and his hands naturally hugged their waists.

"I'm quite tired ladies. Can I get some sweet energy from you two?"

"Of course you can! Hehe, but you'll have to play with me more tonight, okay?"

"That's not fair~ How about me? Let's just share like usual. Zeke can multi-task have you forgotten? I really like your twines that bound me and explores the deepest part of me, at the same time."

"Come on ladies, let's not kill every single man with jealousy, alright?"

Marvin, 'What the heck?'

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》