Trash in the Apocalypse
201 A Governmen
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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201 A Governmen

Jun ate an energy fruit as he watched Kylle walked forward into the empty lot. He faced him and waited for the man to get in position.

"I don't know how you got lucky but your luck ends here," Kylle yelled as he charged towards Jun. 

Jun noticed that Kylle wasn't using a weapon, so he stored his short sword in his dimensional storage. The two then traded blows vigorously. With Jun's stats way higher than normal, he quickly oppressed Kylle.

When Kylle discovered the gap in their stats, he quickly changed the way he fought. He waited for Jun's Empowered punch before activating Reflect. The skill increases the user's defense by a hundred percent before sending back fifty percent of the original damage received.

Jun ignored the damage he receives since he had more than enough health to beat this man up.

Kylle was a mixed power-endurance build making him much durable because of increased health and defense. Even then, he couldn't out stat Jun since he still was on the average of 15. His core stats were around twenty but the other stats were mediocre.

As the two continued their battle of attrition, Kylle suddenly noticed that his energy was rapidly running out! Even though he was dealing damage to the enemy, he doesn't know how effective or efficient the trade was. 

"I hate you for making me use this!" muttered Kylle as he jumped backward.

As soon as his feet hit the ground, he started flexing his muscles like a bodybuilder and change from different poses one after the other in quick successions. He posed with his hand behind his head and smiled.

After the fixed skill activation completed itself, Kylle's shirt exploded and a white flash of light illuminated the whole area. Everyone who was looking at him temporarily became blinded. Even Jun who was curious about what he was doing couldn't look away in time.

After Kylle was able to regain control of his body, he took a Bone Dagger from his dimensional storage before dashing towards Jun, planning to stab him.

He failed miserably.

Jun closed his eyes and hoped that it would recover faster this way. He then activated Aura which helped him see the surrounding clearly in his mind. Everything further than the two meters was made of fog.

He saw a figure coming from the fog and saw Kylle when he entered the radius.

Even though he had his eyes closed, Jun was able to fight normally. He retreated and advanced seamlessly making Kylle doubt whether he actually had his eyes closed.

Five seconds later, Jun finally regained his vision as his energy dropped by a good chunk of his max energy. He stopped using Aura after shoving Kylle with his two hands to gain some distance.

He dashed forward while charging Empower with 3energy/sec output.

Kylle stared at Jun's glowing hands and immediately knew that he had to block the attack no matter what. He waited for the attack and timed it perfectly, so Jun would not be able to stop his punch once he swung it.

As Jun took a large stride and pushed his fist forward, Kylle couldn't contain the excitement inside him. He felt something strange when he saw Jun's index finger pointing forward but decided to ignore it. What, is he a god that can kill with a finger alone? He eagerly shouted, "You're dead! Hahaha!"

He used Reflect and his body became enveloped by a white outline. Everything was going according to the script when a whirlpool of dimensional storage suddenly appeared in front of his face.

Jun's hand entered his dimensional storage and several wood planks and piles of rubble flushed out from the side. After hitting the ground and bouncing once, the items shattered and shimmered away.

Kylle's Reflect skill duration ended after not encountering an attack. Regrettably, it was also the last time he could activate the skill since his energy hit the lowest it could be and isn't enough for another cast. His Pose skill took a huge chunk from his energy pool rendering him out of energy.

Jun strangled Kylle with his other arm, then pulled his hand out from his dimensional storage.

"Do you want to continue?" Jun asked nonchalantly.

Kylle vigorously shook his head as he tapped Jun's arm.

"Do you accept your loss?"

Kylle nodded his head and forced a word out. "Let go, please!"

Jun acceded to his request which made him fall to the ground. Afterward, he started coughing as he tried to catch his breath.

Jun did not pay him attention any longer and turned to Cain.

"Do you have a lawyer here?"

His team, his subordinates, and every survivor felt confused with his question. Was he going sentence them? Even though he didn't understand what Jun was planning to do, Cain followed his orders.

"Now, for the main reason why I'm doing this. Marvin Medina would serve as the manager in this town. He would set plans and supervise every decision made here. Together with Cain's group, they would make this town worth living once more."

"What about the old government? Wouldn't they treat us as rebels then?" a survivor asked with worry.

The worries of the top were always different from those at the bottom. While Jun was trying his best to regulate the people, those people were already thinking about their interests.

"A government is just a system made for the people, by the people. Their primary role was to make sure that everyone is safe and is living a good life. Where are they now? Did they help anyone of you? Did they send help when you needed it badly?"

"And even if there's still a functioning one somewhere out there, do we have the time to wait for them? Its already been a month and no help has come. This meant that they have problems that they can't deal with. Who would help us? Ourselves! If you make yourself strong enough, you wouldn't even need to rely on the government. Until that time, you have to rely on it."

"My name is Jun Reyes, the current leader in town, and I urge everyone to follow my rules and in return, Black Haven will keep you safe."

Marvin became the new town manager and although he appeared unreliable, the people accepted him because he was deligated by Jun.

Marvin felt nervous about accepting the role since he didn't even know how to plan. Jun smacked him with the word of truth for his nearsightedness. "Go hire some."

That's right! Even if he doesn't have the right skill set for managing a town, he could just hire counselors to guide him. But then came a problem, he doesn't have enough goods or money to pay a salary to anyone if he ever chose to hire people. A problem easily solved by Jun.

Jun gave Marvin his old smartwatch, so he could chat with him or Evo. If he ever needed help with something, he could just message them up. With the Faction Storage, as long as he didn't need additional people, almost everything could be solved.

He also gave him a red-striped Black Haven card since he's now officially working under Jun. After inputting his name on the card via the name input option, he felt glad for joining under Jun's leadership. It was the best choice he made in his life.

At the back office of the mall, Cain knocked on the door.

Marvin opened the door and the two greeted each other. He glanced around after he entered the room, and found Jun seating on a swivel chair in front of the security monitors. Kylle and Zeke appeared ghostly as they sat on monoblock chairs near a wooden table. 

The aged man wearing spectacles who lowered his head as soon as he entered the room. He was a timid lawyer that no one wanted in their party because his skills were solely for administrative duties. He survived mostly via commissions when two parties wanted to use his contracting services. Aside from that, everybody else stays away from him.

Cain after completing the assigned mission to him, headed out of the room. Jun stopped him and told him that he could stay inside. He appreciated his gesture since this meant that he was on the inner circle of the new management. 

He did not know whether to go near the table, so he stood by the door.

Jun pushed the floor which made the swivel chair glide towards the already prepared table. He stared at the sheep of an old man and beckoned for him to sit down.


"Rene Galicia, sir." the aged-man said as he bowed before taking his seat on the other side of the table.

"Mister Rene, you have the Contract skill, right?"

"Yes, sir."

"Can you describe how it works?"

Rene answered his request since he deemed that there was no reason to withhold information. Besides, there were already several people who have contracted with him and knew how his skill work.

Contract helps bind two parties into an agreement. Both parties have to agree on what's written on the contract then seal it with their energies. The contracts may or may have no expiration dates depending on the decision of both parties.

Jun became disappointed when he learned that it was this kind of skill. He determined that pre-generated skills somehow took a person's nature when generation.

Because the last time he saw a lawyer, the man had a Bloody Contract skill.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》