Trash in the Apocalypse
202 Death Sworn
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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202 Death Sworn

Rene's a kind-hearted lawyer. He always put extra effort into his cases even if there was no guarantee that he would receive extra pay. That's also the reason why his contract skill was a regular one.

After his original idea failed even without being able to try it, Jun had to adjust his plan accordingly. He thought of a few adjustments that were deemed possible by the system and performed a trial and error in front of Kylle and Zeke.

Rene places his hand over an empty piece of paper and uses his energy to inscribe the conditions Jun wanted. Every time that the conditions were too over the top, the contract would never be 'printed' and would undergo another revision.

Since Jun knew what he wanted, the contract drafting took less than ten minutes of their time. Marvin stayed behind Kylle and Zeke in case they do something rash after seeing their fates being discussed in front of them. Even Cain and Rene were a bit surprised at what Jun was adding on the contract.

The contract states that Jun Reyes is the contractee while Kylle Clark and Zeke Sicat are the contractors.

As the one offering the contract(contractee), Jun had to set the job description, the payment, and the penalties in case the other party couldn't perform its duties.

The job offered to them was to follow three missions from Jun every month for as long as they were alive.

The contractor has the right to reject once every one month and if the chance was not used it could be transferred to the next month, basically allowing them to pass two requests for that month.

The contractor would have to do their best to complete the missions given to them with the best of their capabilities. Otherwise, a failure badge would be granted. After three failure badges were given, the contractor would be forced to perform the penalty. They have to kill themselves by stabbing their hearts repeatedly until they die.

There were additional clauses at the bottom of the contract.

Contractors would be nurtured under Black Haven, so they would have the ability to perform their duties. They are also given access to all kinds of information and numerous types of equipment inaccessible to the public. It also strictly prohibits the sharing of gained information and equipment to others.

Another clause states that contractors cannot intentionally harm or cause any type of damage to citizens, properties, and allies of Black Haven unless it was specified in their mission. It includes any type of accidental explosions and the like. The contractor would receive a warning and if not heeded, the contract would forcibly terminate(kill) the contractor.

Black Haven would not care what the contractors do in their daily lives unless they cause trouble and get reported by the people. If caught by former authorities, Black Haven will not be sending help.

Contract Holders reserves the right for the interpretation.

In essence, the contractors were like freelance spies, as long as they finish their three mission quota they can do whatever they want as long as it doesn't contradict the contract.

Jun stamped his finger on the parts his sign was needed and transferred a bit of energy to complete the seal. Afterward, he placed the two identical contracts in front of Kylle and Zeke.

"You listened to the whole process, but you can read the contract if you want. If you don't sign it, I will kill you right now. I don't need you to work under me, I just need to keep both of you in check. Typically, I won't need your help but when some unique cases appear, I would rely on you."

"I'm doing this to remind the two of you that lives can be taken as easily as this when there is no law around. Because of said law not being implemented, both of you tried to kill me, is that correct? That's why I'm handling this matter with my own hands."

Kylle and Zeke appeared ghastly while listening to Jun. Everything he said was the truth. After getting used to becoming strong, they normally didn't care what they do unto others.

With Jun's punishment placed in front of them, the two couldn't do anything but to accept their fates. At least they could still live their lives after signing the contracts.

After they sealed the contracts with their energy, two orbs of light flew out from each contract and entered the involved party's head.

Kylle and Zeke felt something inside them being bound by something while Jun received the orb that could send orders to the two.

Jun gathered the contracts and stored them in his dimensional storage. 

After everything was done, he told the two that they could leave, which both of them happily accepted.

At the same time that Kylle and Zeke arrived at the staircase which leads to the shopping mall, a notification appeared in front of them. The two turned their hands at each other and saw each other's shock.


[Description] You have been called to come back to the security room with your two hands behind your head. Do you accept the mission?

[Reject Rights - 1] [Failure Badge - 0]

Since the mission was quite easy, the two accepted the mission and helplessly placed their hands on the back of their hands before walking back.

The two arrived at the door but couldn't open it since they couldn't move their hands due to the warning that appeared when they tried to do so.

Cain opened the door after feeling their presence which saved them the trouble of shouting to let them in.

Jun glanced at the two and said, "Congratulations on completing your first mission. Consider this as a tutorial. Please behave yourselves and don't try to run away. I don't want to think of unique ways to call you back."

"Besides, dying after going through all this would be bad, right? You're basically free as long as you don't do anything bad." Jun turned his swivel chair and pushed towards the security monitors. "You can go now."

Kylle and Zeke gulped at the unlimited possibilities that they put themselves into. They even cursed themselves for acting out of place and trying to kill Jun. Both of them scurried out of the room with frightened expressions on their faces.

Jun watched the people on the monitor. There were couples, friends, and groups readying themselves to scavenge for the night. Everyone knows that the town was basically cleared of all enemies and they could freely loot whatever they wanted. This was the best opportunity for them to stock up on supplies.

When he noticed that Kylle and Zeke have left, he went back to the table and stared at Rene.

Before the old man dirtied himself from the pressure, Jun smiled tenderly and said, "Your now Black Haven's Legal Counselor. We will be using some of the old laws while adding a few things. Your first job is to make a list of laws that would maintain public security and peace. Don't make it complicated and make it so people could easily understand it. You can choose where you want to stay and you will have two personal bodyguards around you all the time."

"Cain, choose two people from your group. I need trustworthy ones, it doesn't matter if they're weak; Black Haven can make them strong."

"Marvin, protect him at all costs and give him what he wants as long as its possible."

"And, Rene, try not to die, okay?"

Marvin and Cain realized what Jun's instructions meant. With a skill that can bound someone unwillingly, as long as you forced them too, they would have no one to worry off. They could maintain peace and restore public trust after some time.

Rene couldn't believe what he was hearing. It was the first time he felt treasured since the start of the apocalypse. Usually, he would be treated as a leecher for taking commissions when his tasks only involved with mediation between two parties. It was also the first time he used his skill like this, his perception of his skill also took a 180-degree turn after the event.

He realized that Jun unearthed his talent which was worth protecting for. With a heartwarming gaze towards Jun, he pledges in his heart to do his best for the young man, then seriously said, "I will."

Unlike their guesses, Jun wanted to protect Rene because he figured out that the bloody contracts he had weren't stolen and just vanished after its mediator died. With the person that served as creator, witness, and mediator, dead, the contract was considered invalid because there was no judge to validate the legality of the contract.

Although he noticed the three people's fervent gazes towards him, he had no intention to clarify the situation. It's better if they misunderstand, and even better if they just thought that he wanted to protect Rene because he was tasked to create the new laws.

Jun stared at the title of the contract.

'Death Sworn'

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》