Trash in the Apocalypse
211 Compatibility
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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211 Compatibility

Anna's group—including Jennie and Junnie—could only walk back since they don't have enough mode of transport. Emman had a bit of knowledge and could drive a motorcycle or a car, but most of the vehicles on the side of the road were already stripped of their parts, mostly having a chassis and its broken windows. The functioning ones? Who knows where they are? Most probably at the newly established car shop in town being renovated and modified into something 'much suited' with current times.

Due to commotion earlier and the loud convoy of jeepneys, trucks, and motorcycle, the carriers from the next barangay came out and hungrily rushed at them. They were just about to follow the highway back home but now they have to deal with this trouble. Although there were Evolved Rank 1's on the horde, the group didn't even flinch at the enemies line up.

It was at this moment the black emblem with a sword finally showed the capability of someone who owns it.

Emman and Erin were 'inexperienced' people a week ago. Besides from the 'had to kill' encounters, they mostly chose to avoid any fight or conflict with the carriers. Now, after a week of training under Elite Scavenger Head Adrian, they grasped the ins and outs of fighting.

When outnumbered, peel the enemy numbers as quick and as fast as possible. 

Emman's every shot landed squarely on the target's head, lodging the crossbow bolt on the head, preventing reanimation. He used to be cowardly and unskilled but it was only due to inexperience and lack of confidence. Now that he had both of them, he easily sent the target's head backward before falling down the ground.

On the other hand, Erin had confidence but does not have the proper experience and equipment. Now that she has both, she stood firmly ahead of the two. She even stopped Jennie from rushing ahead since charging now contradicts the concept of reducing the enemy numbers as much as possible.

Together with Emman, Anna was casually sending arrows in an arc casually while her eyes and hands had a certain green hue on them.

With Enhanced Sight that she learned from Black Haven and one of her own skills, Rapid Fire, activated, she sent arrows flying every second without taking much time to aim.

Emman didn't try to compete with her and fired at his own rate since he knew that she was trained in archery and had her basics down even before the apocalypse started.

The pack of H1's crawling on all fours finally appeared after the regular vanguard layer was peeled off by numerous arrows. The D1's that were also cowering in the back decided to charge after a D1 with brightly lit yellow eyes ordered them to move. Since it was at the brink of ranking up, it only ordered for them to injure those energy sources.

The three D1's charged forward following the trail of the mixed horde of R0 Carriers and H1's.

At this time, Erin dashed forward and was quickly followed by Jennie and Junnie. Though Erin took off first, Junnie quickly caught up and overtook her since he had larger strides than her. To her disappointment, Jennie also passed by and followed after Junnie with agile steps. Junnie wildly charges ahead and the three of them successfully divided the horde as they pierced through the center like a shepherd dog splitting the flock.

There were moments that R0 Carriers or H1's would sneakily lunge at them but would be struck by some bolt or arrow the next second. Erin did not look back or thanked her rescuer since she entrusted her safety to them when she decided to charge forward.

Jennie and Junnie on the other hand did not need any kind of backup or cover fire as they moved on top speed and struck the enemies dead in one shot. Jennie nimbly fought in between enemies causing the enemies to hurt each other while Junnie brutally swatted and would sometimes eat the carrier whole when he received too much damage.

He had the skill which most dogs would probably have at Rank 1, Devour. It has the highest probability to come out since to rank up from a regular dog to R1, they had to absorb energy from any kind of source.

And where could they find it? Of course from the dead bodies lying around. Unless they were extremely lucky, in Takaw's case—extremely picky, they would be able to eat a body that hasn't been infected or contaminated by mutation.

Every time Junnie used Devour to recover some Health, Jennie felt worried on the increasing Corruption rate on Junnie's Pet Tab in the Menu. The tab only had the name, health, level, and corruption rate of the pet, there were no damage and defense indicators nor stat value displayed. 

Emman and Anna watched the battlefield with hawk eyes. Any carrier that tried to ambush Erin would be instantly shot down. Both of them just kept an eye on Jennie and Junnie, since they were too fast and too big and did not require much assistance as they rampaged on the battlefield.

Jennie would attract the Evolved Carriers while Junnie would land the finishing blow. When a D1 tried to tackle Junnie from his blind spot, he was able to dodge thanks to their telepathy being used to send warnings. They also took advantage of that when attacking when Junnie's tail would suddenly coil around Jennie's waist and save her from being cornered.

"Why isn't she in BHESS? Her skills would easily make her pass the promotion exam..." Emman uttered as he watched Jennie dancing amidst the horde.

Anna replied indifferently. "People have their own places they call home, she already has the Police Force as a family. Maybe, I'm not sure. You can try to convince her but I don't see any reason for her to side with us."

As the two chatted casually while they watched the enemy numbers rapidly dwindle down, Anna noticed the leader of the horde charge toward the trio. She took a deep breath and raised the bow while pulling the string as much as its durability could take.

The D1 with illuminated eyes that even left trails as its head swaying from left to right as it ferociously ran forward became target practice for Anna.

With a 'swish', the arrow flew in a straight path, passed above several heads, before lodging itself on the D1's right eye. Not a second later, a small hole was created on the D1's back portion of the head which gushed out blood and brain matters. It couldn't even roar as it fell lifelessly to the ground.

Anna had used her second skill, Bullseye. It does not have auto-aim but simply marks a target area. When she successfully hits the bullseye, a piercing effect together with a damage multiplier would be added to her attack.

The night time at the municipal plaza has become livelier with the help of modified solar street lamps. There were no barrels of drum lit with fire to be seen around and the surrounding street had brightly lit street lamps on 10-meter intervals of the highway.

Anna's group came back feeling weirded out after the mute and her mutated dog started exchanging strange sounds with each other. Both of them appeared happy and with their performance from earlier, the group didn't request for them to shut up. 

Emman was also having a good time on the way back due to his work of dubbing the two's strange conversation.

Jennie heard him even though she was in the back due to her sensitive hearing which made her sad and caused her to become quiet. Even though she was not talking, it does not mean she wasn't thinking. Her thoughts got transmitted to Junnie and he eyed Emman furiously.

When Emman felt a chill coming from behind, he turned around and saw the murderous look the mutated dog was giving him. He was waiting for the chance to ask her to try-out for the Black Haven Scavenger Group but he lost the courage after seeing Junnie's glare.

Thankfully, they were already near the plaza which forced the group to go on their separate ways, saving Emman from the trouble and the pressure.

Each of them bade their farewells and looks forward to working with each other.

"Oh, I'm tired. Shall we find something to eat? I want some... wait, are those lizard kebobs?" Emman scratched his eyes doubtfully before exclaiming in glee as he ran towards the kebob hawker.

Erin sighed and followed helplessly. Anna walked behind her when Takaw suddenly barked loudly. She followed his gaze and saw a hotdog hawker fanning the blazing charcoal under the grill.

"Do you want one?"

"Bark! Bark!"

"Okay, I'll buy you one."

Anna approached the hawker and did not see the disappointment in Takaw's face. The majestic bullmastiff could only try another time.

While everyone was busy on their night and social life, Evo walked at the empty corridor of the back office and entered one of the rooms. He closed the door and chairs being slid back as people hurriedly stood up sounded from the room.

A simple crafted sign hangs on the door.

[Research and Development/Planning Room]

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》