Trash in the Apocalypse
217 Alliances
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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217 Alliances

The sharpened pole was skillfully removed from the soldier's thigh with the help of the team's medic. Then, he placed his hand on top of the wounded thigh as he activated his skill, Emergency Medical Care. The wound showed signs of vitality as the ruptured skin and flesh miraculously regenerated but at a slow pace. With the application of the skill, the pained expression of the soldier eased up.

Although the pain was reduced, the bleeding did not stop. The medic cleaned the surrounding area of the wound cautiously since the truck was shaking randomly. Afterward, he took a bandage from his dimensional storage and planned to wrap the wound, but Jun stopped him.

"Use this. It can help with the bleeding. I haven't tried using it since I never got injured, but they told me that you can directly apply it on top of the wound. But they, don't take my word for it. You can try to apply it on the swollen areas first."

"Oh, you're not grumpy anymore?" the medic replied jokingly.

Jun smiled wryly. "There's nothing we can do, so it's better to move on." He then handed another bottle that can help with health regeneration.

"Thank you."

The wounded soldier sent a nod of appreciation to Jun before closing his eyes as he leaned back to get some rest.

One of the soldiers watching them saw the dead body on the floor twitch. He stared at the dead body to make sure that he wasn't hallucinating when the dead body suddenly started heaving.

The soldier readied his assault rifle when a Warhammer suddenly struck the body's shoulder. The ax-side of the Warhammer lodged itself all the way inside and the breaking of bones could be heard.

The 'dead' body suddenly screamed in pain as he squirmed around on the floor. The more he moved around trying to escape the more damage he received from the open wound.

If the soldier was hesitating whether he was seeing things, Jun wasn't. He could clearly see the nametag above the body and dead people doesn't have them.

Wait a minute... If dead people don't have them, why did I see names in the middle of that horde!? Are they being eaten at the time? That's impossible! If it was that, then the horde wouldn't be calm!

Jun decided to force answers out from the 'dead' man, so he could understand what was happening. He looked down and saw that the man has stopped moving. He was dead once again.

The man revived with a quarter of his full health and Jun's damage alone almost instantly killed him. His struggle and loss of blood further hastened his death.

'This is good. Let's see how long it takes for you to recover.'

Jun took the Warhammer back since he did not want the man to accidentally die once again.

"Since we don't know the area well, I suggest we go south for a bit then go east. The horde was blocking the highway up north and there are strange people chasing us from the west. We could detour or find a new vehicle later on. As long as we go north, we'll probably reach the destination, right?"

Carl watched Jun from the rearview mirror and responded hesitatingly.

"Let's hope that works... for our sake."

Carl was thinking of how to get out of the situation because they only have limited ammunition with them. He did not think that the enemy's number was this great and only had the right amount of ammo a swift operation would take. They used quite a lot to get out of the nasty situation earlier. Now, they have to save and make sure that every shot counts.

Sometime later, the tattooed man woke up once again. Jun asked nicely for the information he wanted, like how can he revive and why is he attacking them for no reason.

Unexpectedly, even with the meticulous care that Jun was giving the man, he remained tight-lipped. Jun noticed that the man doesn't care for his life. It seemed like the man doesn't care if he dies or he just had a strong belief that he would never die. If that was the case, Jun had to tell him a bedtime story.

After hearing Jun's bedtime story, the man's ashen face further darkened in color. The confidence and bravery he once wore slowly disappeared and replaced by fear.

Instead of cooperating since his life was now in danger, the man shrieked loudly in high pitch before biting his tongue. Blood appeared from the corners of his mouth.

This time, Jun has no clue as to what will happen and decided to lodge a bone dagger on the man's head to keep him from resurrecting.

The truck hurriedly drove out of the area, so they won't encounter anything that might have heard the loud scream.

Matias who was walking with his pack of red-eyed carriers turned his head to the direction of the shrill scream. There were ten of the same carriers acting like bodyguards as they surround him.

One of his subordinates from the fight earlier spoke from a distance. He got brought up into the air by his own pack of red-eyed carriers.

"What was that? Is someone in trouble? That's the first time I heard someone use that stupid distress call."

Matias waved his hand on his carriers and they disappeared from where they were standing together with a static of lightning.

"Try to call the other members, make sure that you stay together in a group."

"But what about you? You're the alliance leader! If you die and they learned of it, the others would look down on us. Many of those people were waiting for a chance like this..."

"Don't worry, I won't do anything stupid. I'm just going to investigate. We just got unlucky earlier. That kind of thing doesn't happen every day. Go!"

Though reluctant, the subordinate could only follow his leader's order. He ran back to the place they came from and took a mobile phone from his dimensional storage.

Matias did not waste any time and quickly ran towards the last position he heard the noise. When he arrived, there were already a few familiar faces investigating the area.

"Lookie here~ if it isn't the righteous man himself, Matias 'the caretaker.' Where's your group? Don't tell me you're here by yourself?"

Matias stared at the man with a huge belly who was provoking him at the first chance he could get. With his alliance members by his side, the man felt courageous to act arrogantly.

The man's name was Sam Lomaad, an alliance leader that has twelve members. This alliance wasn't like factions that was connected by the system. It was a system created by these people to make sure they have someone on their backs in case they got in trouble. Typically a mob group, but they call it alliance for self-justification.

The two had some beef for a long time due to a fight over recruitment. Sam Lomaad was forcing people to join his faction. These innocent people were pure and untainted by how the dark side of things works who chose to live it the harsh way of only having one life. They were forced to join him when threatened that their loved ones would be killed and further abused once they joined the circle.

People have their individualistic interest. Most of them who chose to follow the Queen had the same power levels with their pre-generated skills as the difference.

"I guess I don't need backup if it's just you."

"Stop it, you guys... It's been weeks since that happened. Grow up."

A sophisticated-looking woman stopped the two from causing a situation to occur. Even with the strange pattern on her body, her beauty was not affected and instead got heightened. She wore a seductive tight-fitting red dress that could invite even the sleeping demons from hell.

With her intervention, the two backed off and only gave derisive remarks on each other. It wasn't because the woman was strong, to be honest, she was quite weak in regards to stats and troop-wise. The frightening factor to her was the number of suitors and followers she had. Their numbers alone could stomp a small-sized alliance and cause sufficient trouble to a medium-sized alliance that had twenty to fifty members.

Sam chose this time to suck up and bowed slightly. "Good evening Miss Kay. It's always good to see someone as gorgeous as you in this dying times. Well, we don't die but you know what I meant."

"I'm not so sure if that's true anymore," Kay responded then smiled knowingly at Matias. "Right, mister?"

Matias remained silent and stared back at her trying to dig how much she knows. When she noticed that Matias wasn't going to answer, she pouted and said: "The walls have eyes while every dark corner has ears. You're quite famous Mister Matias. People will follow you're every movement to spy on you, you know that right?"

Matias gave up. It seems like she knew everything. He cursed his bad luck for meeting a cold-blooded man who shots someone first before talking to them.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》