Trash in the Apocalypse
218 Half-dead
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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218 Half-dead

The investigation led to nothing after dozens of people searched the place. It was already unusual for someone like them to call for help since they usually move in groups. With everyone's carrier pack on their beck and call, the event became odd.

In the end, the event was wrapped up as someone being excited with their newfound strength and was trying out every step on the instruction manual. The small groups of people who came to investigate went back to what they were doing after accepting that conclusion.

Before Matias could leave, Kay stopped him on his tracks. With a seductive smile plastered on her face, she caressed his chest and leaned forward. She whispered, "Follow me. You need to make sure that my mouth remains closed, right? Don't worry, we'll just have a little talk."

Left with no choice, Matias accepted and the two entered a nearby house. What happened inside was up to everyone's imagination.

Bryan who was Matias' right-hand man arrived with back up. There has been an increase in encounter rate with the government forces these past few days. That's why the reaction to that distress scream was quite extravagant.

Why the scream? Who would scream so loud just to call for help? It was only people like them who can revive who would risk their lives in that scenario. Evolved carriers were still rampant on the streets and with the additional threat from the government troops who does not appreciate the way they live, they have to stick together and fight for their rights.

Ten minutes later, the two came out of the house. Matias appeared wary of Kay, while she smiled joyfully as she walked away from them.

When asked what happened inside, Matias just advised everyone to stay away from that crazy woman.

A man in his mid-twenties carried an unconscious bloodied woman as he ran towards a certain manor. There were patrols that blocked him to prevent him from going closer, but the gentle voice that came from the house forced them to make way.

The survivors here have the same experience just like other survivors in other places. It was difficult and frightful to live every day.

Everyone was afraid of death.

After seeing the strange appearances of those who converted into something new, the slow people decided to keep watching by the side.

Every now and then this scenario would occur. Stubborn people who did not want to be converted would come running when they get in trouble. It happens every day and it angers the believers who take pride in faithfully giving their life to their Queen.

A mid-thirties man with short hair opened the door. He is the one who calls himself the Whisperer, the one who raised everyone's hope by introducing the Queen, a woman veiled in greatness and extraordinary power—the power to grant immortality to anyone who seeks it. Not much was known to her and the only one who knew her was the Whisperer.

The week prior, the survivors took the helping hand that reached out to them and accepted to be converted. Those people then revered the Queen for allowing such a miracle to occur.

People worshipped and volunteered to serve her. It even came to a point that people who accept the blessing but don't give in return (food, shards) were beaten up by these crazy believers. Seeing their valiant attitude towards serving the Queen, the Whisperer reluctantly accepted their services and became personal guards of the Queen.

The manor was guarded by dozens of guards from all sides. The main enemies they have were the spies that the government sends and the few Evolved Carriers that sometimes wander in the area.

The Whisperer wore a white robe looted from a church. He welcomed the troubled man and asked: "What do you seek?"

"Please help her."

 "What can you give?"

"I... everything."

The man lowered his head as he cried.

"Then are you willing to be converted too?"


The Whisperer gave way and allowed the man to enter the living room. He then waved to the man who was eating snacks by the couch.

The man wore a leather jacket and leather jeans. He was leaning back on the leather couch while twiddling his feet on the table, wearing leather shoes.

The Whisperer already used to his getup told him: "Carry the woman upstairs. I'll go ahead and speak to the Queen."

The man who carries his girlfriend became confused and hastily asked, "I don't need to go anymore?"

The Whisperer ignored his question and continued walking upstairs. The leathery man stood up seemingly pissed with his question.

The leathery man put down his bowl of snacks and stood up. He towered up like a giant and make the young man look up to him. He then walked forward and stared down at the already frightened young man before taking the bloodied woman in his arms. There were no remarkable injuries but there were numerous bite marks all over her arms.

"Find yourself a seat. I'll be down in a minute."

The leathery man made his way upstairs and stopped at a certain room. He did not knock and merely allowed his presence to be known.

"I'm here."

"You may enter." the Whisperer's gentle voice resounded inside the room.

The leathery man looked down when he entered the room.

"The woman received multiple bites from carriers, leading to numerous debuffs further weakening her body. She has a weak pulse and probably has a few minutes left within her. To arrive here still breathing despite all the threats out there. This one's a fighter."

The Whisperer clicked his tongue and the leathery man took this as the sign to 'leave the room'. He lowered his head and placed the injured woman on the floor. He bowed down as he retreated without glancing around the room. As he closed the door, he managed to take a glimpse of a veiled woman in a nightgown sitting in the middle of the room.

The process of converting was quite simple.

The person would be blindfolded to prevent seeing the Queen and would be bitten on the shoulder by something before receiving the converted notification and 'Half-dead' status. The person who experienced the ritual would then have ashen skin. Black tattoos would spread out from the bitten area and enveloped the whole body with strange patterns.

After getting the 'Half-dead' status, everyone will gain an extra skill that allows them to bound a creature to their soul. To do that, they have to incapacitate the target first before actually activating the skill.

This allowed everyone to have their own pack of creatures who obeys every order and are not afraid of death. And even if the creatures die, the survivor could just find another one.

The creatures that they could bound depended on the skill level and personal stats of the individual. The most common tactic right now was to have ten R0 Carriers since they recover with energy by bathing under the sun, unlike other creatures who can't.

The leathery man blindfolded the young man and brought him upstairs. He called and was instructed to wait. A few minutes later, the previously wounded woman walked out of the room on her own while blindfolded.

They brushed past each other and the woman apologized. When the young man heard the familiar voice of his girlfriend, he became reassured. He strode forward with gallant steps entrusting himself to the deity inside.

He was made to kneel and so he did.

Someone held his head, then he felt something soft brush upon his neck. The scent of a fragrant woman made its way to his nose followed by searing pain as his shoulder bled a little from getting bitten.

Ominous chilly energy entered inside his head but he endured the urge to shove it away. He believed and trusted that everything would be fine.

After one minute, the chilly energy circulated fully in his body and successfully converted him.

[You received the 'Half-dead' status! Your body can now regenerate wounds as long as you have enough energy. Consuming food will now instantly increase energy.]

[Soul-bound skill learned. The Faith Weaver has passed down a skill to you...]

The military truck took many detours trying to find the right way. There was actually no right way but they were only choosing the route that has fewer enemies.

After encountering different monsters along the way, they decided to remain on guard no matter whether there were enemies on sight or not. Jun gagged the tattooed man and tried to convince him to cooperate. If he doesn't? He would be handed over to the government.

For the first time, the tattooed man wanted to die.

The night was getting deeper and it was getting harder to travel the streets with only a flashlight. They chose to hole up for the night inside a secure looking house when they saw a three-foot-tall hamster getting chased by a one-meter large snake on the next street.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》