Trash in the Apocalypse
226 The Queen
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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226 The Queen

The woman who had glowing white eyes answered. "It's not cheating, besides, there are no rules here, and the only thing I told you was to wait here." Her voice was still feminine but despite of her calm demeanor, her words appeared as if sharp swords that want to kill someone.

"If you say so." the Whisperer raised his hands up without care. "So, you do have someone you hate over there? What did the unlucky person do?"

"He talks too much."

"Oh. How about me? I'm not talkative right?"

"Don't worry, you're good. You obey, and he doesn't."

The Whisperer gulped and cleared his throat, then stared at the truck on the other end of the street.

All of a sudden, a panicked voice came from behind. It was Butch who looked paler than he usually is.

"We need help," he said while trying to catch his breath. "The army's butchering us."

The Halfdead community finally woke up after hearing the numerous gunshots in the area. They took peeks from the windows of their rooms and spied around the corners. Upon realizing that they were being attacked by the military, several courageous ones tried to fight back. These people sent their summons out to ambush the marching army, only to get slaughtered by a hail storm of bullets after getting noticed.

The army formed a more efficient formation as they stood in groups and stayed away from the sides. They traveled forward in the middle of the road so they could react immediately from threats that tried to ambush them. Soldiers would open fire on a pack of carriers that charges over. It doesn't matter if it was a headshot or not since they would lose all their health after getting shot from several angles. A detachment would then sweep the area the carriers came from and the soldiers would find an unconscious man on the floor.

The Halfdeads who witnessed the scene and managed to survive unhesitatingly used their Teleport Runes to report the event to the Whisperer and the Queen.

As the army continued onward, they noticed a small black patch of cloud in the distance. Moments later, the flapping of wings echoed in the area. The black patch in the sky wasn't a cloud! They're actually bats!

"Bang!" The truck crashed on the D2's leg and everyone flew forward.

"Drive back! Drive back!" Jun shouted but the vehicle remained unmoving. When he turned to the side, he saw Suico dazedly clutch his head. A trickle of blood was flowing from his forehead. "Fvck! Everyone, get out!"

Upon realizing their situation, the three people at the back quickly jumped off the truck. Saul and Morgan fired at the D2 running towards them from behind. Saul skillfully controlled the assault rifle he had since he was an automatic rifle expert. He knew how to control the recoil and how many burst fire his shoulders could take. Morgan on the other hand was the medic. Although trained in marksmanship, his expertise lies in somewhere else. Luckily, he only had to aim at the bulky chest of the monster. Christian mainly uses sniper rifles and had to whip out his pistol to try and distract the D2 in front of the truck.

The front D2 slid its hands under the hood, probably wanting to overturn the truck.

"Shoot the heads, through the eyes!" Jun shouted from inside. As he destroyed the driver's seatbelt and hurriedly grabbed Suico, the truck suddenly shook even raising a bit.

There were moments that the soldier's training compromises their instincts. They knew that they have to shoot the head, but years of experience always make them shoot for the body where most shots could land.

Upon hearing Jun's reminder, the three immediately raised their aims. Christian who hasn't fired a shot had a quick reflex and instantly locked on the D2's eyes. He pulled the trigger and a bullet rushed out of the barrel. It flew towards the D2's eyes and pierced its soft eyeballs. Then, it entered the brain and stayed inside since it couldn't pierce the skull, creating a mushed delicacy. The D2 fell forward, crushing the hood of the truck since its hand was still under.

Saul and Morgan managed to land a lucky shot after spending a full magazine trying to shot the moving titan. Although the D2 died, it continued its momentum and tumbled forward. Jun barely pulled Suico out of the truck before the D2 crashed on it. He clutched Suico's head and rolled on the ground.

Morgan saw them and ran towards them.

After he calmed down, Jun became confused. How did these monsters die so quickly? The heck?! Were these fake ones? Why did the ones I fought too strong, and these ones are garbage!?

Jun looked around in frustration, then he noticed Christian looking somewhere. After squinting his eyes, he saw a familiar figure on the balcony of a house.

Christian raised his pistol and aimed at the suspicious woman. The teleport runes expanded out of her body and started circling her. Before he could take the shot, an arm blocked his vision. He turned to the side and saw Jun with a gaping mouth.

"Do you know her?" Christian asked in confusion. When Jun, didn't answer him, he turned back and shoved the hand to the side. The woman was still on the process of teleporting and so, he took aim once more.

And once again, an arm blocked him.

"What's your problem?! Can't you see it? That woman attacked us! Only top individuals had high ranking monsters! It's impossible that these titans just happened to be here, right? Move your hand! They're our targets! If you block me one more time, I'll shoot them down through your hands!"

"I... I think that's my mom."

Morgan who was tending to Suico on the ground and Saul who was looting the D2's quickly turned their heads. Christian slowly faced him and had an expression that couldn't believe what he just heard.

"If that's your mother, then why did she attack us?"

"I don't know...but maybe she recognized me that's why she stopped the Destroyers from causing harm to us?"

"Listen to yourself! Do you even believe what you're saying?"

Christian moved his hand away but there was no one in the balcony anymore. He sighed and shook his head before glaring at Jun. He usually acts nonchalant and even appreciates Jun, but in the end, they were here for a mission. There was a high chance that the woman earlier was their target but she got away.

He walked away to secure the area and ignored Jun.

A woman appeared at the surrounding of the Teleport Portal. Usually, no one would bother about people who use the portal but this time, the woman immediately got surrounded by her bodyguards. Her bodyguards never saw her real face but her long white dress has been her trademark all along.

For the people, the Queen had a unique charm that mesmerizes them.

She strode towards the familiar man robed in white.

"Did Yetu took over again? Why are there no warnings this time?" she said after regaining full control of her body. She then heard the repeated firings on the distance and became concerned. "Are they attacking us again?"

"Yeah, they never stop. Thankfully, most of our people are immortals." the Whisperer said, then he noticed that she was acting strange. "Is there a problem?"

The Queen bit her lip and uttered, "I think I saw my son earlier. I'm not really sure because it's always hazy when Yetu takes over, but I felt something..."

"Then, it isn't true," he said, then further lowered his voice into a whisper. "Your son lives two towns away together with his father. With the number of threats they had to face do you think they'll come here? Do you even think they're still alive? Look here, I already promised that when we get enough people with proper strengths, we would visit your town to search for them. As long as we can find your family, we can convert them and they'll become immortals too."


The fight in the road ahead continued endlessly. There were at least five hundred Halfdeads helping to defend their community. People would fall unconscious and someone would pull them out to the side. There were bodies lying on the grass and the only thing missing was bodybags.

Halfdeads continued to arrive via the teleport portal and helping to support the defense. Most of them were already riled up when they arrived, which made them ran to the frontlines with their summon.

As the Whisperer chatted a bit more, the Queen's eyes suddenly glowed causing the believers to further strengthen their faith to her.

Jun's group arrived at the other end of the long road. The plan to infiltrate from behind succeeded but it can't be said to be smoothly executed.

Everyone got off the truck and started to walk. They don't need to take the usual heavy load since everything a soldier needs were already in their dimensional storages. 

They sneaked up two blocks away from the municipal building and positioned themselves on a nearby two-storied house. It was the perfect place to set up an assassination. Just as they reached the second floor, they couldn't help but watched a strange thing. A woman's eyes glowed in white and the Teleport Portal, which is the statue behind her, suddenly cracked.

The believers nearby thought that she was angry but the real reason why the statue started cracking up was due to its dwindling durability. When another person arrived via the portal, the statue tried to keep the endless energy inside it but failed. The statue caused a blinding light for a second before returning to its tranquility. The cracked statue shattered and slowly fell piece by piece.

Afterward, the Queen stared at a certain direction. Her believers followed her gaze and they found Jun's group snooping around.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》