Trash in the Apocalypse
227 Simple-minded Halfdead“s
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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227 Simple-minded Halfdead“s

"They saw us!" Christian shouted after noticing the Halfdeads movements. "We're in trouble! Let's get out of here or we'll get cornered."

For a sniper, an exposed hiding place was as good as staying in the open. It would only take some time before the enemies find and kill you.

Jun watched the rushing Halfdeads from the window then declined firmly. "No. I think we should stay here."

"Have you gone crazy? This house is too small! They would fill this up in seconds!" Christian gritted his teeth then added. "I can accept that you mistook someone as your mother and prevented us from finishing the mission early, but I can't believe that you're putting other people's lives in danger!"

"I have a plan and its a guaranteed one. Just listen to me, there's only one staircase that leads up here and the windows on the second floor are four to five meters high. They would have a hard time climbing up from there."

"Does that matter when we're trapped?" Christian rebutted then turned around having enough of Jun. He walked away and the squad members couldn't do anything but follow him dejectedly. Suico who woke up earlier could only send a well-wishes gaze towards Jun. Saul, who received help from Jun when he got spear-pierced in the leg nodded and bade farewell. Morgan smiled wryly and followed Christian. All in all, these three people received Jun's kindness and they have a good view of him.

The military had a strict implementation of hierarchy. Christian was Carl's right-hand man and a few ranks below him, making him the second in command of their platoon and their squad. Although he had some attitude, everyone knows him as a reasonable and patient kind of guy, and if it weren't for that cautiousness of him, he could have risen up the ranks a long time ago.

When they jogged towards the staircase, the sound of glass shattering echoed from the first floor. Shrieks and screams resounded in the building together with running footsteps.

Christian who was in the lead, quickly whipped out his pistol. He shot every carrier that looked at him and the magazine ejected out in less than two seconds. Another magazine was loaded in and he continued burst firing the heads that appeared in front of him. His squad members started to fire and the carriers were dying.

The carriers fell on the ground and would become a stumbling block for those running from behind. They would fall forward and gives the team an easy chance to shoot them in the head.

Unfortunately, a problem cropped even before they could get off the staircase!

There were too many carriers and there was nowhere to go to!

Christian tried to look for the weak point but he couldn't find any! The house was getting filled by carriers! Usually, the house could have ten tenants but that wasn't the case now. The carriers were even pushing each other that the ones tripped on the floor were getting more crushed.

When Christian concluded that they couldn't force a path, he immediately ordered a retreat. The team fired shots as they went back up the staircase.

As the horde of carriers managed to arrive at the base of the floor, something passed by his left side and hit the forehead of the leading carrier. A hole appeared on the forehead and after a dim glow, the carrier's head exploded. Strange juice and flesh scattered all over the place. A large boulder appeared out of nowhere and blocked the staircase.

Christian looked back and saw everyone staring at Jun.

Jun said. "Come up, we need to block the staircase."

Christian barely resisted the urge to ask Jun what just happened. It was the first time he saw something like that and Carl never mentioned anything like these.

After getting out of the staircase and arriving on the second floor, the squad hurriedly threw sofas and other furniture they found down the stairs.

As usual, the minute-stone returned to its original form after the one-minute mark. To their surprise, the carriers only clawed and screamed at them. Carriers were supposed to destroy anything on their way to reach their target. That is the general understanding everyone has.

But Jun found something weird earlier, even as far as yesterday. As basics, red-eyed carriers were different from the yellow-eyed one. He theorized that yellow-eyed carriers were 'energy' carriers while 'red-eyed carriers' were tamed carriers.

He almost got it correct and the idea was the only thing wrong, its the meaning of the eyes color. The yellow-eyed carriers use energy to live, while the red-eyed ones use soul.

"Do you want to hear my plan now?" Jun sarcastically asked. He knew that he could rub it in harder but didn't do it since he wasn't a petty man. He continued, "Being trapped like these might actually work for us."

"What do you mean?" Morgan asked. Christian knew that he shouldn't be talking right now and kept quiet.

"Do you remember the horde we saw last night? On the national highway? After we escaped those Halfdeads from the meetup point?"

"Oh, that large horde? Of course, they completely blocked the whole highway and nothing could pass through them." Morgan affirmed, then asked. "What about them?" 

"They're also controlled by Halfdeads. Remember when they took some time to react when we arrived there?"

"What are you hinting at? Come on, get straight to the point! We don't have enough time to waste here!" Christian burst out and joined the conversation.

"Okay, sheesh. You need to calm down, man. The whole neighborhood might hear you."


Jun smiled and slightly bowed his head. "I'm sorry, I was just messing with you. After you get back here, you kept quiet so I thought you need some motivation."

It was the last straw and Christian was about to explode when Jun suddenly said something strange. 

Jun said. "I'm proving my theory to all of you, right now, so you could help me with my plan."

"Can't you just tell us the plan, please?" Christian said with a pleading tone to Jun.

"Okay, so I realized that most of the Halfdeads are idiots. That might be a harsh word, so let's change it to noobs? They barely have little to no knowledge in controlling their creatures."

"Look down the stairs, we've been talking here for so long but not one of them chose to destroy the furnitures we used to barricade the staircase. If they were 'wild' carriers, they would have forced their way in through the gaps even if they scraped themselves. Heck, they should be destroying those things that blocked their way! So, in short, even though there are hundreds of them, we only had a small number of enemies. We should be targeting their owners."

Everyone's eyes regained hope and they stole a few glance downstairs. It was true that the carriers aren't destroying the furnitures and only kept clawing at them.

If everything went according to Jun's plan, they should be safe here and they could disrupt the backline while the army mowed everything on their way.

Morgan stood guard at the staircase in case the carriers suddenly decided to destroy the barricade. With Jun's explanation of the Halfdeads being unskilled with controlling their creatures, it was decided that the owners only gave the command to kill the people at the house. Since they didn't enter the house themselves, they wouldn't know that the staircase was barricaded and the carriers could only claw at Morgan from afar.

Christian was a true sniper at heart. He already killed dozens of idling Halfdeads on the municipal plaza. No one knows what effect killing the Halfdead would do to their summons but having fewer people to worry about would good. Every time his position was found, he would immediately leave and search for a new one.

The ones Christian targets were the Halfdeads that Saul couldn't reach. Saul was an automatic rifleman. Although he had a great aim, he still had limited effective range and couldn't kill past that.

On the other hand, Jun was acting like a dastardly cheater. He had the worst aim among the group and he knew that. He chose to become the scrap man and kills all the sneaky ones who try to get close to the house by using Aura (IDSearch). He already had a name for the combined skill even before he actually learned it.

He was like a wallhacking camper, the worst of the worst.

As their group successfully annoyed the backline, the Whisperer finally decided to make a move and summoned a three-meter tall mutated dog. It was impossible to distinguish its breed but it's remaining hairs looked soft to the touch and it had perky ears.

The Whisperer weighed where he should send his Rank 3 German Shepherd. To the place where there are annoying ants or to the place where it could maximize its true potential.

The Whisperer smiled and ignored the house two blocks away. He looked at the distant marching army, slowly pushing onward even though facing the relentless assault from the horde of carriers. With a single, "Go!" the three-meter dog was unleashed to wreak havoc.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》