Trash in the Apocalypse
228 Yetu, Help!
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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228 Yetu, Help!

When Jun noticed the situation, he immediately swapped to his Barrett sniper rifle. He used Time Perse to slow his time and put his eyes on the scope. 

A dog that large would decimate the whole army! The corresponding turn of events would not be good to watch.

Unlike the Halfdeads, every soldier that dies during the operation would die for real. It's not like the Whisperer would revive them from the dead, right?

It only took a few strides for the Mutated German Shepherd to close the gap between the army. When it reached the backline of the Halfdeads, it stored power on its limbs and pounced forward.

The scene of a rabid animal lunging at mid-air—filled with dripping saliva and showing its sharp fangs—completely demoralized the army. 

Then a strange thing occurred. 

The three-meter tall mutated dog vanished in thin air with sparks of lightning replacing its original place.

To the soldiers marching and the Halfdeads battling them, it looked unusual when the mutated dog disappeared, even for the people watching from the municipal plaza, the event was a strange thing. But unlike the Halfdeads fighting at the front line, the Halfdeads on the plaza knew something they don't.

The Queen's personal bodyguards found it strange when the Queen suddenly turned and jumped towards the Whisperer. Everyone thought that she wanted some love and attention so they looked away. These two single-handedly created them as immortals and whatever relationship they had—as subordinates, they shouldn't intervene.

But in the next second, a loud roaring sound reverberated in the area.

The Whisperer got shot in the chest together with the Queen when they were looking for cover.

It was also at this moment, the mutated dog got unsummoned because it only took one shot to kill the Whisperer.

Jun had an anti-material sniper rifle—the Barrett M82, a recoil-operated, semi-automatic anti-material precision rifle. It's used to shoot through light armored vehicles and a person's body was like jelly to it.

Jun was absolutely sure that he killed two priority targets—one can summon a Rank 3 mutated dog while the other can summon two Rank 2 Destroyer. He supposed to be happy after killing two mission targets at once, but he couldn't smile.

Through the scope that got magnified numerous times, he could see both bodies tilt to the side. The man clearly in pain spurted blood from his mouth as he fell back. The woman tilted more and Jun managed to clearly saw her face. The glow in her eyes disappeared and he became sure of one thing. 

The woman was really his mother.

"Mom!" Jun yelled in anguish, feeling pained.

From the scopes, he saw how the chest became bloodied in a single second after getting shot. As the thought of her dying entered his mind, he immediately became worried.

Then a realization struck him, his mother was already a Halfdead. Just like the man he interrogated from the truck and the ones he encountered since yesterday.

But Jun did what he thought best and opened the window fully. Saul who was nearby and paid attention to him immediately realized his intent but failed to react quickly.

Jun jumped off from the second floor and rolled on the ground. A black whirlpool appeared on the ground and Jun took inserted his hand to it. He used his standing momentum to pull the War Hammer from within and performed a full spin, clearing his immediate surrounding.

Saul who couldn't stop him from jumping down immediately provided cover fire. He mainly shot the carriers from the side while spraying some shots on those blocking Jun's way. Suico also stopped trying to snipe the Halfdeads from afar and supported Jun's advance. Christian on the other hand, on;y swept a glance towards Jun and continued sniping Halfdeads in the municipal plaza.

Christian's actions were more useful as tens of carriers would get unsummoned every time their owners get killed. Though it was the truth, Jun still felt that Saul and Suico are more useful than him.

Halfway through his run, Jun cleaved three carriers apart then got tackled to the ground. A man in full leather attire remained on top of him and started punching his face.

When Butch saw the Whisperer's mutated dog disappear in mid-air, he instantly knew that something went wrong. It was the first time that the mutated dog vanished without even fighting when sent out to a fight. By the time he looked back, the personal guards were already carrying the Queen and the Whisperer towards the municipal building.

The place was already fortified and barricades were all over the place.

The Club House can't shelter everyone and only the topmost believers have the privilege to own a room there. Most of the reserve top believers could only guard the municipal teleport portal and hope that they could rise in ranks in the future.

As he got nearer, Butch saw Jun cleaving his way through the carriers. Together with the covering fire coming from the distant house, he instantly knew that the man isn't here for some hugs. So, he charged at the man from the side and tackled him to the ground.

After a few punches, Butch strangled Jun and took a kitchen knife from his dimensional storage.

Jun saw the knife on Butch's right hand, which prompted him to grab the man's wrist. Butch realized that he was getting overpowered, so he used his other hand to push the knife down towards Jun's chest.

Jun then used Empower and punched Butch's side, causing a few cracks to be heard.

Butch rolled to the side while clutching his ribs. When he saw Jun standing up and staring at him, he rolled away a few times then jumped up. He wondered why Jun didn't follow up an attack then he noticed that the man wasn't at him.

He turned back and saw the Whisperer and the Queen walking side by side as they went down the wide stairs of the municipal building.

The Queen was soothing the anxious believers that stuck beside her. She was totally fine after recovering enough energy. The believers who failed to do their task of protecting her turned their gaze at the unknown man standing in the middle of the municipal plaza.

All personal guards ran forward then summoned their creatures. Seventeen D1's appeared and towered two-meters tall, immediately blocking Jun's vision of her mother.

Even then, Jun didn't move and only watched the D1's ran down the stairs. After the D1's reached flat ground, he could finally see his mother once again. The woman he had been longing to see a long time ago.

No words came out of his mouth. He couldn't think of anything to say except to apologize for what he had done.

Like a knowing mother who understood clearly what her son was thinking, she smiled. Then shouted in a commanding voice, "Everyone stop."

When her believers heard her unusual dignified voice, all of them stopped and turned towards her.

"He's my son."

The Whisperer quickly turned his head and could only stare in shock towards the Queen. Wasn't your son a good child, someone who doesn't know how to hurt someone and only knows to protect his little sister? What is this? Are you joking right now?

The Whisperer became troubled and the situation became a stalemate. Though this is the first time he saw the man, he couldn't help but feel a deathly aura coming from him. The glares he received from earlier and the warm gaze now were polar opposites.

Maybe, we could recruit him? That would be good since we don't have many people who wants to fight in close combat.

The Whisperer coughed to attract everyone's attention.

"If you're really the "Queen's" son, you must know her name, right? Only the two of us know her name—"

"Rosa, derived from red rose for its meaning—passion and true love. Born in the summer of 1976 at my grandmother's home in Binangonan."

Jun emotionally stated while staring at her mother's tearful eyes.

She smiled like a blooming flower and her radiance showered upon her believers, making them feel touched to their Queen's reunion with her son. It has been a long time when the rumor that the Queen wanted to go to Binangonan to search for her family has spread wide on the Halfdead community.

It was the reason why most of the Halfdead strengthens themselves every day—to payback for the immortality given to them. 

"I've secured the whole town and I reunited with little sis and grandma. You should come back with me, I could bring us back safely!"

'This is bad!' the Whisperer thought. 'Yetu! I need your help! Yetu!!'

"How's your dad? I heard from your sister that she got caught in an office accident?"

'Why are you calling me!? I have too many things to attend to!' Yetu's voice sounded inside the Whisperer's head. This is the first time that he felt happy after his numerous interactions with the grumpy voice.

Before he could even provide an explanation, Rosa's eyes started to glow.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》