Trash in the Apocalypse
233 Profession Change
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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233 Profession Change

Night has already come and the street corners and back alleys have turned dark. The solar street lamps was a regional project by the Governor of Rizal. You could see this solar street lamps all around the region.

A few street lamps were damaged which caused some gaps in the illumination in the area. Trucks filled with soldiers were coming back after a hard day's work.

Although the carriers would act passive at night, Corwin prefers a safer approach towards sweeping the surrounding towns. Cleaning the towns faster would be a great achievement but he also needs to have soldiers with him to celebrate it. It would be bad on his record if there was more casualty than the other generals deployed around the country, especially when he was the one known for his tactics and strategy. 

Jun arrived with a bicycle—one he received from Evo—and used the gachaball to store it. Everyone nearby was astounded to see the miraculous action. He strode around the outpost's hallways casually as if he owned the place.

The soldiers didn't mind him since they were already used to seeing him around the area. After seven days of community service, Jun gained the nickname 'the cloaked crazy guy who gets angry when you kill steal from him but doesn't like it when his kill gets stolen.'

Several stairwells later, Jun arrived at the top floor then made his way to the office. He didn't even bother to knock and just entered without notice.

The secretary was slightly surprised but relaxed after seeing that it was Jun.

"He's waiting for you. Do you need anything? Drinks?"

"No, it's okay."

Jun walked towards the end and entered Corwin's office.

Corwin was busy reading the reports on his table and a smile could be seen on his face.

"You seem happy?" Jun asked.

Corwin raised his head and finally noticed that Jun was inside.

"Oh, hey. Of course, I'll be happy! Is there a reason not to? Hahaha! I'm in the top three Brigadier General who successfully established an outpost! Everyone has the same number of troops, but I have fewer resources to work around with! Ha! Do you know what this could mean? Promotions! If I keep getting good results, the higher-ups would finally notice me again and would trust me more! Now, I just need something that will make them love me. Oh, by the way, how's your day?"

"I'm here to collect my 'citizenship.' I've finished cleaning the last area you told me to. Except for the few elusive ones, the rest of the Evolved Carriers were already killed." said Jun.

"It's the last day already?" Corwin uttered in surprise. "Time sure flies by when good thing happen. Don't you want to stay? There are other places you could go to. I can even allow you to go deeper into Pasig but you'll have to be careful not to attract a large horde to us. Titans there are strangely overpowered. Even the weak small ones were much powerful than the regular ones here."

"No, I just want the citizenship." Jun sternly said.

Corwin smiled wryly before pulling the side drawer of his table. "Its a waste but there's nothing I could do to convince you, I suppose... just don't forget about me when you make it big, alright?"

Corwin took a piece of paper and presented it to Jun.

"Currently, there are three types of citizenship, the social class also known as the high-class. I think you can guess what kind of people belongs here, right? Then, there's the business class, also known as the middle-class. These people have special knowledge or the 'important' people in their trades. A good example would be farmers, masons, and the likes. Then, there comes the last one known as the basic class, also the lowest class."

"The basic class is entirely different from the two. Anyone can enter the free class without any expertise but there's a catch. In times of war or when the military needs people, people in the basic class could be recruited into the army. Don't worry, these people would be trained before they get sent out for missions. And after their missions, they would be sent back home and is immune for a year. These laws were still being amended since we don't know how things would work from now on."

Jun took the paper on top of the table.

"It's a business class citizenship and that's the best I can do. It has my seal so no one should be able to question its legitimacy."

"Thank you," Jun said then bowed slightly which surprised Corwin.

"Haha, I would like it more if you sell me some of those ointments you have. The doctor has been bugging me for a long time, so you know..."

"It's currently not for sale," said Jun stoically, then turned around to leave.

Corwin became intrigued with Jun's choice of words. Jun didn't completely reject the notion but instead stated its currently not for sale, which means in the future...

If he could monopolize trading with Jun, then there's no reason for that promotion not to land on his lap! If he rose in ranks, he would be in an equal position with Paul. He would also have more soldiers to work his way around, with more resources allotted to him. 

Corwin's secretary entered his office. "He left."

"Did he ask any questions?"

"Nothing of importance? He just asked how to reach Antipolo City and what to look out for. I told him that it's quite safe except for the few stragglers and mutated animals that sometimes get lost."

"Alright, go and speak with everyone whom he talked with. Also, find out where he lives, search the town for someone who knows him. I want every information that we could find on him." Corwin said, then ushered his secretary away. 

The secretary bowed once and took his leave.

Jun didn't waste his time and started pedaling on his bicycle. He stared at the uphill climb and cursed Evo. He then applied energy on the bicycle like he was using a weapon and activated the modification on the bike. The bike's wheels started to glow with Jun's red energy and they automatically spun on their own. 

Jun placed his feet on the pedal and he could feel the fast rotation from his feet. There were no tensions and he felt like he was riding a scooter. A very slow scooter. Then he thought, what would happen if I pedaled? And the answer was the sudden increase in speed as if he were on flat ground.

With his experimental mind lit on, he ventured the night with different ideas in mind. For example, he increased the energy output on the bicycle...

Old John got kicked off the Black Haven compound and is working hard at his new workplace. The sound of anvils and the smoke from the burning charcoal coming from the furnace were the last straw that made everyone kick him out.

Outsiders would think that he got treated badly despite everything he has done for Black Haven but everyone from Black Haven, including him, knows the real reason. They were worried about him.

Ever since he stopped creating tools from bones, and shifted his attention to smithing metals into tools, his workroom had been always filled with smoke. Old John like the usual old man himself, didn't say a thing and only when Mike delivered his food to him did everyone learned of the situation.

Mike isn't someone who had a loose mouth but he's someone who answers every question thrown at him with honesty. Even though Old John managed to hoodwink Mike to not tell anyone, Mike got hoodwinked to say why he appears antsy.

Old John's new workplace was the newly finished three-storied building next to Black Haven. He stays at the top floor and turned the place to his workroom.

It only took less than two weeks for the building to become complete. Imagine hundreds of bored strengthened people working on a side project that pays well. The only problem was the layout of the building. It was literally just walls with floors and a roof. There were no divisions and every floor appeared like a warehouse.

After a meeting, the place would become the new marketplace where Black Haven sells their finished goods. The first floor would be for general merchandise while the second floor is for rare and unique items. 

The whole building was more than 1000 square meters and Old John's workroom only took a quarter of the third floor. The rest of the remaining space would be allotted for his students and other craftsmen.

Old John took the heated metal from the furnace then placed it on top of the anvil. The metal was a regular iron pipe repeatedly hammered into a sword. As he finished the reforging process and stared at his mediocre creation, a notification appeared in front of him.

[You've successfully changed professions. Businessman \u003e Smith.]

[Earned General Class title, "Smith Apprentice".]

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》