Trash in the Apocalypse
235 A Businessman
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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235 A Businessman

What a sh*tty ability. Even in this situation, you're telling me that she wants the best for me? That she thinks of me as... wait... That might be true. She thinks that I'm a good person since she's robbing me right? Haa...

Jun sighed and recounted the number of people around him. There were at least eight people and half of them were armed with rusty pipes and thick blocks of woods.

"So, will I still get what I paid for, or was the person you know just an imaginary one?"

The woman was surprised seeing Jun being calm and raised an eyebrow. She smirked then snapped her fingers while staring at Jun teasingly. 

With no choice in the matter, Jun activated his Aura(Death) and sensed every movement inside his two-meter radius. Although he could use the manual 3energy/second version of the skill, that was only when he was moving in a relaxed manner. Now that he needs to fight, he reverted to the weaker version of it—the registered Aura(Death) that uses 2energy/second.

He lunged forward and punched the person in front of him, sending the goon away. Afterward, he jumped back to dodge the attacks from the side. He used Reinforce which strengthened his body then elbowed the people behind him. Two rusty pipes landed squarely on Jun's shoulder but instead of his health getting reduced, his energy was depleted by a bit. He was already under the effect of Reinforce and after he used Block, the damage he received was further reduced.

Three people were suddenly down on the ground. Although Jun didn't give his all, the shock these people received was tremendous. The two behind Jun tried to breathe as much air as they could possibly can after getting elbowed in the stomach. The man who got punched in the face was lying on his back with blood dripping from his nose. The people who remain standing became afraid to approach him. Still, they have to fight since the man was in their turf and they have to defend their area. It's always fine to lose as long as you lose trying!

As the five remaining goons nervously circled around Jun, a bearded man appeared on the adjacent house holding a cigarette. He watched as Jun easily played around the five grown-up men while they tried to pin him down. It was a mess, they could even touch him except for when the man acted briskly.

"Stop!" the man shouted. "Ugh, I can't believe I'm watching something like this after waking up. You guys disgrace me! Get back to your posts!"

The not-so-good-looking people ran in panic after hearing the angry yell of the man.

The man then eyed the woman, which made her lower her head knowing that she was in trouble.

"Do you have anything to say Mhiya?"

"No. It was my fault for selecting the wrong target. I thought he was a lusty rich bum, so I lured him. In the end, he was a strong lusty rich bum and I was the one who got bit. I apologize." Mhiya bowed to the man once more before turning to Jun. She inserted her hand inside her shirt before taking a blue bill from her chest.

Mhiya presented the 1000-peso bill to Jun, then asked. "Do you want the money back or do you really want me?"

"Crazy b*tch," Jun muttered, then turned to the bearded man who was smoking by the door. "You're the leader, right?"

The man breathed in making the lit part of the cigarette deplete faster. He then blew out the smoke to the side while maintaining eye contact with Jun.

"You can say so," he replied, then puffed another one. "What do you want?"

"I'm not really interested in what you guys are doing. I'm just here because I'm looking for something and your girl brought me here," said Jun.

The man replied. "First of all, she's not my girl. Let's just get that out of the way. Second, you happen to be in great luck because you arrived at the right place. We can find you anything you want, or anyone if you prefer it like that. Anytime, anywhere. Questions are free of charge, but answers cost a few hundred. Welcome to Newsroom."

Information is power.

Influence is power.

Money is power. 

Everything in this world revolves mostly on things that you couldn't hold. And even if you managed to get your hands in some of them, they wouldn't last long.

As a businessman, I learned of this a long time ago. 

When you're ahead of everyone, they'll never be able to catch up as long as you have these three vital power.

Currently, I am behind dozens of people. The army had been doing large scale surveyed recently. I wanted to get those papers, so I could learn who is useful and who is not but that doesn't seem feasible since I have no money to bribe people from above.

I have no power.

I was rising towards that elite one percent but everything was destroyed because of this sh*t! Ah, how I wish time would turn back to the old days. Now, I'm stuck with this bunch and I even have to clean up their mess.

"You're telling me to give you a day, is that right Mister Blake?" Jun said.

"Y-yes, we can get you the information as early as tomorrow. I already sent out my men to ask around where the resort is. You just have to relax and stay in our most prominent room—it's actually my room, but you could use it however you like." Blake hastily replied while stuttering. He massaged the cheek that got smacked earlier and continued to assure Jun of his men's efficiency.

He was smacked earlier?! Yes, that's true. Jun got pissed of his condescending attitude and taught him a lesson on who's boss.

The Newsroom was a small-sized gang with twenty members. They work with information via blackmailing and extortion. Blake was the one who came up with the idea since he was already used to do this.

Jun also learned that the Newsroom was allied with another gang that mainly deals with prostitution. The information that they use to blackmail and extort people were from those unfortunate ones who happen to buy services from their partners.

Jun glanced at the dirty room and shook his head. "Just get the job done and let's talk tomorrow." He stood up and walked away.

Blake became puzzled when Jun left something on the table. A stack of neatly piled cash. 'Is he showing off?!'

After getting out, Jun noticed that the fierce goons from earlier were now like scared kittens who had their tails stepped on—they couldn't even look at him! He looked around for a place to rest for the night when he saw a familiar name on one of the houses. 

Moments later, Mhiya got thrown out of the front door followed by a loud sound when the door got shut closed. Jun chose this house since he knew that women were more hygienic than men. If he was going to wait for news, he at least wanted to wait in a nice environment!

Jun didn't take much time to choose a random room before closing his eyes. He chose the nearest one and locked the door. He entered meditation faster than usual and arrived at the dark place which contains the mysterious orb and two floating runes.

The one thing he likes when meditating is that time passes quickly but he's still able to sense his surroundings due to his Aura(Death) training.

Since he had nothing to do, he went back to comprehending what he was seeing and began pondering what they could be.

The orb usually stays in the middles—acting as the center—while the runes circled around it. A yellow rune with an hourglass image inside of it and a white rune with a portal image on it.

At first, Jun only saw them from the perspective of the orb. However, after learning and actually controlling Aura(Death) to sense his surroundings, he was able to observe the orb's surrounding area.

The thing that surprised him ever since that day was the small black orb laying on top of the white orb.

Jun had been pondering for a long time. He knew that the runes were the unique skills that he had. So, that should mean the orb should be him, right? That's the only answer he could think of!

With that as the base, he could also assume that the white orb was his soul since it grows bigger in size as his power stat increases. Though he doesn't believe much in such weird things, the proof was already laid upon his eyes.

Then, is the black orb his inner demon, or something like his conscience? If that's the case, why is it so small!?

As he continued exploring the mystery of the orbs, he suddenly 'saw' the door open. He exited his meditation and opened his eyes. 

Two beautiful ladies with naked bodies entered the room.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》