Trash in the Apocalypse
236 Familiar Faces
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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236 Familiar Faces

Derisive remarks echoed in the alley as two mature women were thrown out of the front door. When they noticed that people were looking at them, they covered their bodies with their clothes before running away.

Jun shook his head seeing that the two weren't even embarrassed about being seen naked. He then felt a presence coming towards him and saw Blake by the side, looking worried.

Blake anxiously said, "D-did you not like the girls? They are already the top ones from the outer district. Do you prefer the innocent ones? Please don't worry. I would personally enter the business district to search for the freshest ones right at this moment."

Jun frowned and replied. "What do you mean?"

"Eh?" Blake turned to Jun in puzzlement. "Weren't you asking for some good service? Isn't that why you left ten-thousand on the table?"

"Haa... I guess it's also my fault. I didn't leave money for extra service. I paid in advance since I thought you'll need the money to pay for your connections. You don't have those? Then, how will you get what I need? Oh, and by the way. I want this to be quiet. I don't need rumors or any more problems. Do you understand what I mean?"

Blake stared at Jun for a long time. With the few hints Jun gave him, he finally realized that he was dealing with some hot sh*t that would definitely cause trouble for him.

Considering that he already accepted the task, he planned to finish it as quickly as possible and be done with this farce.

Blake gulped then nodded his head. "Yes, I understand."

Jun closed the door, then said. "Don't send women anymore."

After going back to his room, he remained uneasy. He sneaked out from one of the windows then strolled the outer district. He did not wear his cloak since he felt like it was making him suspicious.

For some reason, he felt eyes were watching him but he couldn't find anyone when he turns around.

The outer district was literally the outskirts of the city. A police tape that is usually used to prevent people from entering a crime scene was used to separate the outer district from the business district. Here, he finally saw soldiers but they were strict and only talked to him after he presented his business class citizenship.

After another fruitless attempt, Jun walked away in disappointment. Well, at least he learned a lot of information.

Police officers can be found at the boundary of the business class district and the social class district. He also learned that the city was actually divided into three.

Jun thought that people could still move around freely but there were actually barriers that separated the three areas.

The outer district is the outer shell of the city and also its first line of defense. Blockades were positioned at every national highway with trained soldiers stationed nearby. The outer district took fifty percent of the city landmass since the refugee numbered in tens of thousands. 

It was surprising to learn of the numbers but Jun felt warm inside him. Knowing that a lot of people survive somehow lightens his mood.

The business district takes thirty percent of the city and is between the social and outer districts. People from the outer district could only enter the business district if they have a Labor Pass or a Merchant ID.

The Social District covers the remaining twenty percent which includes the City Hall and the nearby unique infrastructures; such as the Cathedral Church, the Rizal Capitol Building. the Y Gymnasium and dozens of Malls. The entry points were heavily guarded by the police and several soldiers.

"Jun Reyes... Jun... Bok, I feel like I heard that name before. I just can't remember where."

"Bok, stop saying random things... if other people from our class heard you, they might think you really like men." said the soldier while taking a step away from his partner.

On his stroll on the outer district, Jun passed through numerous markets. Sadly, most of the stalls only sell regular wares; scraps, clothes, food. The most unique item he saw at the market was the custom-made serrated knives which had different sizes and length. The stall owner said that serrated knives cause more damage. It also makes enemies move slower while losing more blood. He claimed that it was a good weapon for those weak people who don't have enough arm strength to pierce through the skull.

Jun asked around for the CAF Garden Resort and Hotel as he shopped around the outer district. Unfortunately, all of the people he asked weren't locals and were refugees from nearby towns.

With his meager results, he wondered whether he should enter the business district to fish for information. The locals, even if unskilled laborers, should be living in the business district, right?

After buying every weird plant and seeds that he encountered, Jun made his way towards one of the entrances for the business district. There was a line but there were not that many people in the queue.

Jun stood in line and waited for his turn. When it came to his turn, he showed his certificate then saw someone familiar in the distance.

The man saw him and walked towards him with a smile.

"When did you arrive? I didn't think that you'll still have the guts to come here."

"Sup. I see you're still alive? Do you think you'll die anytime soon?"

Christian glared at Jun, but remain silent. After being unusually quiet for a few seconds, he walked away and brushed shoulders with Jun.

Jun got pissed and barely contained the urge to brawl with Christian. The man was really getting into his nerves. He took a deep breath, then glared at the soldier on checkpoint duty.

"Aren't you done yet?!"

"What did you say!? Don't you know how to—"

The soldier couldn't finish what he was saying and could only gulp when he saw Jun's deep glare. He then weakly handed the certificate back and Jun walked away.

After entering the business district, Jun quickly pointed out what was their difference. It was the atmosphere.

Although the streets have fewer people wandering about, it didn't lessen the lively atmosphere of the area.

That's right. It was lively.

The atmosphere from the outer district was one of desolation, the need to survive. People are selling everything that they have, so they could survive another day. If he did not chat with those soldiers, he would probably think that the government doesn't care about the people.

The government was already doing their best. There were just too many people which prevents them to distribute food freely. If they hire everyone, everyone would have money. That money would then be used to buy necessities, which are items that would quickly run out if they weren't monitored; foodstuffs.

That's also the reason why the business district was filled with vigor. People work day and night to earn money to buy things. Food factories were the top priorities, followed by bakeries. Lands were being reclaimed from wild and would be turned into a farm. The top jobs in the city were hunters, farmers, and harvesters. The northeastern part of the city was a vast woodland ripe with natural resources. Normally, the government would touch this protected environments, but due to the crisis, they were forced to do so.

Jun found the market area and shopped around. It was still the same regular wares but since he hasn't seen lizards-on-a-stick, he could assume that the business district market's quality was a bit higher.

While strolling around, he unexpectedly met with another familiar face. The other person smiled genuinely upon seeing Jun.

Saul bowed slightly then greeted Jun.

"Long time no see. Are you free right now? I want to thank you for saving me that one time. I haven't thanked you properly, so I thought I should invite you to some drinks."

"Sure! I'm curious about some things too. A chat would help save some time."

"Great," Saul exclaimed, then continued. "Let's go. I know a nice place. I've been visiting the place since I got back. They have some nice alcohol and pretty girls."

"Haha, I didn't see you as someone like that."

"I know, right? The military became laced with things like these as long as you're off duty. They realized that soldiers need to let out steam too."

Jun laughed it off and the two walked while chatting. They entered a place filled with neon lights.

The bar was a bit dark but just enough to see where you're walking. Jun had a hunch that this place seems to be that kind of bar.

Saul and Jun walked towards the corner away from the partying crowd.

As soon as the two sat down, Jun couldn't help but ask Saul. "Is this what you meant when you said you wanted to thank me?"

Saul frowned not sure of what he meant, but when their gazes met, he realized that Jun knows what he's up to.

"I'm sorry..."

"It's okay. Let's drink once, okay?"

A bottle of alcohol appeared on the table together with two shot glasses.

Saul turned to the side as if asking for what to do. Jun followed his gaze, then waved his hand at the person staring at him on the distant table.

A smirk appeared on Carl's face as he watched the friendly smile on Jun's face.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》