Trash in the Apocalypse
237 Meet Up & Plan
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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237 Meet Up & Plan

Saul and Jun drunk and finished the whole bottle. The whole time, Saul appeared to have eaten something inedible and just wanted to get out of there. Carl didn't interfere and waited for them to finish before entering the scene.

Jun suddenly spoke out of the blue. "Do you know that having high stats makes it hard to get drunk?" He sighed then added, "Do you have anything to say? Nothing. Great."

Jun then turned to Carl standing by the side, then casually waved his hand. "Hello."

Carl remained stoic. "Follow me. Don't cause any trouble and everything would be fine."

Jun looked around and found several men glancing at him from different tables.

These people were agents that Carl brought with him in case Jun decided to fight his way out. All of them had their own expertise and within this enclosed bar, they believe that they would be able to catch Jun with ease.

And to their surprise, they did.

Jun willingly followed Carl and didn't cause any trouble. He followed Carl to a black SUV and they rode off.

Apparently, the hotel he was looking for was located outside the city. If Jun took the branching road instead of heading towards the city, he would have arrived at the hotel.

Carl wanted to meet him there but he got lost since he doesn't know the way. 

Carl wants to get on the retired general's good side, so he was working hard to persuade Jun to work for the general. Even though he already had Major General Paul Celestine, having powerful connections is always good.

They entered one of the buildings after they arrived at the resort.

Jun followed Carl lead him around hallways before arriving at a lobby.

On the table, two contracts were presented to Jun, a scavenger, and a bodyguard. Currently, he could only choose the scavenger contract and would be given a chance to work as a bodyguard after some time. They wanted to see if he was skilled and can be trusted.

Jun didn't show it but he was a bit surprised seeing a contract in front of him. He didn't expect the army to be unearthing talents like these among the populace.

Currently, non-combatants were being discriminated by everyone. Unless you have great physique or high intellect, people who had random generated skills because of being jobless were kept on their own.

Jun examined the contract carefully and made sure that he appeared interested. He made some amendments regarding the proposed salary and even requested to see Marianne. If Carl allowed him to see Marianne, he would help him on his connection building.

Carl pondered on what to do. Marianne was going to be used for a political marriage. If a scandal circulates around at this time, his neck would be placed on the chopping board.

"It won't be long. We'll just chat, and I'll leave afterward. She left in a hurry and we weren't able to talk." Jun added after seeing Carl deliberating on the matter.

After weighing things out, Carl agreed with Jun's request. The amendments about the salary were something he could not decide alone, but there should be no problem if just say yes, for now.

Carl agreed and he brought Jun towards the hotel. Along the way, he made sure to remind Jun on things that he should understand and accept; they're already grown-ups and should know when to stop chasing something impossible.

"I'll be waiting out here," Carl said then knocked on the door.

"Young Miss, this is Carl. Please pardon me for disturbing you at this time but you have a visitor."

"I told you already! I'm not interested in talking to him!"

Carl was about to explain, but Jun stopped him. Jun knocked on the door and said, "That makes me sad then... I came from a very far place, you know?"

As soon as Jun finished speaking, hurried footsteps resounded from the room. Moments later, the door flung open and Marianne appeared. 

Marianne's room was on the fourth floor of the hotel. The display was cool and refreshing as if there was never an apocalypse.

Tears quickly escape the corner of her eyes. She missed the man in front of her but didn't know what to do. When she saw Jun smiling at her, the already steeled heart of her melted on the spot.

Marianne lunged at Jun and he welcomed her to his embrace.

Carl launcher upon seeing the scene. He looked left and right before anxiously reminding the two that there are people in other rooms!

Marianne pulled Jun inside the room then shut the door before Carl could step forward to follow.

When Carl twisted the know, it was already looked and only made clicking sounds.

Carl examined the hallway and made sure that no one was nearby.

"What are you doing here?!" Marianne said.

Jun smiled wryly then said. "To be honest, this isn't the reaction that I was expecting. I thought you'll be happier when you see me."

"I am happy! It's just that I'm worried for you!"

"I am also worried! Do you know I almost went crazy when you disappeared like that? I thought something happened to you! Only when Evo told me about Carl did I get a hint of what's probably going on."

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't have the courage to say goodbye, so I just left a letter in our room. I knew that if I saw you, there's a chance that I would change my mind."

"I found the letter late at night and it didn't lessen my longing for you. We can still go back. You can go back! With me."

"I can't... my father would kill you."

"I'm not scared of dying but I'm scared of getting separated with you."

Marianne stared at Jun with understanding. She knew how he currently feels but couldn't do anything about it. The tears that already stopped pouring down earlier, came back at an even harsher tide.

"I'm sorry, I'm truly sorry," Marianne said.

"I have a plan. I can get you out of this... this engagement!"

For the first time, a ray of hope appeared on Marianne's eyes. She remembered the fleeting moments when they cuddled together while laughing under the same roof. She knew that only two weeks have passed since she left but it felt like years.

She raised her head and looked at Jun.

"Tell me about your plan."

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》