Trash in the Apocalypse
239 Hotel Lockdown
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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239 Hotel Lockdown

The security caught the bloodied woman near the emergency stairs. When asked about what happened, the woman kept spouting nonsense saying that she didn't do it, that she couldn't control herself as if a demon has possessed her.

Feeling that something was wrong, Roman and Carl went to the third floor to investigate. They arrived just in time to see that security staffs were about to enter the room.

"Search the room."

"Be careful!"


After hearing the series of commands did Roman and Carl entered the room.

A dead body was lying on the bed. It was a man with hands tied on his back while only wearing underwear. The man's back portion of the head was caved in. Based on the splashes of blood that flew in numerous directions outwards from the head, it was obvious that the man was killed by repeated striking on the back of the head.

Everyone ignored the weird fetish the man had since it wasn't uncommon even before the apocalypse. Most of the people in the room were already used to seeing dead people and grotesque sights, so no one really got affected by the dead body. They were even thinking that social elites like this had a good life since even after living in the apocalypse, they never got even bitten once.

The hotel security found a bloodied bat on the floor after searching around. It was lying around like it was simply tossed away after serving its purpose. It even appeared brand new if it weren't for the bloodstains all over it.

At this time, the woman was brought back to the room for questioning. She was crying, begging, and claiming that she did not kill the man.

Roman and Carl watched from the side of the bed. They don't want to involve themselves in this but since they were already in here, they might as well help.

"Please let me go. I told you already, I didn't do it! He wanted this kind of play so I just followed what he wanted to do!"

"Are you saying that he wanted to die?"

"What... I don't know! He prepared these things, then brought me into the bathroom. After bathing, we went straight to bed and he even blindfolded himself!"

"So, after tying his hands, you used this baseball bat to kill him?"

"That's absurd! Do you think I'll kill my customer!"

"That's the one thing I'm confused about. You have no reason to kill him and this is the first time you got assigned to him, right?"

"Y-yeah. That's right! Wait... let me take a look at that."

The security staff deliberated for a second before agreeing. No matter if she tried to fight back, there's more than enough people to capture her. 

The woman stared at the baseball bat and appeared distressed. "This... this isn't it! It had the same size and shape but it was a red one! I don't even know why he had something like that, and I thought he was just someone weird—"

"Lock her up." the woman got cut off when Carl suddenly interrupted her. "I want her locked up and the whole area in lockdown. Gather all the hotel staff in the lobby and no one will leave the area. The military will take over the investigation."

"The general would be angry," Roman uttered while staring at the dead man's face. 

Earlier, Carl decided that it was necessary to identify the individual, but when he turned the body over, what he saw shocked him.

Henry was the perverted dead man lying on the bed.

"Both heads of the family would," Carl replied, then gazed at the head security officer. "Please understand. A VIP was killed on your hotel and a proper investigation would occur. You are allowed to join the investigation if you want, but the hotel management has to give us an answer."

The woman's face lost its color after hearing Carl. "I told you already! I didn't do it!"


The head security officer slapped her, then bowed to Carl. "We'll be in your care. Get her out of here! Make sure to lock her up and watch her properly."

The hotel was established with the help of numerous interest groups. It was their vacation spot in the apocalypse. Now that a VIP was killed in their hotel, everyone would be investigated and if everything comes to the worst possible scenario, the whole entirety of the management would be sacked.

Just imagining how he would report this matter to the manager was already giving him a big headache.

The group went on their own separate ways and tend to their own businesses. The security officers brought the woman to the basement and made sure to empty the room. Roman and Carl headed back to the fourth floor to bring the packed food they got from the kitchen.

After the two walked around the hallway, Carl suddenly initiated a conversation.

"Can I ask for your help this time? I can call for appropriate reinforcement but they would take at least ten minutes to arrive here. I'm afraid we don't have that much time and people could just destroy the evidence.

"We don't even know what we're looking for." Roman retorted. 

Carl sighed deeply. "See you at the lobby later. I'll just deliver the food and will be right there."

Roman waved his hand in affirmation. Due to them both being working the same job, a feeling of closeness developed between them. It's also a single step to forming a good network of connections—for the two of them.

Carl opened the door and entered the room, just in time to see something incredible.

Marianne and Jun were in the living room sitting with a certain distance between them. Marianne was teary-eyed before sending a slap to Jun's face.

Carl knew Jun's strength. The way Marianne raised her hand and the intentions behind it were very clear. He could have dodged the slap but he didn't! That means something was going on!

Marianne stared at Jun filled with love and disappointment before running away to her room.

'Yes, yes, yes! This is how it should go! Stop bothering the Young Miss and know your place!'

Jun didn't do anything and only watched her run away. This time, he knew that it was really his fault.

The next morning, everyone staying at the hotel learned of the shocking news. However, the death count raised from one to four. The people who died were two politicians, a businessman, and a general. All of them were VIP's and the hotel was sure to be shut down.

Roman was seething with anger while guarding the hotel employees at the lobby. He hadn't slept a wink and even if he could, he would never sleep. His boss was killed and he needs to find the culprit!

Roman had Inspect and Restrain as his pre-generated skills. He used those two skills in tandem to investigate every employee with deep scrutiny. He searched everyone's dimensional storage via Inspect and divided people into two from those who have deadly weapons in their storage and those who don't.

After finishing, he found out that what he did was useless. Everyone had weapons on their dimensional storage! And it was normal to have a weapon since you need to defend yourself at all times!

The only thing going through his mind was how he would report this to the Mestreet clan. Although he had been working for years with utmost loyalty for the clan, he isn't sure what would happen to him with the general getting killed on his watch.

On the front desk, the manager was trembling while explaining to the other VIPs that everything would be safe and this was just some people plotting against the hotel.

Of course, his explanation was not satisfactory and he got chewed up by those frightened VIPs who felt in danger. Everyone left in a fit of anger and headed towards the parking lot.

"Please go back inside. The investigation is still ongoing. We assure you that it won't take long and you'll be on your way in no time soon.

Everyone went back inside but a few cunning ones sneakily split themselves from the crowd. They went into a secluded place and used the Teleport Runes to get out of this place.

Carl's report about the strange things about energy was dissected by the military researchers. They were able to learn the actual usage of Teleport Portals and how to activate them.

Currently, this knowledge was only for the social class since they haven't learned how to repair the durability of the portal. When the military researchers branched out from energy activation and learned about energy transfer, then would they be able to repair the portal. 

Normally, this VIPs would be allowed access to the Teleport Portal, so they thought that they could leave by using it. Unfortunately, a retired general was one of the deceased and the military got involved in the event. 

The wide plaza appeared before their eyes. Usually, there would be old people passing time by feeding doves all over the place, but today was a special day. The few people who thought of themselves as smart by using the Teleport Portal immediately found themselves surrounded by armed soldiers before getting asked to get on the ground. 

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》