Trash in the Apocalypse
243 Finally Back Home
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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243 Finally Back Home

The troublemaker was a common scenario in Black Haven. There wouldn't be a day where the man didn't cause any damage to Black Haven. The police patrols stationed nearby immediately mediated and caught the drunk, pulling him away. They were already called in advance when people saw the troublemaker's drunken stupor at the plaza.

The police patrol asked for his ID, so he presented him with the newly printed ID from the city. After asking and reading the name, the policeman only gazed at Jun strangely while returning the ID card slowly. The policeman bowed and displayed a few words of appreciation to JUn for cooperating with him,

Jun walked away feeling strange. Earlier, he was surprised for everything that he learned. Also, he almost got pissed off since an unknown dude destroyed his good mood.

After walking out of the plaza, Jun immediately noticed something from the town. The town became livelier and more people could be seen around! The sun was already up in the sky but still hasn't gone above everyone's head.

From his memories, no matter what time of the day it is, the plaza and the highway in front of Black Haven compound were never filled up like this!

Jun entered the compound and heard snide remarks from other people. It seems like there was a line if you want to enter the submission desk.

Currently, the agents still have to submit their quests on the compound since the newly established building only operates as the marketplace selling and buying of goods.

When the Black Haven staff heard the commotion, they turned to the person causing the anger of the crowd. Those who knew ran forward to welcome him and those who don't, watched as their superiors run and greeted the man respectfully with a bow. Most of the women in the group feel indebted to him since if Jun didn't take them in, they would have probably died at the start of the apocalypse.

A few high-ranking people came out and welcomed Jun. Bernard laughed and hugged him, feeling happy and confident that no matter what trouble comes now, it would be solved. Unlike Bernard, Dyna and Gina watched from behind and just welcomed Jun from afar. Evo and Old John were much colder since they were only watching him from the door and decided to leave after seeing that he was fine.

Old John grinned after reaching beside him. "Oh, you actually know how to come back? I thought you died somewhere since you never messaged me."

"I'm just so busy this past few days. Do you have your private watch too?" said Jun.

"Almost everyone had their own smartwatch. Evo managed to ramp up his production this past week, and he added a feature for private messages. Did you not read the update log?"

"Ohh... I lost my smartwatch, so I didn't get to read the updates."

Old John appeared disappointed. "Then, you didn't see the armor I made for you? I placed it on your storage spot. Haa... nevermind that. You should talk with Evo, there's a lot of new things going on. I'm going back to smithing, see you later!"

After saying farewells with Old John, Jun chatted with the staff for a bit before going with Bernard's group to meet with Evo.

Just as they were headed to the back office on the second floor, Jun saw his grandmother together watching over Chloe who was reading a book. He asked the three to go ahead first and he would catch on after dealing with some matters.

Jun bowed and greeted her grandmother. He took her wrinkled hand and pressed it on his forehead. This act is called "mano", an honoring-gesture for the young ones to their elders upon seeing them. Usually, it's a sign of asking for approval or recognition. It is a deeply rooted culture and not taking initiative in doing this could be seen as a sign of disrespect.

"May the Lord bless you," said Grandma Teresa. "You seem troubled, would you like to sit down and chat?"

Jun sat down on the opposite side of the table. He asked, "Is Anna here?"

"I think she already left? Most of the time, she's hanging out with her friends and would come back around early evening."

Jun wasn't close with his grandmother, His father was kicked out of the farm and although he liked her when he was young, things changed after they moved out. The willingness to chat and visit them on weekends lessened. Of course, Grandma Teresa knew what the young Jun was thinking and could not do anything but to bear with him. That's the role of the elders, to understand and guide the younger ones.

"I found mum at Taytay. Unfortunately, she became half-infected and doesn't want to come back with me. She told me that she'll find a way to cure herself before coming back... but don't worry Grandma! I have something that can help me find her! I have a compass that could help me find her..." Jun continued retelling the story and couldn't help but turn melancholy.

"Is that so?... It's okay Jun, don't cry. I'm sure she had her reasons for doing that." Jun did not see the trembling of Grandma Teresa's hand since he was currently overwhelmed with emotions. He already accepted his mother's choice but when he was reminded of her leaving him the second time, he couldn't help but silently cry like an abandoned child.

"Come closer. Let this grandma hug my grandchild. It's been a long time since I got to spoil you eh?"

Chloe stopped studying since she can't focus on theoretical energy usage when theirs a rowdy bunch beside her. When she saw her uncle Jun hugging his grandma, she decided to join and hugged her too. Grandma Teresa felt Chloe hugging her from behind, so she patted her head.

While they were busy in their own worlds, Anna leaned on the door frame lifelessly. A few of the elder sisters from the group informed her of her brother's return. It's been two weeks and even though she acted cold towards him, it was only due to the awkwardness of seeing each other for a long time. She was excited to learn of his return but also nervous when she learned that he returned alone.

Jun left to look for their mother but returned alone. This could only mean one thing, and she doesn't want to think about it. Since childhood, her mother was the only pillar of support she had. Everything she needed were provided by her without fail. Her mother also served as the father that she didn't get to see while growing up. Even though they moved near her grandmother when she grew up, that didn't change her reliance on her mother. She still saw her as the greatest of all.

Upon hearing Jun's story, the first thing that entered her mind was to deny it. Mom would surely choose to go back no matter what, right? She still has me.

But when tears rolled down her cheeks, she knew that the only thing she could do was to accept it. She wiped her tears and ran away without showing herself to her brother.

After a few seconds of warmth, Jun finally calmed down. He then felt that Grandma Teresa was leaning on him too much and so he used a bit of strength to steady her body.

"Grandma, are you okay?" after calling once, Jun realized that something was wrong. Grandma Teresa was unresponsive and she actually fainted. "...grandma? Grandma!"

Jun clenched his fist while staring at Grandma Teresa lying on the clinic bed.

Noel, Sheila's father explained to Jun what happened. "Well, from the things that you've told me, it's probably too much stress that caused her to faint. You should have checked first whether she's stable or not. Just give her some time to rest and she would wake up soon."

Although Noel specializes in chests, general checkup was something that he could do effortlessly.

"Thank you, Mr. Noel. Sorry for calling you on such short notice." Jun bowed respectfully then transferred 1000CP as payment. Noel wanted to refuse since he was a benefactor directly and indirectly, to him and his daughter but chose to accept after seeing Jun's state.

"Why don't you help her gain some levels? I heard power and endurance are great stats for physical attributes. Nevermind, maybe she's too old to fight. Let's let her rest, she's already too old for this... Anyway, I guess I'm done here, right? If there's anything else, you can find me at my new clinic."

Noel bade farewell and Anna escorted him out of the room. When she turned around, he saw Jun staring at the door with wide eyes.

'Of course, I can do that!'

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》