Trash in the Apocalypse
249 Suspicious Person
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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249 Suspicious Person

Jun ordered everyone to provide fifty energy, creating an equal amount of consumption for everybody. With this, everyone was able to use their energy and there are no idlers available.

When the faction hall finished, the blueprint shone brightly and exploded. Thankfully, everything was ethereal, so no one got hurt. After the explosion, the finished house appeared.

The house had two floors. There are a lot of windows with various lengths in front and a few on the back. There are two small attachment buildings but both of them were garage. The main garage can be found together with a fountain on the front while the guest's parking garage was on the right side divided only by a gate. The backyard was a bit spacious but was empty. Additionally, the whole house was encircled by a wooden fence.

Jun stared at the trees by the parking lots but decided not to think about it. He could ask someone what the heck was happening but he was sure that he would not get an answer. Besides, he does not have a good feeling about the other, so better stay away from him as much as possible.

After watching the magical scene unfold in front of them, though everyone became shocked, no one really felt scared. Why would they even? Their daily lives were already as magical as it could get.

Now that the faction hall was finished, Jun hastily chose a location for the two other buildings. He created the blueprints for the faction altar and the faction portal at a fixed distance from each other. It was enough for cars to go side by side when driving.

With the faction hall as the center, the faction altar and faction portal were created on its left and right respectively. When both buildings absorb their required resources, the state of the blueprint updated, and the required energy can finally be seen.

It took a great number of resources to set the two buildings up, but Jun felt surprised to know that there were actually a lot more resources that remained. He assigned an empty plot of land as temporary storage and had everyone pour out their materials over there.

After unloading their loads, a huge pile appeared on the once empty land. He had some plans in mind for these materials. He could use the stones to create the stone barrier he copied from Antipolo City. There's a lot of stone, wood and metal scraps left so it was feasible.

At this time, Mike finally arrived full of sweat. Thankfully, he didn't need to wipe his hair since he does not have much hair.

"Boss Jun! I came when you called!"

"Great... You could prepare your things out here or inside the house. It's your choice. Though, I'm not really sure if there's a kitchen inside."

"Ohh, there's a new house here? Can I really go inside? Wait, eh? What is this? Boss Jun, it doesn't allow non-members to enter. Wait, there's another gate."

Jun was investigating the required energy values from the altar and the portal when he heard Mike's complaint. He was already shocked by seeing the figures from the two buildings, but Mike's question woke him up.

Why can't he enter? Non-members can't enter? Of course, it's the faction hall, so unaffiliated people can't enter.

"Oh, I can enter this one. Hahaha, that scared me. Wait... now it's asking me whether I want to register as a resident of Black Haven? Well, of course! Why wouldn't I?! Now, let me go now. I brought a lot of raw corn, so I still have to prepare a lot of things."

Mike walked forward and twisted the knob of the only door he could found. "What now!? I need to wait for permission? Is the owner inside?"

While Mike was busy talking to himself, a notification appeared in front of Jun. There was a slight delay but Jun was still able to make up what was happening.

[A resident wants to see their lord. Allow visit? Y/N]

Jun answered yes, and allowed entry to the house.

"Thank gosh finally."

"Make some drinks first. We need to recover some energy."


After the incident, Jun announced the required amount of energy for the new buildings. The altar needs thirty thousand energy while the portal required an insane amount of a hundred thousand. If the altar works like he thinks it is, then everything would be worth it; the wait and the trouble. The faction portal's whooping amount of required energy was quite understandable, to be honest. For a thing that does weird magical things, Jun thinks that the required amount was quite low.

To prevent any resentment from the people, Jun gave them a few benefits. Everyone would receive 500CP together with other benefits. A snack would also be provided together with refreshments. He refrained from telling that the drinks could increase energy by one and wants to keep it as a surprise.

The last one, everyone from the Black Haven scavenger group could register as a resident of Black Haven. They would receive a 10% discount on every product and services found in Black Haven.

He just thought about this one and had to inform Evo about supporting frameworks. To save himself from getting scolded, he already came up with an idea. A citizen status can be added to the Black Haven account card and anyone who registers at the faction hall who does not have an account card yet would receive a free named card without needing to deposit 100CP. The card would have zero balance though and would still required topping up. 

Upon hearing Jun's terms, the scavengers became excited. Everyone stays at Blak Haven because they buy your loot at a fixed price no matter what. They never ran out of credits and also provides protection to everyone's family members. There were times that you could even lend from the financial officer and only need to pay with a small amount of interest.

Everyone happily lined up outside the gate of the guest parking lot and waited patiently for their turn. Every time someone enters, Jun could see the number of registered citizens under the territory tab increase by one.

It continued on until someone weirdly got teleported out of the guest's parking lot. The young man looked around puzzled and apologized for clicking the wrong option. He begged the next person in line to let him try again and thankfully, the woman was generous enough to let him go again, or else, he would have to go to the back of the line.

"Oh, that's weird... You just need to answer yes or no, why do you need to click?"

"Yeah, what a weird guy..."

Jun was hearing a few murmurs from the people who already finished registering as residents. He beckoned Nik to come closer and muttered: "Investigate him. Don't do anything rash, we just need to know who he is and what he wants."

Nik nodded and stepped back. He did not rush to do things and only calmly watched the young man who thanked the woman and smiled at her as he walked away.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》