Trash in the Apocalypse
250 Not A Useless Title
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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250 Not A Useless Title

It took an hour and a half to finish the faction altar that requires thirty thousand energy. Jun didn't keep them idle here and only required them to come back after their energy became full. They also received their sweetcorn and refreshments from Mike and felt grateful for the treatment they were receiving.

Jun also received an unexpected gift after survivors kept on registering as his citizens.

[Reached 100 residents. Your title has been upgraded. "Thug Life II" received.]

[Thug Life II]

[Description] You have taken a step further to becoming a big boss respected by all. People are now willingly working under you. Passive XP increased from 10XP to 50XP per day.

If it was from before, Jun would have cursed this title. He could just farm carriers and easily get that 50XP. However, once he realized that it could still get upgraded in the future as long as he gets more citizens to register to Black Haven, a proud smile crept up his face.

The title didn't seem that useless anymore.

With people free to go wherever they want, this meant that the news about the Black Haven's Guild Leader building things at the Northern Plains and accepting citizens became widespread in town.

Not many people were good at explaining things, causing the townspeople to be confused. However, one thing was for sure; registering as citizens under Black Haven would only bring benefits. 

People arrived in droves with all kinds of reinforced vehicles. There were even some unfortunate ones who don't have a car for themselves and needed to ride public transportations.

Jun already inspected the faction hall and the faction altar.

The faction hall had a living room and a kitchen on the first floor. There's also a conference room with a long table that has ten chairs for ten people. The guest's parking lot door also leads to the hallway nearest to the conference room. At the center of the first floor, a wide staircase leads towards the second floor. There were ten rooms that filled the entirety of the second floor. Jun didn't really enter the room and only inspected from the door. Overall, the house was a mix of stones and woods, had modern designs, and was very spacious. It also had a durability of ten thousand.

The house was already surprising, but the altar was much breathtaking. First of all, it appears like a small mountain with a small river snaking its way down. The flowing water created a small pond that stretched and surrounded the rock mountain, encompassing the immediate vicinity. The rock mountain was also enclosed by a wooden fence. There were four entrances with tall gates from Japanese Shrines from all general directions and a dirt path that leads to the pond. It was already miraculous for water to be here, and Jun decided to not think about how things were created when he building in the future.

Upon entering the faction altar, it gave him the Faction Leader buff.

[Faction Leader Altar Buff]

[Descritpion] As the faction leader, you would receive double the amount of the usual buff. Receive an additional increase of 10% in overall stats. 

Jun found the increase in basic stats an appreciated bonus and decided to tell everyone on the faction about it. 

Nik and his group were busy directing the people who were arriving in groups and made sure that nothing would go wrong. This was unexpected for them since they thought this would just be a regular scavenging trip.

Since Jun caused a commotion, the two big factions couldn't help but suspect that he was the one behind the sudden increase in gold prices. They have some suspicions but they can't pinpoint why would he need those gold.

Evo had to stop his quest for copying tons of useful codes from the internet and had to update the account cards manually.

With demand comes inventions.

He searched the storage room at the first floor for a credit card machine and edited its functions. Instead of using energy to manually edit every card, he could just insert the card and edit the information through a hologram. He could even device a template format for registered citizens and those who were not.

He took two credit card machines and proceeded with the plan. After editing a few ownerless account cards, He gave the machine to Jamie, the newly promoted Customer Support Manager. Most of the members were tasked with management jobs and the new recruits became the staff that greets and communicates with the survivors. 

After teaching the ropes and how to recharge the card machine with energy, Evo went back to his endless search for useful codes.

And to his surprise, Jamie came looking for him in less than ten minutes. The credit card machine broke after she tried to recharge it. It worked as usual after she filled it with her energy, but after inserting a card, the card exploded together with the machine.

Evo checked the logs by using his ability and found the issue. It was because of a simple mistake on his part and he assured Jamie that it wasn't her fault. 

Black Haven account cards only allow Evo to edit them. After the card machine run out of energy and Jamie recharged it, the account card thought that someone was trying to edit the values on their own, and performed the security procedures. That's why it exploded and turned into dust.

Evo retrieved the card information and made a new card for the owner. He told Jamie that she could come back when it runs out and this would just be for the meantime.

Evo thought hard. He managed to solve one problem but a new problem came up. Does he need to make energy batteries now? 

That... sounds feasible.

Back to the Northern Plains...

Jun asked everyone who came to register as a Black Haven citizen to help transfer some energy to the faction portal. He didn't tell them that it was a portal and mainly stated that it was a building he was working on.

The rock mountain altar became a tourist spot and everyone couldn't help but take pictures with it as the background. 

Yep, that's right. Ever since survivors learned that they could access the internet, cellphones came back to business. Somebody probably profited a lot from their sales.

Even with the help of waves of people, the total energy only reached fifty thousand. It was already great progress and it was the accumulated work of more than five hundred people.

The two thousand people inside the town were separated from multiple groups. Black Haven had around three hundred people working for them and the rest were divided on their own.

The Frontier took care of their own people and advocates surviving together. They have around six hundred people thanks to their system. The national police promote helping one another. These include sharing resources and going into rescue missions regularly. With their motto, they gained the support of five hundred people, and most of them had families to take care of.

There's a lot of other groups with differing mindsets. Everyone is free to go and join them whenever they like.

The survivors view Black Haven as a powerful group that had the mindset of the survival of the fittest. It accepts everyone and gives good benefits to those who were strong. Their guild leader was even known for being a bad and short-tempered person.

If you want a competitive work that has a chance for promotion, go for Black Haven Scavengers. If not, then join some other factions.

The faction portal finished around five in the afternoon. As usual, the people tried to get close to it but were repelled by an invisible force. All of them received a notification that only faction members could use the teleport portal. 

Jun transferred energy to the portal and activated it. A prompt also appeared in front of him.

[Set as a home portal? Y/N?]

"This is still Binangonan, so there's no harm in changing sethome portals, right?" Jun thought. 

With an answer in mind, he accepted. A small orb of light flew out from the teleport portal and entered his forehead.

He closed his eyes and investigated through meditation. There are two portal runes stuck together like they were keys on a keychain.

Jun opened his eyes then activated the teleport portal rune he just got. He planned to at least make some tests since he was already here.

Instead of expanding after receiving energy, a notification appeared in front of Jun.

\u003e Binangonan


He did not understand what was happening at first, but then realization dawned upon him. The portal rune was actually asking him which destination he would like to go to!

With no hesitation, Jun chose Binangonan. If what he was thinking was right, he should get teleported to the town hall plaza.

After his confirmation, the portal rune expanded and encircled him. When the lights dimmed, he found himself smiling contently at the center of the plaza.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》