Trash in the Apocalypse
262 Wild Dungeon: Fish Ponds
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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262 Wild Dungeon: Fish Ponds

There are two sets of unknown nametags above the ceiling.

This either means there's another floor above or there's a hidden compartment somewhere in the ceiling.

Jun believes the latter option.

Hunters are excellent trackers. They can follow a scent as long as it hasn't disappeared. Two of them lounging on this room looking for something only meant one thing, a hidden compartment could lead to some hidden stairs or ladder.

Jun waited but no one answered. It seems like they were either sleeping, passed out, or outright ignoring him. The option of them being dead is impossible since he could see their nametags.

The room he was in was the study room. Lots of books were on the shelves at the far left side of the room. He started touching stuff looking for that magical puzzle piece that would show him the way. 

Unfortunately, he was looking for the wrong thing.

One part of the ceiling dislodged itself and a pull-down ladder appeared. The ladder slowly skidded down until it reached the floor. 

Jun turned and waited for the people to show themselves. A middle-aged man with black hair peeked his head out and scanned the room. When his eyes interlocked with Jun, he asked, "You're not looters?"

"Well, if that's how you're going to put it, should I just rob you?" Jun criticized the man.

"I apologize, that's not what I meant. Thank you for your help. My name's Luke Baslot, I'm the head butler of the mansion." the man said.

"Let's go down first. Where's the kid?" Jun casually said to speed things up. However, Luke, the butler, didn't like the way Jun spoke.

Upon hearing that Jun was looking for the young miss, the first thing that entered his mind was abductors. It was common in the past and not impossible even now.

The young miss was a beautiful and cheerful budding woman. Of course, there would be starving wolves always eyeing her!

Luke slowly backed off the hole and hurriedly pulled the ladder up. Seeing how the butler acted, Jun became confused. He lunged forward and managed to grab the last part of the ladder.

"What are you doing? I don't have much time! I'm an extremely busy person, and whatever your thinking, I think you're wrong."

At this moment, a group of people entered the room. It seems like the group couldn't wait downstairs and hurried here.

Matt was taking the lead position while the rest followed behind him.

"Jane? Jane, are you okay?" Matt shouted upon "seeing" the butler trying to pull the ladder up while Jun stopped him.

He could see the image of a little girl covered in a blanket with a towel on her forehead. She breathing at regular intervals upstairs.

Upon hearing Matt's question, Luke realized that he hadn't fed anything to the young miss and let go of the ladder. Jun was then able to pull the ladder down and hurriedly climbed up.

Before he could grab Luke's collar for doubting him, the man started to beg for help.

"Can you give us some food. Do you have bread? I need to feed the Young Miss. She hasn't eaten anything since last night." Luke said.

Seeing Luke pleading, Jun lost interest and scanned the room. It was a hidden room with a desk table and a shelf filled with documents. A lampshade can be seen on top of the desk table, together with some unknown books.

The little girl was peacefully sleeping on the floor covered with a blanket with a wet towel on her forehead. There are also a few empty bottles of water that can be seen by her side.

"Let's go down. I already told you we are here to help."

Luke apologized for the misunderstanding. Being the Zantua family's butler for a long time made him aware of possible threats that could harm the family.

He used the stocked frozen fish to prepare a sumptuous meal for everyone.

Jun wanted to leave after getting things settled but he changed his mind after hearing a piece of interesting information.

Luke learned a random skill through reading fishing-related books in the study. He learned the Bait skill, which allows him to attract nearby targets around him even if wasn't doing anything. The skill works by sending out packets of energy enticing the target to come and eat him. 

After looting the nearby villas and managing to level up a few times, Luke run out of things to do. He can't live the mansion since he feels indebted with the master and leaving the young miss alone wouldn't sit well with his conscience.

With nothing to do, except constantly clearing the yard and the nearby plots of land. Luke decided to pass time by reading useful books in the study.

Most of the books involved fisheries heavily revolving around the industry; breeding, farming, and harvesting. One thing he found useful was fishing since the town was a fishing town.

He also learned the hazards of fishing in this new world. Although there's suddenly a lot of fish in the river and the lake, they have become omnivorous. He doesn't know when it started but fish bred from fish ponds became interested in meat. They also have become noticeably bigger than usual.

Jun gathered all the relevant information and discarded all the useless ones.

First, he needs to gather books that might give useful skills. A good example was books about farming, hunting and other survival books. Even psychology books might be useful depending on the topics it provides.

The second was the unnatural population growth of the fish in the river and the lake. Jun could only attribute the various changes to the town portal getting destroyed. The town's dungeons must have been freed and its dungeon monsters could now roam freely.

How to differentiate the dungeon mobs from regular wild threats? Easy! They have to be the most populated species in the region with a sudden increase in presence and power.

If the same logic applies with wild dungeons and tamed dungeons, then they just found themselves an untouched treasure trove in terms of food!

An unlimited amount of native fish for everyone to feast on!

The food problem was basically solved and Jun didn't have to rely on the families stationed at Angono, nor does he need to send people to hunt and feed on those dungeon bat's meat.

Thankfully, Jun didn't have to search for the wild dungeon.

After explaining the idea of dungeons to Luke, the man immediately gained an inkling of where to look for the dungeon. The place where we can found most fish?

Their breeding grounds, the fish ponds!

The fish ponds were situated on the eastern waters of the town. It encompasses around five kilometers of various sized breeding pens.

They just need to look for the biggest one and verify whether it was the home of the wild dungeon fishes or not.

Unfortunately, Jun's fighting power underwater is extremely weakened. For this matter, he needs to ask help from Lakeside Marina since they were best suited for this expedition. They could also become the caretakers of this dungeon if they ever succeeded.

Jun sent Evo a private message.

[Jun: "Does Gilbert own a smartwatch? Please tell him to prepare and train for some underwater battles. They would be fighting schools of fishes that can fight back. Thankssss."]

The message appears as if he was requesting but both of them knew what it really is. And they both accept it. It has been the status quo since the very beginning of their friendship. To use each other to the best of their capabilities.

Some might think that Evo was always on the losing end, however, the truth of the matter was the stronger Jun became, the stronger Evo's position becomes.

"So have you decided whether to come with us or not? You've seen the natural growth of carriers. They could just come back and attack the mansion with a bigger number, while you watch and wait for the end."

Jun stared at Luke waiting for his response and it came packaged with a condition that was a bit expected.

"We will, but you have to promise our safety and well being," Luke replied hopefully.

"I have no obligation to that and that's not how things work back in town. You can learn to adapt to live or stay here, your choice. We're only having this talk since my underling's subordinate cares about you."

Also, you've given some help with providing useful information. But I won't tell you that.

Luke stared at Matt staring at him with the whites of his eye. It was as if the blind man was begging him to reconsider staying here and come with them. He could even feel the man's resolute will to follow after the young miss.

The two already learned of each other. Matt was the person the young miss visits whenever she runs away from home, while Luke was the butler who forcefully leveled up the young miss by making her last hit numerous pinned down regular carriers. A great example of a grand idea with poor execution.

After having a staredown, Luke agreed and packed everything they needed. The little girl stared at a family picture displayed in the hallway.

"Jane, let's go," Luke called after noticing the young miss slowing down.

Jane Zantua gazed at the wide hall one last time before grabbing a smaller family picture by the side.


The group didn't waste any time and boarded the Fiery Dragon. Edward started the jeepney and they made their way to their destination. 

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》