Trash in the Apocalypse
271 Information Leak
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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271 Information Leak

In the next few days, Black Haven and the towns under it experienced peacefulness. It was as if the world didn't change and there were just fewer people around.

Luke Baslot became the person in charge with the soon to be Black Haven's food-manufacturing port town. The task was truly important for someone who doesn't work with Black Havenm but with the promise of survival education for him and the Young Miss, he accepted the job.

The uptown district of the town would become the new town center since it was closer to the marked wild dungeon. The unloading would be faster and the shipping would become a breeze.

A dock was being made on the shore using logs of wood and piles of stone. These people were hired labor under the newly established Labor Union.

The Labor Union was Bernard's attempt to get rid of building and manufacturing requests from the mission panel. He wanted the mission panel to only give missions that require a certain difficulty so people can't just spam requests like "craft me wooden spears", "craft me bbq sticks", and the crazier ones were "jog with me for 10mins".

Although malicious people who were definitely causing trouble and trying to find loopholes were warned and punished by Evo, it still takes a lot of time and the two of them decided that something needs to be done.

The Labor Union was a sister program of the mission panel. It can be accessed on a different tab and doesn't yield agent points. No one would probably use it now that things have changed, but Black Haven could take advantage of this.

With the Mission Panel and the Labor Union on different browser tabs, people could clearly see the real missions from now on. And if someone tried to register a labor mission into the mission panel instead of the Labor Union tab, the user would be warned or banned depending on his next actions. 

Looking for actual fishing boats with cranes would take some time. Even the basic fishing boats that had automatic pullers were already gone from the piers a long time ago.

This problem was solved by using a lot of manpower. Five sturdy metal rods with nets tied on them were attached on both sides of the boats. The hauled fish would be placed on the rods and two people would grab one rod and carry them up on their shoulders.

After the hauled fish got out of the water, people at the boat would pull the bounty into the boat and would repeat the process. The veteran fishermen and the newly recruited fishermen worked together.

Four boats were used and one hundred people were alternating on catching the fishes. Everyone knew that these hundreds of fish would give people a lot of hope in terms of food and they were proud to be involved in it.

Each haul had fifty or so fishes caught in the net and it takes around ten minutes or less, depending on how fast the baits could gather the fishes to form a school and swim back to the trap.

Besides the fishes, every also realized that they can't keep staying underwater for a long time due to hypothermia. It should have been a basic precaution for fishermen, but even them actually forgot about this problem due to excitement.

In total, Black Haven had around seven thousand survivors to provide food for and they need more fishermen if this was to be achieved. 

Luke Baslot didn't shy out from his responsibilities and even welcomed it. He missed the feeling of working for something, knowing that it will give him security and stability.

The proper venues were arranged and being modified. The people involved were already designated.

He looked forward to working for Black Haven the more he saw how they do things.

Morong received additional farmers from the Labor Union.

With the freeloaders moving north due to the secured promised land abundant with food and water, the conversion of the people became easier.

After Jun built a faction hall and sent the first batch of milkfish they caught when they cleared all the mutated milkfish on the fishpond dungeon, the residents became more appreciative of him. They trusted him quicker for solving the food problem and registered to become a citizen of Black Haven.

Everyone was briefed about the current towns owned and the future direction the Guild plans on taking. The new currency was introduced together with the mission panel and the types of account cards available.

The people were divided to skilled and average guys. The farmers were given the task to tend the land and the harvest would be paid in full. 

Most of the people had their own skill sets and they filled their forms to the best of their capability to ensure that they would receive the right job.

Matteo was thankful for the help given to the people and was happy that he made the right decision to work for Jun. He received a unique watch that could open a hologram that leads to a chat program.

Seeing how things were looking, it wasn't impossible that he could have been killed and someone else would take his place if he rejected the offer.

All town managers, Matteo and Marvin, were shocked at the extra benefit of the faction hall.

One could receive EXP even while sleeping!

How wonderful was that!

Jun gave them some time to give him ten names and he would whitelist them, so they could enter the faction hall without needing to ask for permission.

Angono also finally received a Faction Hall while Cardona had none. It was inevitable since there is not enough gold. In the whole of Black Haven territory, only two dungeons produce gold.

Due to the petition for fair use, the three top factions had to give up the monopoly and only took one day of entry each. Although they agreed, it didn't come without certain conditions. The remaining four days would still remain almost the same. One day would be for the small factions while the rest of the days would become a free for all.

Everyone settled with that to prevent further disputes. They wouldn't have to actually do this if the dungeons at Taytay didn't turn into wild ones after the portal got destroyed.

Also, according to Marvin, monsters that appear on the red portal started becoming slightly stronger. Even the regular carriers have tougher bodies than usual.

It seems like other areas weren't doing as fine as them.

The world was vast and life would sometimes depend on luck.

Jun helped with clearing Taytay of its carriers.

To everyone's surprise, survivors were coming back to their houses trying their lucks out. It must be emphasized that most of the residents of this town were evacuated into the stronghold, then transferred to Antipolo city. It seems like a small percentage of people were sentimental and couldn't live the past behind.

Taytay's wild dungeon was a Living Forest. A small area was transformed into an enchanted forest and had tree people wandering inside. The tree people's skin was rough tree barks and they turn into wooden logs after death.

While clearing the town, he couldn't help but remember his mother. It's been only a week and yet he couldn't help but get worried every time he gets reminded of it.

The National Police successfully made contact with the stronghold. Thanks to crucial information that he hasn't shared, the military was forced to escort them to Antipolo City.

It wasn't that Paolo Canlas was making it hard for the military. He just preferred talking to a government official rather than the military since he knew that the final decision would still lay in their hands.

After getting on a meeting with top officials, every police officer at the Binangonan branch would be granted citizenship and housing compounds if they decided to move in, together with remuneration money to start a new life and settle down.

He gave them the summary and the basic research of Black Haven. In return, he was given a promotion and a new home, yet he wasn't happy. 

Nor his colleagues that came with him.

After giving the useful pieces of informations; portal repair, dungeons, and wild dungeons, everyone felt a sense of emptiness inside them.

Some even felt regret for what they did.

With the information given by the National Police, the hunts and scavenging runs became swifter. The survivors at the city received more jobs to hunt wild dungeons from nearby towns, while the army seized control of the stable dungeons in the city.

The government officials and the military were already planning on crediting money to people since they were running low on cash. Although the money still circulated in town, most of the people saved it for when they really needed it. 

After learning a small town was using fake money as a new standard, they pushed forward and made credit and gold as n alternative currency.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》