Trash in the Apocalypse
284 Increased Difficulty?
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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284 Increased Difficulty?

"We will follow the previously appointed places. We will take west, the Frontier to the north, and the National Police to the east. The Alliance would guard the south. Individuals could roam around and do as they want. However, be mindful of kill-stealing."

 As soon as Jun finished speaking, the Pillar of Light dropped down from the western front, The survivor groups went into a frenzy and ran into their designated areas. 

The Black Haven had less than one hundred people with them, and yet not a single one thought that they might fail. They were the most geared and golden spoonfed with resources. If even they could fail, how could the others fair?

Powerful individuals tend to go solo. A great example was the masked beauty with a mutated pet dog. Since the rules were clear, most individuals chose to go for more profit. They would roam everywhere to take advantage of the rule.

Edward's Fiery Dragon brought the four of them towards the west. The western patrolmen were already running away upon seeing the horde of evolved carriers running at them.

The jeepney stopped at the gas station and the four got off to welcome the horde. Patrolmen were gleefully running past them and started activating the teleport rune. They were caught off guard earlier and couldn't activate the teleport rune in time. Faced with charging Destroyers, they could only run away hoping for lady luck to save their lives. 

There were nine combatants on the western front; four were from Black Haven, while the rest were individuals. Two were mutated dog owners, both female, while the rest were men in their mid and early twenties.

Both women had a gorgeous body. It might seem that appearance could be one of the factors for taming a pet or and an individual's charm.

The three men appeared calm even after seeing the wave of charging Destroyers who appeared to be excited for seeing living flesh.

The five individuals waited for Black Haven to make the first move.

Jun didn't care about their motives or plans. There were about twenty Rank 1 Destroyers charging at them. The battle hasn't started and he already decided that all of them would belong to Black Haven! He wouldn't give this opportunist b*stards to get some of their loot!

"I will charge together with Edward and Sheila. Adrian, use your sniper rifle and don't save on bullets. Reduce the numbers as much as possible from the backline. Only allow the Scavengers to follow us after the enemy numbers went below fifteen."

"Alright," Adrian answered, pulling a Marine Scout Sniper Rifle or MSSR. It was another semi-automatic designated marksman rifle Jun received from the army.

"Let's go. Edward, use your energy to attack while we test the durability of these bad boys." Jun instructed while clanging his Bumuth's Warhammer to his Tier 3 Fantasy Shield crafted from Rank 3 Destroyer's shoulder guard. 

The horde of Rank 1 Destroyers were already attracted to Jun's vanguard group and become more agitated after hearing the clanging sound.

At this moment, a loud echo came from behind, bursting the eyeballs of one of the leading Destroyers. The dead body fell down and caused slight disarray on the formation.

Jun didn't waste time and immediately sprung forward, waving the Warhammer with one hand, while having the shield in front of him. His whole body was fully covered from knees to chest.

The swing cleaved a Destroyer's face and caused a vertical line on its cheek. Though it some dealt damage. the attack only infuriated the Destroyer more.

Jun watched the infuriated Destroyer raise its arms and brought down a two-handed slam towards him. The strike arrived when he landed and he was able to brace for the impact.

He tensed his arm and thighs as he waited for the impact. However, only a soft 'dong' resounded, followed by a slight knockback.

Jun was astonished when he realized that the new shield almost completely negated the attack from a Rank 1 Destroyer! It was too weak compared when he manually clashes with the Destroyers!

After the two-handed slam, Jun took advantage of the recoil period the Destroyer had to endure for a second and stabbed through the eyes like how a Spartan from the movies would.

His form. Perfect!

Jun pulled the Warhammer back and could see blood and flesh from the sharp tip of the weapon. There were three main ways to attack with the Warhammer; pounding with he sledgehammer, cleaving through the ax, and stabbing through the tips.

The wide array of attacks is one of the reasons why Jun liked Bumuth's Warhammer over everything else.

While Jun was busy killing a Destroyer for his own, Edward and Sheila were busy working together. Edward would block any incoming attacks with the Fantasy Shield with additional energy thorns.

The thorns were pikes summoned on the surface of the shield, causing the attacker to impale themselves on their own. Thanks to the shock absorption of the shield, he didn't have to worry about getting exhausted. Additionally, he runs on full endurance, so it would take a long time for him to get exhausted.

Heck, even Jamie was having a difficult time with his endurance.

After Edward successfully impairs the enemy, Sheila would then stabbed them to death. It doesn't matter whether they were tall or shakes their head while trying to pull their hands out. Sheila only needed a second to aim and thrust the spear before killing them. It was even better when Destroyers bellows at them since she can have a better aim at their head.

Adrian was continuously firing and controlling the pace of the battle from the backline. Although Jun told him to stop saving ammo, he couldn't fire rapidly since accurate lethal shots were better.

He would alternate from Jun and Edward, making sure that not too many Destroyers could approach them.

Seeing the stable scene, the individuals who were watching from the sidelines were stupefied. They were here to take advantage of the situation, but from the way how things looked, it wouldn't be impossible if they didn't even get one evolved carriers for themselves!

By the time they decided to join the fight, the battle was already at its end. Jun smashed a Destroyers head on the side, causing it to fall down to the crowd unconsciously.

Jun turned back and frowned, then he shouted at Adrian. "Why is there no one looting?! If they respawn, do we need to take care of them once again?"

Adrian yelled back. "I'm sorry! Things happened too quickly, and I forgot."

After getting reminded of their jobs, the Scavengers woke up from their daze and run forward.

That's right! Everyone was dazed because everything happened in an instant. Even before the opportunist individuals could react, the battle has already ended. There was no chance for them to obtain loot!

In the past, Jun's group still had trouble fighting tens of Destroyers on their own. However, at that time, they were only using inferior weapons, trying to gauge themselves. They didn't become stronger, they were just better armed!

The Fantasy Sheild and the MSSR offered a great boost on the clearing power of the group!

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》