Trash in the Apocalypse
285 Confession of a Lovestruck Succubus
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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285 Confession of a Lovestruck Succubus

The solo survivors couldn't do anything about the situation. They could only watch in awe as the Scavengers strode forward and started dismantling the Destroyer's carcasses. 

The Scavengers expertly separated the bones from the flesh and collected the essence shard at the heart and gem stats in the brain. It was a great haul considering that Wave Monsters always drop the gem stats, which is power for Destroyers.

The Scavengers were feeling proud at the moment. The scene that they witnessed would forever be in their minds. Could they also become strong like them if they train hard enough?

After gathering everything, Jun congratulated his group. "Let's relax for a bit. You can go stroll around if you want. Just make sure that you don't interfere with other groups clearing operations."

Everyone answered, "Yes!"

Edward rushed back to the compound and shared the good news with everyone. He told tales of how majestic he was and the power within him.

"So, it goes like this. The Destroyers would strike my shield, then bam! Blood would splatter as they got injured by my thorns. Afterward, Sheila would stab them with the spear, and they couldn't react in time before dying off. Hahaha!"

"So, you were just the usual meat shield?"

"Come on! It's teamwork! Teamwork!"

Jun, on the other hand, was stopped by a masked female riding a mutated dog. She blocked his way every time and he couldn't do anything about it unless he dealt with her. He tried moving faster, and yet the mutated dog was behind and was even more of a barrier. It's tongue out and breathing roughly as if it was enjoying Jun's suffering.

He turned and faced the masked girl. "What do you want? This better be good."

"I want you as my husband. Marry me."

"Pfft!" Jun almost spat the imaginary water in his mouth. The words spoken by the masked woman was utterly shocking to the core.

People were still on their teleport channelings and could hear the hot juicy confrontation, but decided to not stay any longer after seeing Jun's complexion.

Under the hot scorching rays of the sun, in the middle of the road, the two were facing off as if they were going to shoot each other to death. However, this wasn't a cowboy shootout, but a love confession in the apocalypse.

Jun examined her expressions and could concur that she meant what she said. He doesn't understand why nor was he even interested.

Seeing Jun's disinterest, the woman took her mask off.

At this time, they were alone and everyone else has already gone far away.

Her fair beautiful face presented itself to Jun. The exquisite form of her body perfectly aligned with the sharp contours of her face.

She appeared mature with no signs of innocence at all. Her whole body exerted an inexplicable sense of exoticness that would make any man long for her. 

But for Jun, the overly high charm stat of the woman served no purpose in charming him. In the end, the woman was the one who remained lovestruck with Jun.

Love couldn't happen at first sight. Something must be done in order for love at first sight to work. In Jun's case, it was when he helped the girl from Old John's garage.

He stared at the woman and found her familiar, but couldn't pinpoint exactly where he had seen her.

"My name's Lynnana. We don't need to be lovey-dovey or anything. We can just even meet for s*x. I want your body and money, nothing else. Fair deal?"

Lynnana combed her hair to her ears as if showing off her feminine attractiveness while blinking twice and smiling tenderly at Jun.

At the start of the apocalypse, she got captured by men and got played around. Until one day when monsters broke into their hideout and she managed to kill everyone while they were distracted.

She gained a disgusting innate ability and a set of skills that reminded her daily of her past self.

"I'm a succubus. I'll get benefits as long as you *explode* in me. You've shown me kindness, so you must do it until the end. Do you remember a dirty woman at the garage? I was that dirty girl. If we can't become husband and wife, then at least become my sugar-daddy. Just visit me a few times a week."

"Don't get me wrong. If I'm going to use my body to collect *explosion*, I might as well do it with someone strong who can give more %stats, while repaying my gratitude. I know I'm forcing myself into you, but I have to do everything I can to survive. At least, if I become a bit stronger, I can slap the sh*t out of those guys when I meet them in hell."

Lynnana was brought back to the light by Jun's kindness. The food he gave her sparked doubt in her and made her stop sucking off essences from men. Her usual modus would be to seduce men and have s*x with them before killing them. That way, she could become stronger faster and stop using her body.

She observed Jun for a long time and found him a genuine man. Unfortunately, he was already taken at that time.

She still gathered *explosions* from other men to become stronger. When she got stronger and tricked the mutated dog at the apartment buildings, she was able to break free from the hellish cycle of her nightlife.

And here she was, after finding no one hovering around Jun, she decided to make her move. If she was going to pimp herself, she would choose Jun with no hesitation. 

Jun suddenly remembered who she was. She was that woman who begged him not to kill her "friend", the seductive woman that talked to her while he was browsing the job board, and the beautiful woman that tried to hit on him.


Lynnana knew not to push her luck, but she won't easily give up. Her foe was nowhere to be seen and the fort was empty.

This was the only chance she could get to sway the most influential man in the region!

She bowed slightly and stepped closer to Jun, then hugged him softly while muttering. "Thank you for helping me at that time. I will never forget it. I will treasure it in my heart and will always think of you."

Teleport runes escaped her body and lit up their surroundings. A few seconds later, she disappeared and left Jun standing in the middle of the road. A frown could be seen in his face as residual sparkles from the teleport can be seen scattered around him.

"What in the world??" 


Jun got surprised and turned around. He saw the mutated dog staring at him furiously, then watched it turned around and left while repeatedly scoffing softly. 

After some preparation time, the Pillar of Light appeared in the northern part of the town. The National Police was already fighting the rat invasion from the broken dungeon when the second wave occurred. Thirty Rank 1 Hunters appeared when the light covering the summons disappeared.

Now, the National Police have to fight two waves of monsters due to Black Haven's disgusting clearing speed. The sudden arrival of the second wave was unexpected and caught them by surprise.

At the start of the town siege, both tamed dungeons broke their barriers and started invading the town. The dungeon's main goal was to destroy the tamed portal at the center of the town. It was made like this so that carriers could enter the heart of the town at any time through the wild portal.

The National Police was filled with volunteers. Although they weren't the strongest, they were battle-hardened from fighting and rescuing deep into enemy territory. Besides, they have an ace in their group.

A mute girl who has a mutated pet dog.

Jennie was silently watching over the survivors killing the rats and harvesting their resources. It was the time of the month where they could obtain delicious meat for free.

Upon seeing the charging horde of Hunters, Jennie immediately dashed towards them without fear. Junnie followed after her with his tail wagging. The two didn't need to talk since they could communicate through feelings. They could directly understand each other by just glancing at each other.

The solo survivors were already killing giant rats and venting their frustrations from earlier. When they saw the Hunter horde, they immediately abandoned the rat horde and charged forward.

They wouldn't make the same mistake of playing too safe.

What if this girl and her pet could clear everything here!? They can't get sweeped again!


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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》