Trash in the Apocalypse
289 The End of the Beginning
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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289 The End of the Beginning

After successfully planting the minute-stones inside the Destroyers body, Jun shouted at the top of his voice: "Everyone, get back!"

He was expecting the Destroyer to explode from the inside and might send those black plates flying. If someone accidentally got hit by those plates, they would receive too much damage or would probably die.

The Destroyer felt something unfamiliar within its body. When it found out what it was, it was already too late and the minute-stones already started growing.

As the minute-stones expanded, the legs and stomach which received most of the stones suddenly bulked up. It was like a side-effect of someone who frequently used steroids to gain muscles.

A Destroyer's skin was naturally tough and resilient from the outside while soft from the inside. Due to the sudden expansion, the skin couldn't contain the boulders that developed inside its body.

The outer skin stretched like it was a pregnant woman, before producing visible cracks and getting torn down, birthing boulders from the legs and stomach.

As the boulders fell forward, the Destroyer howled in pain as chunks of its stomach and leg muscles disappeared. It appears like an injury when you pop the chickenpox from your skin and sustains a chunk of missing flesh.

With its leg muscles gone, the Destroyer couldn't support its body weight and plummeted down. The stomach remained with only the upper torso remaining as blood continued to trickle out.

The ground trembled as the Destroyer fell into a kneeling position. Even while kneeling, the Destroyer still easily towered at three meters, only allowing its chest area to be reached.

The Destroyer's bones were so durable that even when the front flesh was missing, it could still kneel stably while only having the rear flesh of the leg intact.

It felt pain.

It was scared.

However, a guiding voice inside its head was forcing it to continue fighting and kill these people. Only after he destroyed a certain structure could he be freed from this guiding voice.

Infuriated, it looked around and searched for the person it hates. With two muscular arms, it picked the boulder laying in front then hurled it to Jun with overwhelming speed and power.

Jun observed every movement of the Destroyer and hope reignited inside him. Although the Destroyer was tough and strong, it has become a lot slower due to its bodyweight!

Even the throwing motion was so grand and easily predictable!

It was like a stone golem with shoddy materials, causing its every move to be filled with creaking noises.

With a quick maneuver, Jun effortlessly dodged the boulder thrown at him. After evading, he hurriedly shouted some encouraging words for everyone to hear.

"We can win this! Just fight like how we usually fight Destroyers and be more careful than usual! Its movements are hindered by its weight. However, it still had more strength than a Rank 3 Destroyer."

Adrian finished sending the message to Evo and joined the battle. Upon hearing Jun, he managed to think of a common tactic used against heavy opponents.

"Boss Jun! We need to disable its legs! If we can destroy its legs and stop it from moving, killing the Destroyer would be guaranteed!"


The plan was very generic and most survivors were already using it on Rank 1 Destroyers. If you get them down, you can pelt them with long-range weapons until they die. A single shot to the head is all it takes to finish the battle. The only risk with this plan was if the Destroyer covers its head with its arms, then everyone would be forced to a melee.

The first part of the plan was already set in motion. The Destroyer was now kneeling on the ground and could be attacked from afar. Now, they just have to kill it.

Adrian raised the MSSR and aimed at the Destroyer. He quickly pulled the trigger after getting the target in the scope. If it hits, it would finish everything and they wouldn't have to stress about how to fight it.

However, the Destroyer already experienced this thing before. When it felt killing intent from the distance, followed by a loud roaring sound, it instinctively knew that it was the same person who almost killed it earlier. The Destroyer used the boulder it was holding as a shield and blocked the sniper shot.

Upon hearing a crisp echo from the boulder, the Destroyer didn't waste any time and charged for throwing momentum while searching for Adrian.

Adrian was shocked to see the Destroyer glaring at him, then the next thing he knew, there was a boulder flying towards him.

"Everyone, dodge!" he shouted while jumping to the side.

The boulder divided the Scavenger unit into two like how traffic divides itself when an ambulance passes by.

"We need to take care of its arms!" Sheila shouted, seeing the situation of the backline.

"Target the armpits!" Adrian shouted.

"Let me do it!"

Edward lunged forward upon seeing the Destroyer aim another boulder at the backline. While the Destroyer had its arms arch backward, he summoned an energy spike to pierce through the Destroyer's armpit.

And it worked!

The Destroyer was slightly weakened and the boulder slipped from its grasp, dropping behind it.

Jun took this chance to go on the opposite side and sneakily throw shining pebbles towards the hole in the stomach. 

Unfortunately, the Destroyer was already guarded with his little pebbles. It blocked the pebbles with its large arms and covered the hole, so Jun couldn't do anything about it.

Left with nothing to do, Jun stabbed the rear portion of the legs hoping that he could create shallow stabs to put minute-stones in.

While doing so, he noticed a peculiar thing about the Destroyer's legs. The missing flesh was regenerating! It was magically getting repaired from the inside, making him overlook the process.

At the same time, when the tip of the Warhammer was about to hit the rear flesh of the leg, its muscles tensed up increasing its resilience.

Since Jun was exerting more force than usual, the tip of the Warhammer shattered after it struck the target.

The Destroyer wanted too conserve energy and wait for its natural regeneration to heal itself, but it got caught doing so.

Knowing that Jun already discovered its recovery, the Destroyer allocated more energy to its wounds to heal faster.

For monsters, the energy they have was their life. Every time they use it for something, it would permanently be gone. They would need to hunt other beings with raw energy or absorb them directly from the sun.

It started crazily regenerating while defending itself. It was now truly pissed beyond compare. It was still learning earlier, but now it had to do everything, so it could survive.

With the increased energy output on healing, the missing flesh was being restored in a blink of an eye. Jun watched dumbfoundedly as the injury disappeared without even leaving a scar.

The Destroyer slowly stood and towered like a building once more. The shade it offered was cool, yet scary at the same time.

After standing, the first thing it did was to kick the boulders towards Adrian's group. As if playing soccer, the Destroyer consecutively kicked the boulders away. In the process, it was able to injure and kill dozens of unsuspecting Scavengers beside Adrian.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》