Trash in the Apocalypse
290 The Beginning of the End, Part 1
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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290 The Beginning of the End, Part 1

"Help me! My legs! I can't feel my legs!"

Chaos. Bloodshed.

For the first time during a town siege, some people actually died from Black Haven.

Adrian hurriedly rolled to the side and only stopped when he felt it was safe. He slowly stood up and assessed his surrounding.

A quarter of the Scavenger unit has died. Everywhere he looked, there were dismembered bodies. The area had holes in the ground as if a cannon struck the place.

"Everyone who can still move, help bring the injured back to the town. Those who are still conscious, teleport at the same time, and hurry to the doctor's clinic!"

Scavengers who were severely injured were barely hanging by a thread. Some were even unconscious and might die any time when their Health bleeds out.

With this incident, people will learn about group teleports. Survivors who tearfully teleported back with their loved ones in their arms noticed that they arrived at the same position at the town plaza, instead of having some space apart.

As long as a small group of people was in physical contact with each other, they can teleport back to the town at the same time. The only catch was that they have to activate the teleport runes at the same time.

This discovery can be considered worthless or an exceptional idea depending on a group's motive.

Only the lead activator could decide where the group would teleport. That means this discovery could be used as an invasion tool for raiding a Tamed town.

Teleporting to a Tamed Portal needs a one-time physical interaction with the portal. If ten people received the portal rune, they could bring ten people each, and perform a surprise raid with one-hundred people.

What about if a hundred people had received the portal rune? A thousand? 

People with evil intentions could visit you at night and you'll be dead before you could even scream.

Adrian watched the continuous stream of disappearing people. He waited for everyone to get out of the area before raising his MSSR.

The Destroyer has fully regenerated. It doesn't need to block its stomach since there was no hole anymore.

Edward and Jun could barely injure the Destroyer. After experiencing the first combination attack of the group, the Destroyer gave its all to defend. Its muscle tensed as energy healed every small stab that appears.

The group took advantage of the Destroyer's weakness. The slow movement speed and attack speed.

Edward and Jun circled around every time they attacked. This caused the enemy to respond and rotate slowly.

Jun focused on the kneepits. It was the closest weak point that he could attack, while Edward used energy spikes to pierce the armpits. They were trying to do it fast enough, but the recovery speed was still faster than the rate they can deal damage.

Sheila was reduced to a supporting position after her spear broke. She already learned distance activation and could heal and cure at a distance. The way distance activation was quite simple; it was all about the aura.

Aura was created by scattering small bits of energy in the surrounding. With Sheila's energy forming a small circle with her as the center, she could instantaneously activate a skill.

Normally, she needs to touch the individual to heal them. It was due to the transfer of healing energy into the person's body. With the aura helping to scatter the energy, Sheila doesn't need to get close before she could activate her skills.

A minute passed.

Everyone from Black Haven has already eaten energy fruits twice. The Destroyer could see the humans in front getting reinvigorated after eating those green fruits, but it couldn't do anything about it.

"This feels like a boss monster! An extremely grindy one! Even so, this lord will triumph over this difficulty and become much stronger! Spinning Energy Stab!" Edward talked nonsense with a smile. He believes that spouting rubbish could sometimes increase the damage dealt by an ability.

In a sense, it was true for him. His abilities were directly controlled by his energy. Any form of motivation or imagination could increase his power output. If he believes that his skills were strong, then they would be strong. If the thinks that they don't deal much damage, then it would do so. It was a hidden trait of the Pioneer title affecting his skills, due to the freedom in control he has over energy.

After hearing his remark, everyone calmed down and treated the battle more calmly. Repeated actions, leads to a repeated response. 

Every time the Destroyer raises its hand, they would watch its trajectory before dealing some damage. Afterward, they would dodge the attack and continue hitting the target.

Even though they couldn't see the damage, they knew they were slowly whittling down the enemy. If its Health wasn't receiving damage, its energy would.

At this moment, everyone felt complacent. The Destroyer raised two arms in the air, which is a new attack pattern, but no one paid attention to it and continued attacking.

Usually, the Destroyer would send jabs at Edward and Jun when it suddenly performed a two-handed slam on the already cracked ground.

The ground shook as a powerful shockwave caused further damage to the road. The asphalt layer cracked in a web-like manner while the already cracked ones rose up and pointed their edges towards the sky. Some small parts of the road became fragments that assaulted the team.

Jun and Edward flew back and hit a raised asphalt, causing some blunt pain in their back. Both kneeled, staring dazedly at the towering Destroyer.

Adrian continuously fired covering fire while the three front liners busily protected themselves from the impact. When the Destroyer was rotating in response to their attacks, he couldn't do anything but watch in the back. As the person who has the greatest accuracy in the team, he remained true to his task of dealing the killing blow.

Adrian's actions made the Destroyer furious but it could only defend. Its left hand was used to defend its head while the other to attack. The boulders have already returned to pebbles a long time ago. However, there were newly raised stones to kick around. 

The Destroyer arched its foot in a kicking motion and sent a raised asphalt on Adrian's direction. The asphalt turned into small pieces after receiving the force from the kick.

Numerous small stones flew like meteors towards Adrian. He used his extreme agility to run out of the danger zone. Afterward, he heard explosions as the nearby housing had their roofs and walls pierced by the small stones. The small stones were nowhere to be seen as it already turned into dust upon impact.

In the distance, a tricycle could be seen stopping upon witnessing the ensuing chaos, Its passenger couldn't do anything but get off the vehicle and run the remaining ground.

Adrian heard the tricycle leaving and subconsciously turned his head. There, he saw Evo breathing roughly while running as fast as he can.

"What's the situation?" Evo asked while catching his breath.

"The enemy has exaggerated healing and defense. We've been attacking it for a long time and we can't kill it. Currently, the fight has become a battle of attrition."

At this moment, Evo opened a sachet of peanuts. To be clear, he wasn't hungry. He eats peanuts every time he was stressed or is thinking of something. At this moment, it was both.

He was a low-leveled individual with low stats. How can he contribute to the battle? The question came fast, and the answer faster.

"Take this." Evo handed Adrian a D-size battery, the largest battery of the small group. "Hold both ends and charge them with energy. Throw it at the Destroyer's stomach. If you're accurate enough, no one would get damage except for the Destroyer."

"Do I need to be the one to throw it?" Adrian asked feeling troubled. He didn't even ask what the item was about since he had some spare triple-A's with him. Seeing that this battery was thrice the size of the triple-A's, he felt immense pressure holding it.

"I have terrible aim and I suck at throwing. Just warning them should be fine. The battery has a controlled explosion and doesn't scatter more than one meter of the contact radius."

'You're acting like this is nothing!'

Although he was still feeling afraid, Adrian went closer for a more accurate throw. His actions risked his life since he could get attacked by pulverized stones at any time. 

With his arms pulled back, he threw the energized battery into the target. The chest of the Destroyer was high and bug enough to not miss. While the battery was still on its flight, Adrian yelled: "Step back!"

As Edward and Jun defended with their shields, they heard Adrian's warning and mindlessly followed. It was trust developed by fighting numerous battles. These people have been together for a long time and any warning that came from one another can be treated as truthful.

And they were right to trust him.

Moments later, a soft ding sounded as the energized battery struck the Destroyer's chest. It didn't have any chance to bounce off as it exploded immediately.

A thundering explosion echoed in the surrounding as black smoke filled the area.

When the smoke disappeared, everyone witnessed the dire straits of the Destroyer. It was bloodied all over and has burnt patches on most parts of its chest. Its nose was bleeding and its eyes appeared dazed.

It might be thinking of its mommy or why it was still here...

The shock didn't last long. When its eyes regained clarity, the first thing it saw was Adrian staring directly in puzzlement.


Adrian watched as the Destroyer raged and went berserk. Its eyes turned bloody-red and he could feel its desire to kill him. He could even translate the furious roar it did into simple words.

'You're dead meat, M.F.!!!

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》