Trash in the Apocalypse
292 Exchange of Resources
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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292 Exchange of Resources

The fight with Rank 4 Destroyer attracted most of the survivors to the western front.

The monsters summoned to all other directions were a lot weaker than the first waves the people fought, causing the lead factions to felt intrigue on the explosions at the Black Haven's side.

There, they saw the outcome of the battle and the ensuing fight. No one was able to help Black Haven since they weren't even confident about taking on such a high level of an enemy.

The other towns weren't attacked. In the first place, only towns with lord and territories were sieged monthly. The most problem that these free towns had was the incoming monsters from the wild portals. 

The regular carriers have been upgraded. They have better resilience and attack speed. Their nerves were showing as black blood flow through them. The web-cracks on their eyes have also increased and their eye colors changed into void-black from the usual brilliant yellow.

In the future, these would be known as the effect of carriers not getting energy from humans. These black-eyed carriers failed from attaining ascendence and evolution. These carriers would only grow stronger and remain as fast running carriers for the rest of their lives.

For carriers to evolve, there must be some catalyst for them to use. Any kind of catalyst is accepted. Burned in flames then reached evolution. Submerged in water and reached max energy.


However, if a carrier only absorbs energy from the world, it could only remain as itself and become stronger on its own.

Back at the marketplace...

Jun stopped himself from touching the body. Due to excitement, he forgot that looting like this would yield fewer resources than if he did it manually. He manually harvested the body by using the Butcher skill. With the Destroyer dead, the following tasks were done without resistance.

After harvesting everything from Destroyer, Jun congratulated everyone for their hard work. In this town siege, they got a lot of low-tier power essences on the first wave, while a mid-tier power essence appeared on the final wave. Together with the durable bones and the black plate armors, the loot they got was more overpowered than usual.

Even if they encounter a natural-born Rank 3 and 4 Destroyers in the future. They wouldn't have to turn tail and run. With this experience, they could hold their own and fight enemies as long as there weren't too many of them!

Besides luck, there's another reason why the group was able to gain victory over this hurdle. It was because the Rank 4 Destroyer doesn't have battle experience. 

For a Rank 1 Destroyer to reach Rank 2, it had to kill a lot of people and survive a lot of days. It would get hunted sometimes and experience would make it stronger when it survives. The lacking instinct of the enemy was the one that helped the group survive.

The summoned monster was like a newly hatched chick observing the world and was immediately sent into battle. Although it knew its strengths and abilities, it doesn't know how to plan nor fight effectively.

If it knew of any combo or knew that its enemies could plot against it, it would surely give its everything right at the start of the battle.

Unfortunately, it didn't and now it became the Black Haven's rarest resource.

The notification of the successful defense appeared and Jun happily shared the news with everyone.

"Evo, can you help me with something?"

The town was in a frenzy. The marketplace was crowded with people trying to sell Giant Rat meat at exorbitant prices. Even then, people are still buying them for the rarity and the unique texture it gives. Their hides could also be turned into leather if processed correctly.

While everyone was still enthusiastic about the event, Black Haven announced that it would sponsor a feast to celebrate the victory over the waves of enemies.

In the municipal building, the three large faction leaders were staring at each other. After exchanging some pleasantries, Paolo Canlas started the meeting.

"The loot distribution can be considered fair and unfair at the same time. You own what you kill. That's the rule we settled with. However, some waves appear to be too good to be monopolized by a single group."

"Yeah, I think owning most of the elemental orbs is too much! At least sell some to us!" Jun childishly responded.

"Then, are you willing to exchange some of your loot? I'd willingly do it in exchange for some weapons made from that Destroyer's bones." Alday Ruan replied knowingly. 

Jun groaned inside but continued smiling. The fight against the Rank 4 Destroyer has become the talk of the town.

The sight of Black Haven Scavengers returning in mass in the town plaza shocked everyone. The final wave was such an easy one, so how could Black Haven—the most geared and strongest faction receive too many casualties?!

This intrigued the survivors and numerous ambitious factions to investigate. They found out that Black Haven got unlucky to battle with a fearsome Destroyer, towering at five-meters tall. They don't even know what rank it was and could only infer that if they were the ones fighting it, they would never win.

After some consideration, Jun came with a decision. "Sure, one weapon would cost four elemental orbs."

"What!? Why don't you just rob me?"

"Sounds like a great idea!" Jun smiled fearsomely. If he wasn't remaining still on his seat, the bodyguards behind Alday Ruan would have already acted.

Alday Ruan's face twitched, but a smile remained on his face. "Brother Jun, I respect you a lot. I know you're not a bad person. However, trading four orbs for a single weapon doesn't seem right, don't you think so?"

Jun said. "Actually you're right. I think it should be five or six orbs per weapon, but since we're fellow survivors trying to make ends meet, I already gave you a discount."

Alday Ruan kept his composure, but deep inside, he was already cursing. 

Seeing his reluctance, Jun decided to explain. 

"The Destroyer we fought was already Rank 4. It caused two Tier 3 Fantasy Shields to barely survive against it. With a Tier 4 Weapon, you could kill anything you meet under a certain level. You could hunt anywhere you want, and clear anyplace you want. This would help you in a lot of things that you could imagine. So, what rank are those elementals again? I'm sorry, but I don't think those orbs have more value than my loot."

Alday Ruan remained silent after hearing Jun's explanation. Everyone in the room from a different faction didn't expect that the giant was a Rank 4 Destroyer. With all those bones and resources belonging to Black Haven, the power level would surely widen.

Alday Ruan decisively agreed. "I'll exchange for two weapons for eight elemental orbs. Do you have any specific requests on their ratio?"

"No, just keep them balanced."

"I would also like to exchanged for some weapons!" Paolo Canlas spoke after getting ignored for the past few conversations. 

Jun stared at him in confusion. "Do you have things of value?"

"I..." have nothing!

The National Police have nothing of value! Except for the Giant Rat meat they monopolized, the only resources they have were sharp claws and agile bones from Hunters. There was nothing else!

If he pushes himself a bit more, he could exchange some newly acquired guns for a weapon. But would the cunning brat accept his offer? In the end, he chose to take the chance.

"I have guns. I can exchange some guns for one bone weapon."

"You've met with the military? Jun frowned, then smiled. "How was it? Were they reliable? Were they truthful? Did you felt like you were saved?"

Jun sounded spiteful but still retained his smiling face. Seeing the troubled expression of Paolo Canlas, he diverted the topic back to the exchange.

"I can agree with that, but I want a quarter of your guns and half of your current ammunition. As a friendly reminder, I suggest having your officers train in melee combat. It would save a lot of resources that way."

"I'll keep your suggestions in mind." Paolo Canlas smiled eagerly. He was being robbed in daylight and yet he couldn't do anything but agree. If he were to refuse, the National Police would lose the opportunity to earn a Tier 4 Weapon!

It was an opportunity he couldn't miss!

After exchanging a few more ideas in mind, the meeting finally came to an end. There were a few major ideas implemented.

Any items that other factions want to be sold must be first sold inside their circle. If no one wants them, they can be sold outside. Also, a small percentage of the overall loot must be open for exchange. Any faction can exchange for things that they want for an equivalent value agreed by both parties.

As everyone got up, a small hand raised its hand. It was the new representative of the Alliance of Small Factions.

A female teenager who appeared frail, but confident. Priscilla Arabit, the student council president of the nearby University.

After Emman quit the role to join the Anna on the Elite unit, she took the spot with flying colors. Everyone from the small alliances trusts her. Her outgoing and lively personality easily gains her votes to become the representative. 

However, she was still inexperienced and felt pressured seating together with this caliber of people.

In the end, she could only speak when everyone was done speaking and were about to leave.

"I also want a weapon for the Alliance!" she uttered shyly with her lowered as if she was about to cry.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》