Trash in the Apocalypse
293 The Founding Day, Black Haven Empire
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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293 The Founding Day, Black Haven Empire

As the sun sets on the horizon, the solar-lamps started to lit up on their own. People were preparing for the feast that Black Haven especially sponsored.

Black Haven spent the whole afternoon to prepare for the feast and spread the news about the event. The venue for the event was set in the Northern Plains, just beside the new outpost of Black Haven. 

Long tables stretched far and wide to allow thousands of people to attend the event. Huge piles of firewood were scattered in the plains. To make sure that the bonfire wouldn't spread, there was an empty space around it as a safety measure.

Mia Logro's catering crew took care of everything that involves setting the place and cooking. Additional manpower was hired from the Scavenger unit to help with setting the place up. Most of the cooks were hired housewives that have basic cooking skills.

Aside from the First Army stationed at the Binangonan and Morong Tamed Portals, the towns under Black Haven were emptied for this impromptu event. 

Black Haven bought half of the Giant Rat meat that the National Police managed to loot with credit points. All of the Giant Rat meat would be used as dishes for the people.

When the time came, the whole Northern Plains was packed with people. Everyone had food and wines at their table. 

Jun didn't meddle with the people's happiness and watched the event quietly unfold inside the EXP Room at the Faction Hall.

It was a huge event caused by one simple reason.

The mass contract signing masked as oath-taking of the citizens.

After the meats and fishes were eaten, the wine bottle's toppled, Jun started his scheme.

He gathered everyone's attention by slowly climbing on an elevated stage and taking the microphone. He opened with pleasantries and congratulations to raise everyone's pleasant mood.

Drunk with the atmosphere, everyone clapped their hands fervently and showed their support over Jun.

"This is a night worth celebrating and I'm glad to see everyone enjoying their evenings. We are celebrating the successful defense against this month's town siege. We have a hunch that it would happen every month and two consecutive victory means a lot for us.

"That means that as long as we improve our offensive and defensive powers, we could easily survive. We can finally stop surviving and start living our lives.

"During this siege, there were brave survivors who became unfortunate. However, their sacrifices would not be in vain as it would serve as a reminder for everyone to push forward and remain strong. We will keep their memories in our hearts as we continue our journey forward.

"I would also like to announce, from now onwards, registered citizens of Black Haven will no longer need to pay for service fees and charges on all of Black Haven's services and establishments. The mission board and auction fees are waived. The Altar buff would also be free."

Hearing his announcement, everyone cheered and hailed Jun.

At the moment, no one could think straight and could only drown in the overwhelming atmosphere.

"Also, I would like to take this chance to introduce to everyone a very special person that would lead the Black Haven Army, King! King Laysiko, please come over the stage."

Jun waved his hand and pointed at a young man seated at the front table.

King appeared surprised, not knowing what to do. Errol slapped his back and pushed him off his seat.

"Don't act so timid! It doesn't seat you." Errol comforted his teammate. 

The two entered the Elite unit almost at the same time, but the other person was already high up in the hierarchy. It could be considered luck, but luck doesn't come without opportunity.

King paved his own path by following what he believes was right. His actions led him to a chance which he immediately grabbed and caused the opportunity.

Seeing his fellow member supporting him, King straightened himself and walked towards the stage. He stood in front of Jun filled with composure.

"How was the soldiers training?" Jun asked casually with the mic turned off. 

"I—We've been doing fine. The town reclamation training has been going on smoothly. Half of Baras has already been conquered. We're just taking a safe approach to clear the town since looters and unique carriers appear sometimes."

The people were surprised about the progress the First Army has achieved. It took a bit more than one month to completely reclaim the whole Binangonan. Although it was because of their weakness back then, no one really paid attention to those matters.

King received applause from everyone after unintentionally giving out the details of the military training.

"So, just to make things official, we'll have to do a public inauguration," Jun muttered, then turned the mic on. "King Laysiko, do you promise to lead the Black Haven Army to defend and stabilize our territory?"

King's eyes gleamed with excitement. "Yes!"

"Do you promise to quell rebellions and always act in the best interest of our people?"


"Due to your efforts and determination, I hereby appoint you as a Rank 1 Director of the Black Haven Army."

The members of Black Haven controlled the momentum of the event and started applauding. 

"On this day, I declare that Black Haven would branch off from the Republic and would be a sovereign of its own. Binangonan would now become Black Haven's Capital city with its bordering town as its territory. You would become our precious citizens!

"We will protect you! We will guide you." Jun raised his hand. "For living a better life!"

Jun doesn't care about the negative effects of his actions. No matter what he does, there would always be people who oppose it.

His actions only had one purpose.

To protect those who are dear to him.

His family. His friends. His people.

Paolo Canlas stared in disbelief at the familiar person up the stage. His heart burned with fury as an open rebellion was established in front of him.

As a law enforcer under a government agency, he couldn't accept the event happening in front of him.

"Stop!" He stood up while clenching his teeth.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》