Trash in the Apocalypse
294 Sorting Truths, Verified Citizens
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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294 Sorting Truths, Verified Citizens

Paolo Canlas bellowed. "Stop! Don't do this. You can still claim that you were just joking Jun. If you continue with this nonsense, as a police officer, I would be forced to arrest you."

The National Police' tables were on the far left of the venue. Next to them were the Frontier, followed by Black Haven and the Alliance of Small Factions.

After shouting, Paolo Canlas had a bad feeling about the strange atmosphere in the surrounding. It felt like he has become a party crasher that everyone hates.

At least, he saw some muddleheaded-people regaining their clarity. 

Jun didn't stop him and only stared at him. "Do you have anything to say?"

Paolo Canlas wanted to speak, but he felt his throat tighten up. He forced himself to open his mouth and mutter some words.

"You can't set up a new government when there's an existing one trying its best to save its people!"

"No, they're not. I've been at their so-called Outpost and Stronghold. You also visited them, right? That's why you were away for a few days. So, how was it? Would you like to share your experience with everyone? 

"Since you've been there, I'm sure you've reported about our situation. There are still survivors here. Are they going to send help and take us there? What's the government doing? Do they have any plans?

"Cos' when I got there, there was a division in the people. People were divided into their abilities. If you're weak, you'll be disregarded or be used as cannon-fodder. If you're useful, you would be used for manual labor. Only the elites live a stress-free life over there. Influential people take command of everything.

"I don't hate you personally. It's just that I don't trust my life nor the people I love to those kinds of people. The kind of people who only gives orders from the top and doesn't know what happens at the bottom.

"The old government has been weak in the past and yet it tried its best to prosper. However, the current government is full of corrupt leaders who don't care about its people. The only thing they care about is their personal interests, getting richer, and strengthening their factions.

"Is there anything you would like to deny? You visited Antipolo Stronghold. And yet, here you are, back at this small town. Can you explain to us what happened over there? Were you rejected and sent packing, or did you get promoted considering the new firepower you brought with you? What mission did they assign to you? Was it to protect the remaining survivors or to spy on us?"

Jun stared at Paolo Canlas with a calm attitude. The whole time he was speaking, he never shouted even once. His voice never trembled and showed how confident he was while speaking.

It was because he was speaking from his heart. All the frustrations inside him. All the questions he wanted to be answered. He poured all of them out.

He wanted to know.

As a faithful citizen of the old Republic, he wanted to know what the government's next actions would be. Would it be to save them or to watch by the side as if nothing was happening?

However, upon seeing Paolo Canlas ghastly face, regret welled inside him.

Paolo Canlas became the center of attraction for the whole party. Everyone could see his expression and the underlying meaning behind it.

Jun said with a wry smile. "I'm quite disappointed that you don't even dare answer. You are welcomed to stay here, but please don't cause too much trouble. Everyone here is already suffering enough."

Jun faced the crowd.

"Black Haven will protect its people!"

"We will guide you!"

"For living a better life!"

Unexpectedly, the National Police didn't leave after losing face. Paolo Canlas came clean and spoke truthfully in front of the crowd. 

The government wanted them to watch over this town and report in case there was trouble. Also, the so-called Stronghold was barely surviving with the number of people living inside it. Government officials have different goals in mind while citizens suffer in the background. 

Government officials want to stabilize the city, so they could safely live their lives before expanding and rescuing people. However, the military wasn't of the same idea. The military wanted to aggressively recapture nearby towns and cities, but the Government officials always have something negative to say and they can't argue with it.


The food supply has been going down steadily as more people entered the city. They were trying to cover it up with rising prices, but people will notice it once the supply goes under a certain level.

After hearing of the truth, the police officers who excitedly welcome the 'pioneer' group became dejected. They only recovered after they realized that the government officials were the problem. The Armed Forces were still reliable!

Currently, the old Republic was divided into two powerful organizations. The Military faction and the Government Official's faction.

The military respects and honors their oath, which is being taken advantage of by corrupt government officials. 

In the end, the National Police regained vigor and proudly raised their heads while survivors glanced at them in the party.

They will continue to uphold the justice they believe in and the oath they have sworn in.

To protect the people!

The time will come when the Armed Forces will regain control and their honor will return. But for now, they'll just have to stand at the side-lines for now and watch silently as a new government is born. 

In their minds, it was a temporary retreat to protect the people.

The Frontier and the Alliance had no qualms about the establishment of the new government. After witnessing the ruckus earlier, they further believed that joining under Black Haven was the right choice. 

When the party ended, registered Black Haven citizens could do the oath-taking on an installed booth to become verified citizens. Their account cards used for daily transactions literally transformed from being a credit card into an ID card.

Most of the population has converted into Black Haven citizens. Only the National Police remain alienated and stubbornly refused to join the new government. Most of the volunteers joined and become verified citizens, while police officers kept their pride.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》