Trash in the Apocalypse
295 First Army Graduation
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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295 First Army Graduation

In the middle of a ruined city, an army of heavily geared soldiers fought head to head with a large horde. The enemies were a mix of strengthened carriers and evolved carriers.

Strengthened carriers were the black-eyed carriers that patrols guarding the Wild Portals regularly encounters. They were the group of carriers that unfortunately didn't evolve and remain stuck at their initial form.

Although they remained the same, their power and resilience were increased. Their skin was tougher than usual while their claws and teeth became slightly sharper. They were like a half-hunter and half-destroyer that only has a quarter of their strengths. 

"Stay in formation. If you're running out of energy, swap out and let other people go! Don't be stingy with experience points. Regular carriers don't give that much!"

King shouted orders as he punched a Rank 1 Destroyer to death. Its head arched backward before its neck got torn off from the pressure spilling blood over him.

"Sh*t! I'll get scolded again by the laundry lady. Let's hope we get a batch of detergents in this town."

As a Rank 1 Director, King received a Tier 3 Short Sword that could easily kill anything Rank 2 and below.

He treasured the weapon badly and only used it when under siege by large hordes that might disrupt the training.

It's been two days since the town siege and everyone have adjusted to the things that happened. Truthfully, not much changed aside from the fact that Black Haven was now considered a ruling government inside its territories.

The survivors respect it and live a happy life.

The First Army was fighting the final horde they could find in town. Except for the few small groups of carriers, there was nothing else of threat that could stop their advance.

Every person in the First Army was armed with Tier 2 Swords and Shields. The swords and shields were smithed personally by Old John. The iron swords have ground bone from Rank 2 Hunters, giving them extra sharpness while the shields had ground bone from Rank 2 Destroyers, making them a lot stronger and sturdier. 

The soldiers were also given appropriate essences when they managed to loot a huge haul. It was an order from Jun to reinvest resources into the soldiers.

The First Army already had a huge improvement in terms of their cooperation. Two soldiers can now fight a Rank 1 Destroyer on their own, while Hunters could be fought by anyone singlehandedly as long as they were careful. Regular carriers weren't even a threat as long as there are people watching your back.

Initially, they could only grind slowly and whittle them from the outskirts of the town. However, the supplied weapons during the town siege become a great help in strengthening the army.

In the course of clearing the town, they've met all kinds of survivors. Friendly people who trust each other have become a thing of the past. If people wanted to survive in this town, they have to be cunning and not trusting towards each other.

This caused the locals to become wary of the group of bandits that suddenly arrived in town.

There were three kinds of survivors that the First Army met; the lucky. the cunning and the strong. Each people had their own groups they belong with which makes the First Army's day good or bad depending on who they encounter.

Survivors who tried their luck and communicated with the First Army were brought back to Morong after doing some inquiries. They would be under review for a few days before being asked whether they want to stay and become a citizen or leave and go back to the wild.

The First Army didn't even have to assign watchers since the citizens were doing the job on their own. Any newcomer who acted suspiciously would be reported to the Town Manager and be investigated. If the person was proven guilty of planning something bad, the person who reported would be given a reward money for helping the town maintain its peace.

This method was established due to people who had evil intentions towards the Tamed Portals. The security in Tamed Portals has become more stringent than in Wild Portals.

The cunning and strong people were captured and brought to Jun for sentencing. Most of the time, these people were never seen again if they weren't able to justify their actions.

Cunning people always try to sabotage the First Army by performing various tricks. The most common was luring evolved carrier hordes in their direction, together with setting up ambushes in the area. Thankfully, these people weren't armed with guns, or else, there would be death casualties occurring. 

On the other hand, strong people tend to group together to lord over weak people. They could command others and live like kings since they can loot food whenever they wanted. Due to the arrival of the First Army, the town's situation has turned for the better. People started leaving them and switched sides.

Filled with anger, they tried to fight the First Army but miserably failed. The First Army has more knowledge of energy control. Even when the other side had unique active skills, the disciplined offense and defense still triumphed over uncoordinated attacks.

Everyone has gained unique skills, which means the better person who can wield the skill has a higher chance of winning. Also, the person who had more energy would always win.

With the basic skill package taught to them; Sprint and Reinforce, they were able to be victorious over any foe.

After successfully winning a battle of attrition with the horde of evolved carriers, the First Army performed a full sweep of the town killing all the remaining carriers nearby. Before the sunset disappeared on the horizon, the First Army was able to proclaim the town cleared of carriers.

King reported the matter too Jun. "Good work! Gather everyone at the Faction Base. I'll officially congratulate them. Also, choose the best student for this batch, I'll reward them with something."

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》