Trash in the Apocalypse
296 Unexpected Visi
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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296 Unexpected Visi

In the Northern Plains, the First Army stood in formation as Jun stood at the elevated stage. Passerby's who were accepting the Altar's blessing stopped by to watch the scene.

Jun stared at King who stood beside the First Army and immediately noticed the changes in the young man's temperament. King was typically serious, but the aura around him improved which made him look mature. His gaze, his posture, they have been refined and much sharper than before. It was the result of leading people into battle while making decisions that could kill or save a life. The immaturity remaining inside him has totally disappeared.

Jun subtly smiled and started speaking. "Congratulations to each and every one of you. The skills and experience you gained during this training period would surely help you in the coming days. You would be Black Haven's backbone that would help its citizens safe and territories protected."

"Please step forward if your names are called. Alonzo. Nicole. Jakobe. Dwayne. Jayce. Leonard..." Jun called ten names and made them line up in front of him. These ten people are the top candidates in becoming this batch's top trainee.

Most trainee's in the top ten were the temporary leaders during the training.

Jayce and Leonard were from the tank team. Both have supporting professions and proper skills that helped them maintain their status. Jayce was a bouncer from a night club while Leonard was a private bodyguard.

Jakobe and Dwayne were from the offense team, a barber, and a chef respectively. Both have precision skills that deals piercing damage and self-buff skills.

Alonzo and Nicole were both from the support team and were the most probable contenders for the top trainee position. Both people have unique skills that could turn the tides of any battle they were in. With everyone having the same physique and equipment, personal skills would be one of the deciding factors on who will become the strongest in the future.

"The name that I will call next will be this batch's most outstanding trainee. Please come forward, Alonzo."

Alonzo appeared shocked unable to believe what he just heard. He was a regular NEET with baggy eyes and unkempt hair. He doesn't have an obese body, but one might mistake him for being malnourished. Never once in his life had he felt appreciated before. It was only when he joined the First Army that people suddenly started relying on him.

Suddenly getting recognition because of a skill that he thought useless, he couldn't help but become emotional. Still, he held back his tears and started walking towards the stage.

Nicole, a fellow support main, an elementary teacher who helped give him confidence, congratulated him and patted his shoulders. The two were close friends since they usually stick to the back of the group.

"Congratulations, Mister Top Trainee," she said while chuckling softly like someone teasing a close friend. She had to look up and reach high since she was a head shorter than Alonzo. 

Alonzo blushed slightly and awkwardly replied. "T-thank you, Mam Nicole."

"I told you to stop calling me that. That makes it sound like I'm so old. I'm still in my late twenties, you know?" she responded with a pout jokingly before waving her hands sending him away. "Go on, don't let the leader wait. FIghting!"

Alonzo regained confidence after receiving encouragement from Nicole. For him, she was like a loving mother that he never had. A guide that lit the way and showed him the way forward.

He faced forward and climbed the stairs and proudly stood in front of Jun. He was socially awkward and appeared nervous at first, but upon seeing Jun's encouraging smile, he managed to calm himself. Afterward, he appeared natural and forgot about his fear of socializing.

"Congratulations Mister Alonzo. Please protect Black Haven's citizens and territories with all your might. Keep striving hard and study different skill usage until there's nothing to learn. But I doubt that you'll ever run out since there are too many skills to learn waiting for you at the library.

"There are also people developing skills right now, and if you ever manage to understand the foundations of your skills, please help Black Haven by providing us a copy. Skill development has been on the rise and as soldiers who would probably have a lot of free time when there are no hordes attacking our territories, we expect a lot from you."

"As the top trainee, you are eligible for taking any item from Tier 3 and below at the Auction House. You would also receive ten thousand credits to be transferred at the same time after taking your item from the Auction House. Lastly, you have free access to Tier 2 Virtual Library for three days."

"Thank you!" Alonzo bowed deeply feeling overwhelmed. A smile that couldn't be erased remained stuck in his face.

The rest of the program was of the same nature. The rest of the top ten trainees receive identical treatments. A free item from the Auction House from Tier 2 and below, five thousand credits, and a Tier 1 Virtual Library access for three days.

Anyone who wants to access the Virtual Library had to sign a Terms and Conditions Agreement. The TCA was a binding contract that prevents anyone from duplicating or sharing the skills and knowledge they learn inside the Virtual Library.

Upon getting access to the Virtual Library, another tab would be added to the newly reformed IDCard.

The plastic account card has undergone numerous updates and has become a trademark for Black Haven. Everything could be done using the former bank account card.

Recently, the Mission Board was also added to the IDCard, making registering and accepting missions easier. Mission items still need to be submitted physically, but payments would be automatically deducted and received since the account was connected with the balance.

After the program, Jun went back to the EXP Room in the Faction Hall to receive the Well-Rested buff. 

While resting, he received a message from Marvin. A bunch of military personnel appeared at the border of the town and was driving through the highway. Currently, they stopped its advance and was being interrogated by the people.

Jun's hatred and disappointment with the government have spread to his citizens. Everyone has survived for this long. They weren't idiots. They knew that Jun was up to something and they knew that he was also doing his best for them.

For his loved ones. For his friends. For his citizens,

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》