Trash in the Apocalypse
297 Forced Logic
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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297 Forced Logic

"Get out of here!"

"We don't need you anymore!"

"You guys are useless! You only come when we're already up on our feet!"

The people shouted and mocked the military convoy. There were two trucks filled with armed soldiers unhappily staring at the crowd.

If it weren't for the captain standing calmly at the side, some of the soldiers might have argued and caused a fight to break out.

"Captain Hill, why are we suffering like this? Can't we at least shut them up somehow?" said an irritated soldier as veins appeared on his head. If he wasn't wearing his uniform, he would have already charged forward and entered into a brawl with those loudmouths.

"Calm down. We aren't here to make enemies. We have a mission to complete. Stand down and don't provoke anyone. We just need to wait patiently and the big fish will come to us."

At the same time, Captain Hill saw a commotion in the distance and the crowd parted. Two lines of spear-wielders marched forward in trained fashion.

"No one talks. No side-comments. I, alone, do the talking." Captain Hill reminded, not his soldiers, but the special person seated on the passenger seat of the truck.

It was an average young man with basic features and perfectly-combed black hair. He wore a tight black suit as if he was attending his wedding when the everything happened. His eyes were closed most of the time and only opened when the crowd temporarily hushed.

If the man wasn't seated on a military truck, no one would probably pay him any attention.

The man ignored the Captain and stared at the new batch of people.

A single line of spear-wielders had a dozen of people. The two lines split to the side and a man with armor arrived.

One look and anyone could tell that the man was fragile. He had a lean body and his stature and composure doesn't seem much. However, this is a new world. Upon seeing his escorts and the way the people respected him, he should be someone high up in the ladder.

The man stared at the military in return without showing that he was pressured. His gaze traveled left and right scanning everyone. After taking a good look, he turned back at the officer standing at the front.

"Considering that you have manners, I guess we can talk. My name's Marvin. I'm the manager of this town. Is there anything that I can help you with?" Marvin asked.

"Manager?" Captain Hill blurted out in confusion.

Marvin hit his forehead. "My bad. I'm a bad host. But considering the current circumstances, you guys aren't supposed to be here. Nevermind then, welcome to Black Haven's territory. According to our information, you guys should already know about our group. Black Haven was formed by average people, to save the people, to serve the people. I hope we can settle this matter without having people to die."

Captain Hill had one mission to do. To get that man in a suit to speak directly with Jun. Other than that, the man doesn't have to do anything and just have to sit patiently. 

The briefing he received indeed spoke of a powerhouse faction called Black Haven. A group that provided weapons, food, and shelter to survivors and maintaining stable control on the surrounding areas. They have people with unique powers that are powerful threat unless taken care of immediately. 

Black Haven might be strong for the civilians eyes, but he believed that the military could easily kill these rebels if the higher ups wanted to do so. 

Every soldier in the military had been trained rigorously for years. Their individual skills should easily outdo any man out here in terms of physical prowess and marksmanship.

Although he was pissed that civilians were blocking their way, he couldn't mindlessly kill them since cruelty wasn't in his blood. Military discipline was still running through his veins and he would strictly follow what he believed is right.

In the future, the military would be able to capture all these rebels and reeducate the brainwashed people to rejoin the government. For now, they would work together and feed the people.

The military didn't have a stable food supply that could feed a whole city. They have to constantly scavenge nearby towns, only to ration the remaining warehouses of food.

When Paolo Canlas left for the Outpost and visited the Stronghold, the Cardona fishpond wild dungeon hasn't been discovered. This fact was hidden from the military upon his report. Even when his secretary learned of the news, they weren't able to contact each other and just aggressively bought food supplies,

The National Police was also using the Ration System. Having each person purchase fish for the National Police would lessen the stress on their food storage, The National Police would provide the money, so the volunteers also benefitted. They could usually buy two to three fishes and would receive one as their supply while the rest were returned to the National Police.

"I'm Captain Hill. The Tikling Outpost sent us to communicate with Hunter Jun Reyes. It is important that the message we have be delivered immediately. Can you take us to him?"

As a soldier Captain Hill had to do his mission at all cost. Even if he had to do certain things that go below his standard.

And just like him, it was Marvin's task to dig any information he could find, before deciding whether it was worth the risk for the leader to meet them.

Although the Hunter title intrigued him, he didn't ask any question and immediately responded. "How about you tell me what important information you have to say, and I can deliver it to my leader?"

"Unfortunately, I can't do that." Captain Hill said, "This information is highly classified and even I doesn't have privilege to know of it."

"Then it is really unfortunate." Marvin responded a little troubled. "I don't think I can let you pass through, not knowing your intentions."

Captain Hill agrees with Marvin.

Without speaking anything factual, their convoy would appear suspicious to any rebel group.

What kind of rebel group would allow their enemies deep into their territory?

Captain Hill smiled wryly and scratched his head. He glanced back at the suited man who was currently shaking his head.

The man in black suit said, "I told you that your plan wouldn't work, but you didn't listen."

"I just want to try doing it rationally. Maybe some of them still had hope, right?" Captain Hill muttered.

Adan Robles fixed his necktie and jumped off the car. He was an attorney that topped the recent bar exams. He should be getting a good life after studying for seven years.

And yet here he was, working exclusively for top officials after finding his ability quite useful. 

Forced Logic.

Adan examined the surrounding before starting his speech. "Please listen to me. Currently, the military recognizes you as rebels. We have enough firepower to gun everyone down, but we won't do that. That's why move aside and let us through."

Marvin felt strange as if the man was convincing enough. When he looked around, he saw that everyone was slightly moving to the side, while still having clear eyes.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》